Sometimes I don't bother adding games if they're already popular. Like, nobody needs me to tell them to play Undertale, do they? Or Doom?
I prefer to focus on games folks might not have heard of, highlight some hidden gems, and games that I feel more people really need to play.

Also, it's usually the AAA titles I stick on there that get some of the worst influenced numbers anyway. Nobody comes to me for AAA recs.

Do people come to me for AAA recommendations?
My taste in AAA games would be FromSoft, Arkane, etc.

• • •

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More from @CaseyExplosion

18 Oct
I'm not going to argue with anyone about gatekeeping in LGBT spaces. As an older millennial who transitioned a decade ago, I've been through far too much gatekeeping from cis LGB folk. It's shameful to see anyone try to replicate those power dynamics against nonbinary folks.
I'm a fairly binary identified trans woman, I ain't gonna claim I relate, but I sure as hell know what it's like to be under the heel of a larger oppressed group that wants to kick you out and exclude you for the sake of legitimacy. We don't need to mirror transphobic cis gays.
Maybe I don't say it enough, or make it clear enough, but my spaces are nonbinary friendly. I don't want to be a part of any community that feels the need to kick down. Nonbinary trans folks are trans, they belong.
Read 4 tweets
18 Oct
TERFs are the worst. Any interaction with them at all will have them quote-tweeting you to their followers and tagging in their mates to dogpile you, but that's just the obvious stuff you can see.

Group DMs, facebook groups, private forums, etc, all used for targeted harassment.
Fundamentally speaking, they are addicts. Hatred can often be an addiction, and you see this reflected in their social media profiles; organized transphobic harassment to the exclusion of just about anything else. The anger, the hatred, it's motivating and energizing for them.
Think I'm exaggerating?

Here's one such career transphobe saying so in her own words; searching for something to be mad about, deliberately making herself angry so she could make others angry too, describing how it feels good.

Read 5 tweets
17 Oct
Right, I'm adding some more titles to my Steam Curator page.

First off, Hellblade was probably one of the best games I've ever played, and it absolutely has to go on there.…
Next up, Planetfall.

I was struggling to come up with how I would recommend this, seeing as it was my first 4X game. But screw it, I was having such an immensely good time with it I can't not.…
Disclosure: I got my copy of this from the publisher

No surprise that Vigil is going on there. Games like this are such a comfort genre for me, and this is a really fantastic one. Up there with Blasphemous and Salt & Sanctuary. I'm really adoring it.…
Read 6 tweets
17 Oct
Alright, I've finished Lucifer Within Us

It is a bloody terrific murder mystery detective game, with an extremely engaging core mechanic of hearing people's testimonies and finding contradictions, that is almost maddeningly short, and has some strange jank to it. But I loved it.
That core gameplay loop is genuinely phenomenal. The timeline system where you can replay the events from each of the suspect's perspective? Magnificent! Makes you really feel like a detective to have an a-hah moment, and think "Wait, you can't have been there, X saw you here!"
Presenting a suspect with something that contradicts their testimony and exposes a lie is just tangibly satisfying. That little splash of "LIES UNMASKED" is just fantastic. It's a really, really good system the developers have crafted here; no moon logic, just observation.
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30 Sep
The Sloffice™
This took months to accomplish, but it's finally done!
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30 Sep
I don't think a lot of Gamers™ realize just how big a problem crunch is for gaming as a whole, and it shows. Crunch means that gaming is facing a constant brain drain, with talented and experienced people constantly leaving for other industries because they were burned out.
Do you have any idea how many former games industry folks I know who've been broken by abusive practices, and left for careers in fintech, telecommunications, IT, etc? Artists who make more money taking commissions from furries? It's far, far more than it should be.
And even after that a lot of them still wished they had careers in gaming, but couldn't go back to an industry that can only promise a detriment to their physical and mental health, and one that will make them redundant in 2-3 years time when the project they're working on ships.
Read 7 tweets

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