@55true4u Close, 9/11 was a FF but for very different reason. Central bank cabal, federal reserve in the US is the power behind the NWO. They need all countries on the fiat system. Iraq said they would start trading their oil for gold instead of the petrodollar.
@55true4u Can’t have that!! And they can’t just attack Iraq because of it. They needed a reason. I give you...9/11 and that was just what was needed to get us in to the area to plan the take over. And it wasn’t going to stop with them. So they get in to Iraq, take out saddam and guess who
@55true4u Now has a central bank? That’s right Iraq. Who was next you ask? None other than ghaddafi! That’s right, Libya. We all know what happened there. He too said he’d trade his oil for gold. And now guess who has a central bank?? That’s right folks, see a pattern yet.
@55true4u Hmm, who else doesn’t have a central bank? Cuba, that’s right. Good job. And what did Obama do with Cuba? Warmed relations, I wonder why? Guess what they don’t have? C’mon, you know!! That’s right!! A central bank. The new world order is currently implementing its plan.
@55true4u Over decades!! They were to usher in queen Hillary and release the virus. Open the fema camps(look them up, they are real) and start a world war. To finally usher in a “New World Order”. George Bush Sr. Had JFK killed because he knew the plan and was going to stop it.
@55true4u 3 other presidents(well more than that, these are the ones commonly known) knew too. Lincoln, he wasn’t killed over the slaves. He knew the plan too, Reagan, we know they tried to kill him and the last one? Anybody care to take a wild guess? Who’s the most hated man by the MSM?
@55true4u Who is not a politician and didn’t use any money from donors to finance his campaign(just so he’d owe nothing to anyone)? Who said he was going to run but then said the timing wasn’t right? Donald J Trump!!! That’s who, now you know why all the hatred for him. He knows their plan
@55true4u And he is exposing it. It is deeper than anyone could imagine. Decades of people!! They will fight till their death. Because once “we the people” really see what they’ve done it will be over forever. Life on earth, this is global, will change forever. For the better. And they
@55true4u Will hang for what they’ve done. The list of crimes against humanity is unfathomable!! Start at the top and work your way down. The numeral uno family name “Rothschild” but of course. It is crumbling around them. And it’s all because of Trump. Believe it or not. Prove me wrong

• • •

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