What's wrong with having a Christian Nation?
Yes, separation of Church & State, I understand.

But, when State takes on the Religion of Leftism and Communism and allows it to take over our schools, churches, entertainment, sports, and media? Is not that a Satanic Religion, w/o God?

For a Nation based on Christian...
...principles which allows for FREEDOM for it teaches the power of the individual, and each one of our unalienable rights.
Good news awaits us all, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Sinners, and Saints, God-fearing women, and devil may care men, believers, and non-believers.

God news is coming!

A Great Awakening where we all can see how much we've been lied to by Satan (the Great Deceiver)...
...for are they not openly Satanists if they are seen lying to our face about everything?

Wouldn't the hardest of Leftists (cept the 4-6%) begin to see how all of this info about the politicians, elite, and globalists come out; but they will see the trusted media LIE like ...
...they've never lied before!

The new media, the people's media, will rule the day; while people will check back to see if their "trusted sources" would report on the STORY OF THE MILLENNIUM was breaking, and they (MSM) wouldn't cover it.

Then, they will KNOW, how badly they..
...have been lied to and under Satan's spell, deceived for a lifetime.

Then, they'll feel AWAKE, a spiritual awakening that we have all been experiencing.

@starlola2 Thank you for the inspiration tonight.

• • •

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14 Oct
I love this line "dangerous coronavirus skepticism."

This is why calling us "Truthers" from almost 20 years ago was so important. And conspiracy theorists before that.

Conspiracy theory, after 9/11, needed a new moniker, so "truther" was developed.

It was then, that they...
2/...knew that they could shove the TRUTH right in our face (9/11 towers) and we would believe it!

Ffwd to today, 17, cv-19; and this letter attacks "dangerous coronavirus skeptism." Why is it dangerous? How can our thoughts be dangerous to a viral (if you believe it or not)...
3/...disease? That makes no sense. That's why they need the masks. If there were no masks, you would not see who was a "covid denier" and who was not.

The masks symbolize it!!! "Symbolism will be their downfall..."

The masks SYMBOLIZE not prevention of the virus, rather...
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2 Oct
Thread incoming! USA, Corp, China, the DS, and the Election! Here we go... I hope I can remember the download as I'm typing, so stay with me!!

Okay, so we know, others have posted, about the Flag, the USA as a Republic, and the corporation of the USA.

The Republic, of course..
2/...is our Constitution and Laws of the Land. The Corp, where we our just products of that corporation, is given to us on our B.C.

The minute we are born, the foot goes on the stamp, and we are given a social security number.

We are now products of the USA Corp...

3/...have written about this at length, so I won't go into detail.

Now, recently China has been buying a lot of that USA Corp., which is why Trump states that "China will 'own us' if Biden is elected."

He literally means it. China (or the DS's version of China, more on that...
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1 Oct
Imagine reading about "mass abortions" in any time during our history from any culture.

We would wonder what in the hell were those people doing?

Children have value. They add value to life. To the older generation. To joy. They have VALUE.

We need to reproduce.

The DS...
...pushed down wages and pushed women's liberation to break up the family.

To break up the family. Divorce. Abortion. Gay Marriage. Trans. And on and on and on...

Now, someone like ACB comes along and smashes that narrative.

They will say "climate change is the cause of much..
...of this. This change in how we view ourselves, the world, our children...
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1 Oct
You know why liberals see no problem in defending abortion but crying over Chrissy's miscarriage?

Because the abortion is not wanted by the parent(s).

The miscarriage is wanted by the parent(s).

It is not a moral issue to them. It's a "how you feel?"

Once we surrender...
our morals to "how we feel" we are doomed.

For it seemed, once implemented by the DS/Communist Cult, they were going to push and push and push us until we annihilated ourselves for the good of humanity (climate change).

Imagine a whole generation without children? Depressed?
Being told their lives didn't matter anymore. That it would be better for the planet if they were eliminated. And their morals would be so far gone. "Feeling righteous" about it. They would be led to their death.

They (the mass of humanity) would have been in a long-term cult...
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1 Oct
Social Media is training us to get shot down for who we are. They build us up with likes from our group and then try to punish us from negative comments at the end. That's why Twitter lines up positive responses first, and then saves the negative until the end. It's like a drug..
And as you share more and more, you realize that you are accepted by a group, so you feel safe. Yet, when you try to share that self with others outside of your group (the other side) you're "banned," essentially cut off from them.

They are in the Matrix. We are not. We want...
...to save them. We want them to join us, but they can't see it all yet. Hopefully they will be joining us soon.

Social Media is training us to WHAT to THINK. They are training us HOW to THINK (if we are not aware...) How to think? Follow the crowd. Not what to think.
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30 Sep
Trump didn't win any votes and he didn't lose any.

However, Trump's strategy looked like it was to decrease the "fall in love" democratic turn out.

Die hard libs and lefties will turn out, but the casual voter will stay home.

Trumpers are passionate. We will show no matter.
It's amazing. Trump really is a WARRIOR. He goes into that debate with a purpose. It wasn't to win over the hearts and minds of the American voter. He does NOT lose his base, and he's only increased it.

Once you understand that this man is FIGHTING for US. Not politicking for...
...himself, to enrich himself personally or politically.

He's FIGHTING. Once you know that you understand why he has to "bully" as they say in the media.

Trump isn't the BULLY. He's the FUCKING HERO who stands up to the schoolyard bully (the DS) and punches him in the face!!!
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