In my head, I think of this as a "Lavos Bits" approach to botnet regeneration.
#ChronoTrigger #itsAVideoGameReference #snes #rpgs
For the non-90s nintendo nerds in the audience- Lavos is the primary villain's name in one of the most revered single-player video games of all time.
To defeat Lavos's Core, the floating "Bit" device to the left must first be eliminated (a less important 2nd Bit is on right).
The left Bit will regularly heal itself, the other Bit, and the Core pod until the player can inflict lethal damage to it between waves of heals.
This becomes worrisome when combined with the Lavos Core pod's ability to resurrect the Bit devices at will.
All of which is to say-
If "123" are cooperating against you, it's not good if 2 and 3 are immortal in the presence of 1 and things get even more challenging when 2 can revive both 1 and 3.

• • •

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18 Oct
An evolution of this tactic is made possible by reliance on outdated hash signature approaches to detection. Modern computing power and hash collision generation techniques mean that an attacker can trick law enforcement into believing innocent files are illegal imagery.
Hash based detection alone is no longer a strong way to uniquely identify files if there is any potential incentive or motive for malicious trickery to be involved.
Unfortunately there are going to be several layers of blanket denialsand reluctance to accept this as true. The detection software makers do not want to admit any flaw past or present and would like to continue their streams of profit.
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17 Oct
Who has thoughts on the legal effect of "total Declassification of any & all documents[...]" by a sitting US President related to a wide category of investigations he refers to as the "Russia Hoax"?
Asking because it occurs to me there exist a number of documents I provided copies of, at their request, to a bipartisan Senate Committee at the time when they were "conducting an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign".
There are still bits of information and details reflected in those files which I have not been able to discuss in a public manner due to a personal goal to limit the number bad faith legal threats I receive...
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12 Oct
Sounds like an admission of knowingly violating anti-eavesdropping and wiretap laws at the state and federal level across the entire United States.

Also suggests intention to continue the activity in the foreseeable future for purposes of profit (a thing of value).
It's worth pointing out that commercial profit is generally something gained by companies in order to further the same and/or similar efforts.

I wonder if the Google legal department had opportunity to review that language...
...and weigh in with any potential concerns which could result from conducting an enormous campaign of arguably illegal eavesdropping?
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11 Oct
news people-
If you are currently referring to ongoing and unconscionable acts of *Child Separation* as a "zero tolerance policy", you need to quickly reconsider that mistake.
It is not ok to go along with the attempted revisionism and whitewashing of inexcusable acts.
A "zero tolerance policy" involves a legally supported and justifiable penalty being applied across the board against people who commit even a little degree of whatever wrongful act is tied to the punishment.

Which is not applicable, in any way, to the Child Separation policy.
Because, within the system of criminal justice we have in place here in the good ol' USA, separating children from their parents in a way which results in thousands upon thousands having no reasonable way to ever be reunited with their birth parent(s) prior to any conviction...
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10 Oct
The embedded tweet here is a great example of why it is often considered too risky for the troll farms to wade into attempted reply skirmishes when the top tier translators are resting.

The mention of Mitch appears to have triggered some troll farm’s tweet-parsing monitor alarm.
With the A-team of native-English-speaking translators enjoying some extended rest on Saturday morning, yet the automated scoring system demanding there be a reply tweeted to counter the likely insult to a client’s co-conspirator/asset, responsibility to reply fell to the D-team.
Clearly outmatched, an overworked and under-appreciated Sergey, Anastasia, or Yuri did the best they could and tried hard to muster some message which might have a chance at conveying an effective counter criticism to mitigate the hilarious thing I said at Mitch M.‘s expense.
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9 Oct
not to be a downer or anything, but has the medical research community been considering what kind of complications humanity might see arise as a result of extended global lockdown behavior? (specifically related to Earth's "collective" antibody levels)
The dramatic sudden decrease in worldwide travel and overall disincentives for mobility will probably translate into lower infection levels for the ordinary viruses in addition to slowing the spread of covid-19.
I'm not a medical professional in any way, but the thought occurs to me that without exposure to all the regular germs, there are fewer reasons for our bodies to maintain the normal level of immune system defenses.
Will humanity's collective bodily defenses become lazy?
Read 5 tweets

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