Attention new sugar babies on seeking arrangement:
🚩Sugar d*ddy red flags, a thread
1. He invites you to coffee, a drink, a public park, or somewhere else that's free, and refuses to give you at least a $250-400 donation for your time πŸ›‘
2. He invites you to his house πŸ‘ΊπŸ”ͺ 1/
3. He makes less than $200k a year if single or less than like $500k a year if married (rough estimates)πŸ›‘
4. He claims to make that much or more but when you Google him, there's no evidence of a successful career-- total cipher. He's given you a fake name or fake income πŸ›‘
5. He is near retirement age and doesn't have millions in savingsπŸ›‘
6. You look him up on spokeo and he doesn't own an expensive house relative to prices in your area πŸ›‘
7. He refers to himself as a "mentor." πŸ™„ He's trying to get sex from you just for advice on writing a CV
8. He says he's "not looking for anything transactional." He's trying to shame you into giving him what he wants without giving you what you want. RUN. πŸ›‘πŸ”₯πŸƒ
9. He sends a photo request with no message. He can't even afford an account 🀑
10. He requests more photos even though you posted headshots and full body photos. He just doesn't want to pay for onlyfans 🀑
11. He says anything negative about sex workers. He's trying to shame you into feeling bad about what you're doing so you'll do it for free/cheap 🀑
12. He offers you an allowance that's less than what full-service sex workers in your area with a similar look charge. So if he wants to see you once a week, multiply a two-hour date by four and that's about what you should demand monthly.
13. He tries to haggle with you 🀑
14. He asks for your address, or calls you an Uber to pick you up but gets weird about you giving him the address of a coffee shop as the location 🀑πŸ”ͺ
15. He asks for your "real name." (Use a fake one.)
16. He wants to PayPal you. He can just reverse the charge later 🀑
17. He initially messaged you on Twitter πŸ˜‚
18. He asks you to buy him a gift card or says he'll send you money but you have to pay a sending fee first (scam!) 🀑
19. He says he prefers to "spoil" his "baby" with surprise gifts/ vacations instead of giving money because it's more "romantic." Do not fvck an older man for a handbag. He's supposed to be paying for your rent, bills, food, plus enough for a designer bag or two every month πŸ›‘
20. He keeps asking you questions about how you're managing during the pandemic, saying it must be hard, etc. He's not sympathetic-- he's sniffing around to see how desperate you are so he can offer you a low allowance. If you're broke, don't tell him. πŸ›‘
21. You ask friends who do full- service sex work how they do background checks and you use those methods and see anything bad. This can save your life! πŸ†˜
22. He states that he's looking for college-age SB/ 18-22. He's prob looking for naive girls to fool. Yellow flag ⚠️
23. He says anything explicitly sexual in his first message. Don't sext for free 🀑
24. He tries to get you to have sex with him before he gives you your allowance 🚩🚩🚩
25. You have a bad gut feeling about him. You come home after a first date and want to drink/ binge/ etc.
26. You feel revolted by him or depressed after seeing him. It's not worth your mental health if you're not homeless or about to be. I know times are hard and I have been homeless in the past so I'm sending love to anyone making tough choices πŸ’œ
Your local sex worker community can help you. Many of these guys are the rejects of full-service sex workers who have blacklisted them. We know ways of keeping each other safe. Always text a friend with your location and the guy's info and tell them when to expect you back.
And tell the guy you have done that, too.
Oops, one more tip-- if he tries to "neg" you by giving you backhanded compliments, run. 🀑
Other sex workers, please spill the tea if you have other red flags! β˜• Let's help keep these girls from getting screwed over or worse πŸ’•
Ps: if he messages you on SA talking about ppm, that's technically "prostitution" and he's prob a cop or just a dumbass. If you want to talk about ppm, do it after you've conducted a background check and gone on one platonic date
Pps: before there is any intimacy, in advance, you absolutely need to see his ID or his LinkedIn with a photo❗ Ask friends who do full-service sex work what to do with that ❗

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