Infiltration is how they roll folks - this is an ancient tactic (think Trojan) where they can spend time "knowing" their enemy from the inside out, and affect culture and create confusion like nothing on earth.

This opens up something for me, which I would like to share.
Back in 2012, when I first went to Egypt as a tourist, who was red pilled since 1994, I knew first hand what government was capable of doing to its people. Understanding the Muslim culture had been a bit of a side project of mine, as something within me just didn't accept the 911
story, and what was most interesting of all, was that every Egyptian I met was as woke as me. Including the poor farmers, the drivers, everyone. Over time, I got to know these people and they have become my family so to speak, with beautiful hearts despite our different
backgrounds. From 2012, I was horrified to watch the Egyptian people (an Arab republic), awaken to the horror of the truth that they had endured, very similar to what is goin going on in the US right now, where their country while they 'slept' had literally been infiltrated by a
fake Muslim installation. known as the "Muslim Brotherhood". It established itself in many Muslim (and non Muslim sleeper cells) around the world, sponsored by M3y36, Buckingham Palace, Scotland yard, Israel, et al, as a false "religious" organisation that was used a front for
terror organisation, running drugs, weapons and creating havoc to obtain outcomes for the illuminati, DS. The Egyptians themselves were the ones that highlighted this to me, and I went in for a deep dive to discover more when I got home. The MB were established at the end of WW1
to effect what hadn't been achieved with the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, the goal was to have a complete takeover of the Arab world infiltrating and subverting beliefs, through religious, social and political means. Very similar to what we see play out now with the Antifa
movement, where they engage disenfranchised youth, with the sole goal of creating havoc and mayhem and illegitimising Egyptian rule. She has had a powerful role in the treaty between Israel and the neighbouring countries since 1976 and has acted as broker and peacemaker for
Palestine and others. This makes her an automatic enemy of the Zionist rulers that wanted to further their own agendas in the region to enslave the Earth and take over this part of the world via any means necessary, including infiltration via religious, social and political means
to ensure that a 'coup' could occur as a 'natural process' of selection, fully engineered of course. Similar to the kinds of processes we are now awaken to through every country in the planet that is infected with the [DS] mindset, trying to take over through corrupt
policy that affected all parts of life: emotional, social, religious, and government. In the years leading up to the Arab Spring, the "Arab Uprising" we saw was effectively sleeper cells in the Arab Nations formed by the Muslim Brotherhood, to take over these areas and place it
under the control of the MB>Zionist/JesuitAlliance>Illuminati. They did this by preying on the poorest of the Egyptian people, 42% of which live under the poverty line and giving out "free" education, cooking oil, rice and other staples as well as "religious" teachings (read
indoctrinations) to poison the minds of the vulnerable. They took a top down, bottom up approach by installing various methods to ensure Egypt had their 'first taste' of 'democracy' by voting (ironic as throughout History the Egyptians were an empowered nation, but had forgotten)
The Egyptian people initially loved the Muslim Brotherhood for what it stood for which in reality was the exact opposite.

Sound familiar?

