performing empathy and humanity, telling people you're representing them, is a political skill. politicians learn it because they want to win, and because it's part of the job. @jbview was saying this today I think.
Trump's really bad at it because he won't take the time to learn how to do it or try.
it's not that trump is spontaneously inhuman, is I guess the point. being human in public is a performance, and he has decided not to do that,and to instead perform cruelty and indifference.
"virtue signaling" is supposed to be a bad thing, but taking the time to be act virtuously is a big part of what virtue is. Being good is a choice and an effort.

• • •

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18 Oct
fascists really love charges of pedophilia. explaining why is really unpleasant. but I'll do so briefly. 1
It's important that the accusation is almost always "pedophilia" rather than child abuse. Generally our society doesn't care much about child abuse, which is endemic and generally committed by parents, family, friends, often against kids who aren't seen as sympathetic.(LGBT kids)
"Pedophiles" in contrast are monstrous deformed strangers who it's easy to hate, not so much for what they do (again, our society broadly doesn't care about harms to children) but because of who they are.
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18 Oct
Literally the majority of people on the left are supporting Biden, including me! It's super counterproductive to attack people who are on your side for not being on your side!
Sanders has been really enthusiastically supporting the D candidate. anti Bernie partisanship is super counterproductive at the moment!
the primary is over and the election is two weeks away. focus people.
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18 Oct
"bernie wouldn't have any incriminating emails" misses the point that they can just completely make stuff up! fascists do that all the time!
Trump literally said Ted Cruz's dad was involved in the Kennedy assassination! news flash: this has no basis in fact and is a complete lie!
Trump has suggested that Democrats are a satanic pedophile ring! He does not limit himself to personal attacks with some basis in reality. for fuck's sake.
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18 Oct
Siegel and Shuster created superman before US entered war. They didn’t fist fight anyone.
Simon and kirby’s captain America wasn’t really advocating for entry into war either.

And comics was a very segregated medium. You’re not anti fascist in the us if you’re fine with anti black racism.
Superheroes have fascist and anti fascist aspects but the Jewish identity of some creators is not a get out of fascism free card now and forever for the genre, unfortunately.
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18 Oct
fwiw, I wrote about why these comparisons are worse than useless.… Image
assessing deaths and damage on the scale of Bush and Trump is virtually impossible. and trying to do so erases the ways that Bush and Trump are part of the same GOP project, and were terrible for the same reasons.…
we don't know the full extent of Trump's failures even yet...and some of them are arguably the result of weaknesses left over from Bush (including the GOP turn to authoritarianism and refusing to question executive authority no matter what.)
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18 Oct
whoa; I guess there was a very encouraging Qunnipac poll with Warnock at +19, and now 538 has him at 49% to win, (67% in the polls only model, fwiw.)
Matt Lieberman should drop the fuck out. He's not polling much, but why ruin that very outside chance that Warnock could edge over 50 in the first round?
Economist didn't reset as much but still gives Warnock a 41 percent chance or so to take the seat, which is pretty good.
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