A THREAD on some insightful thoughts about Life & Learnings by Radhika Gupta (@iRadhikaGupta) Mam:


Years of experience is not equal to quality of experience.

Ask an entrepreneur.

There is no plan to go from 1 to 100.

You go from 1 to 2. And 2 to 3.

And by the time you reach 10, you learn how to go from 10 to 20.

And by the time you reach 50, you are confident enough to go to 500.

Stop building castles in Excel. Just start with small steps!

You are very unwell and seek medical help. Your doctor checks, says nothing serious and gives Crocin.

Do you tell your doctor he is unqualified or that the solution is too boring? The same is true with financial advice.

Simple solutions don’t mean that advice is inferior!

There is a lot of obsession about play school admissions.

I asked mom today why I skipped it and only went to school at age 5.

She said, “We couldn’t afford private school in NY. Public school started at 5. You read books and went to the park with me. You turned out ok.”

Never forget the people who first joined you. When the office wasn’t perfect, when the basics were broken, when you were unknown.

These are the people who didn’t join you for the brand or the money, but for a dream.

These are also the people who will always tell you truth.

Once in 7 or 10 years, you will have a year in your career that is not about growth.

No business growth, no salary growth.

This “black year” is the year of growth in experience, of learning things that none of those growth years taught you.

So thank you, 2008 and 2020.

The best way to have a difficult conversation is to just have it.

Your brand and values are defined in bad times.

In good times, you are just marketing them.

Self confidence is having the ability to say “I don’t know”!

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15 Oct
A THREAD on some insightful thoughts on Investing by Utsav Shrivastava (@utsav1711) Sir:


Most people I know sell a stock and buy another immediately.

Can't even sit on cash for a short period of time.
Very bad habit to have.

They don't realize that cash is also a position.

My advice to young investors..become a master in 2/3 stocks..instead of 50.

Know more about your 2/3 cos than anyone else on D-Street.

Remember, you just need 1 "nanocap to midcap" to change your life and the lives of your future generations.

Auditor resigning due to fee issues is the latest crap in town

No promoter will throw out his existing auditor for few lacs. No auditor will ask for ridiculous increase.

Pls don't buy this bullshit
Treat the co as if the auditor has refused to sign the financials anymore.
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6 Oct
A THREAD on some insightful thoughts about Markets and Financial Freedom by D. Muthukrishnan (@dmuthuk) Sir:


Zero debt is the biggest asset.

What we want:
1+1+1+1+1+1+1 = 7

What market delivers:
1+2+4-3-2+0+5 = 7

Marcellus' study indicates that just 20 companies account for 70% of corporate profits.

All you then need to do is buy these companies whenever valuations turn attractive.

Investing is simple.
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4 Oct
A THREAD on some powerful thoughts about Life and Health by Chris Sir (@ThePrimalMan):


Athletes are what human beings are supposed to look like.

If you’re single and in your 20s or early 30s..

You have NO IDEA how much free time you have compared to later in life. VAST obligation-free hours without family or career demands.

You will NEVER get this again.

Use it wisely!

Get fit.
Gain wealth.

Your first month dieting shouldn’t be about weight loss.

Your first month in the gym shouldn’t be about putting muscle.

Your first months should be about one thing only: Building habits that form the foundation of your new lifestyle.
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3 Oct
🏘️ A THREAD on some powerful thoughts about Life and Private Equity Real Estate by The Real Estate God (@TheRealEstateG6):

Buy one property a year with fully amortizing debt. Hold forever.

By the time you're 50, you would own 20+ properties which are mostly paid off.

The most simple retirement plan in existence.

Do people really not realize it's an election year?

Every nonsense piece of news until Nov 3 has been selectively curated to outrage you.

Instead of angry-posting online, take the month off twitter and work on yourself.

Far more productive and will make you happier.
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30 Sep
A THREAD of some powerful thoughts about Investing by Tiho Brkan (@TihoBrkan) Sir:


Whether you’re worth 500k, 5 million or 5 big ones - the final destination shouldn’t be a rich list - but buying back your time.

Unpopular opinion

The reason the wealthy make so much money after any crisis is because they came in prepared.

They love panics.
They love downturns.
They love when assets re-price.

Because they are prepared to take advantage of it.

Someone said to me investing is

1% choosing investments, buying positions, signing the contract, etc

4% following newsflow, tracking the economy or sector, find new opportunities, reading & learning etc

95% sitting tight, being patient & disciplined with the right mindset
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26 Sep
A THREAD on some insightful thoughts about Investing and #Bitcoin by Preston Pysh (@PrestonPysh) Sir:


Millennials are taking back their future from the Boomers who robbed them.

Who wants to sign this contract with me?

You give me $1000 today, and then I'll give you back $990 in three years.

There are $15 trillion dollars worth of contracts like this - Right Now.

When you steal $20 it’s a crime.

When 20 people in a room steal trillions without representation or accountability by buying the bonds of zombie companies, it’s called monetary policy.

Capitalism without bankruptcy is like mathematics without subtraction.
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