MB tried to influence state politics, influence social outcomes, enforce ways of thinking, exceptionally extreme wahabbist policies
originating in the darkest aspects of Saudi Arabia who all Egyptians know is a false state installed by the Queen of England (the corrupt families now capitulated, thanks to the work that POTUS has done). Their vision was to create hatred and dissent entrapping the people, using
them for their own dark agendas. The people were awakening to the truth, though, and had become disillusioned to the point that they designed a rally to vote Morsi the corrupt political leader out of office, just 17 months after he began. One million Egyptians took to the streets
as their version of democracy, demanding he leave in June of 2013, in an arranged protest, with families present, supported and protected by the Egyptian military who are part of the Egyptian family and one of the worlds most powerful protector forces. That day was televised,
worldwide, and we watched as a peace protest turned into a massive uprising, with black hat military attacking its own people, and Antifa style cells created to cause havoc in the background with the destruction and burning of buildings for the media who completely betrayed Egypt
stating that the Egyptian military had attempted a coup, after Morsi refused publicly to back down at the peace protest stating: "I will leave when the last drop of blood has been spilled". I will never ever forget this, and rather than leave, with his integrity in tact, fought
to destroy every day Egypt. Fortunately he was not successful. Led by the Military Intelligence Leader General Abdul Sisi, he guided the outcome to enforce Morsi to leave, he was captured after a fierce battle and riots that hurt Egypt. As part of the MB, Morsi was a stooge
for the corrupt Clinton/Hussein/Bush/Clinton/McCain/Rumseld/Cheney show and he was 'never supposed to lose'. The Egyptian people opted to suffer, just to get this guy out of office for many years, both internally and through external relations, with Clinton family pushing to see
the Egyptian government rendered illegal by stating this was a 'coup' but the held on. Massive travel embargos, and economic sanctions were forced against Egypt over the past 10 years, but under Sisi's leadership (he later became the Egyptian President), they withstood horrible
attempts to discredit them aborted terrorist attacks, making stories about safety, using MSM to discredit their reputation internationally. It was amazing to watch, and inadvertently be part of, as I have had business dealings there for more than a decade. The sanctions were put
in place to bring the country to its knees, but the resilience of the Egyptian people was staggering. Even through the immense hardship they all suffered. I know people at all demographics in Egypt - from poor farmers, students, right the way through to middle class and those
who are extremely wealthy business owners, all of them suffered, but they all came together and said that any suffering was worth it to remove the MB tendrils from Egypt, once and for all. There was nothing more evil. MB is NOT Muslim. It is a fake organisation, pretending
to be Muslim. I saw first hand, when I first began to travel to Egypt, the incredible hardship this entire country faced, with the years of false hopes pitched at them, and fed to them, and then the empty promises that were suddenly removed because they would not play the [DS]
game. When I travelled there, I was fortunate to see a side of Egypt that most tourists do not see, and it became part of my life mission. God asked me, while there "will you bring the people to Egypt, and show them what you see?" I had no intention of doing this, I was in a
corporate role and was on holiday. But it was hard not to respond to His request, as I am sure you can imagine. I watched the suffering, I saw their society left in tatters, I saw the world turn their back on Egypt, confused, and fearful of what was happening; I saw the rubbish
the government dumped into the villages who wouldn't comply with government requests to eject and segregate Coptics (Christians) so they could be persecuted. Egypt has always been a tolerant society, and Christians and Muslims have always lived there, side by side, intermarried
in many cases, and always have done. They were not prepared to change their ways for this brutal regime and so they suffered being cut off entirely from sanitation, had little access to education, and basis necessities all because they refused to segregate so that marginalisation
could continue. It shocked me. While they sought to weaken the people internally, terrorist attacks occurred to push them to change their minds, Israel continued to attack Egyptian borders and the Egyptian army suffered immense losses protecting her borders in hot spots like
Raffa in North Sinai, and the Libyan Egyptian border (which is why I haven't been able to go to Libya yet). Terrorism was big business to erode Egypt, but her faith was too strong, it was amazing to see the miracles that occurred, the Egyptian Muslims protecting Christians
praying in Churches, and then in turn, the Egyptians protecting Muslims as they prayed in Mosques, protecting them from Black Hat traitors that wanted to destroy Egypt from within. In fact, there wasn't all that much in terms of Terrorism. Egypt has far less trouble than
London, it is just more widely publicised because it sells more papers.

Throughout this time, you'll remember HRC pushing hard to have the Egyptian government rendered illegitimate, when all they were doing was protecting their people and their right to self govern. They
saw through the whole charade in 2012.

HRC wanted so badly to call this a 'coup' and no one could make it stick. I loved seeing that! This was also not part of the plot, and was 'never meant to happen'. Egypt was a big part of their plan. So I began taking my groups to Egypt
when no one went, and when we could enjoy the sites with almost no tourists. This was exciting on one hand, but devastating on another as they could barely afford to feed themselves, let alone their animals, the poverty and degradation they experienced was hard to watch
but I said yes, because I could see the vision, and I championed and advocated against the lies, the manipulation, and showed people just how magnificent this country was, especially the people. In the meantime, I watched in disgust as Hussein furthered his own agenda, winning
the election, permitting the very sleeper cells that had been outlawed in Egypt to be fostered within the White House walls - it staggered me. Though we all knew what they were, these people were being given great positions of power under the guise of 'tolerance' and 'showing
good faith'. I already knew what 911 had done, about Isis in the Middle East, and what the [DS] had done to try to destroy credibility in Egypt and was watching these sleeper cells infiltrate the most powerful positions in the world,
as Hussein continued to write massive, massive cheques for Israel, causing shutdown after shutdown of the US government, no way to pay their government workers, it was a joke!

So I just continued to advocate for the country that was once a leader in tourism and the Egyptians
got right behind me, supporting me every step of the way. I remember at one point not even being able to get a tourism brochure in a travel agency! Because "travel there was so bad", and it wasn't. It was all a lie. I never stopped fighting for Egypt's legitimacy as a nation
since the day I stepped foot in there. Not because I have business dealings, those dealings were guided by heaven, but because I sincerely love the Egyptian people, who are amazing. Peace is not found in war, or oppression, or war like situations, peace is found via communication
Peace is found through tolerance, kindness, acceptance and from there transparency and love is formed.

Good people exist everywhere on earth, in every belief, in every culture, and in every religion. I know, because I have experienced this first hand. These people showed
me the way to the Heart, and how to listen to it. They showed me love, like I have never experienced before. The Muslim Brotherhood is a totally fictitious and horrendous operative, that deserves no one's time or attention but to ignore them is to ignore the antics of Satan 🙏

• • •

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