Firstly, I have nothing against @neildotobrien who I am sure is well intentioned but badly advised
The reason for going back to normal is because the epidemic has passed. It’s over. We are now in the midst of a false positive pseudo-epidemic. thelancet.com/journals/lanin…
Let’s pretend there is COVID for this one. The elderly are not catching it. The rise in ‘cases’ dates back to the beginning of August. There is no need for any of the interventions described below because what is happening now is preventing the elderly from catching it.
No-one is going to die of it (only with it).
Flu diagnoses have been replaced by COVID. This happens when you overtest people dying of respiratory failure until you get the result you are looking for.

8% (I thought is was 7%) is based on people with antibodies to the COVID spike protein. Anyone with a healthy immune system would destroy such antibodies. They Xreact with our own proteins. Those who are immune will have antibodies to other COVID proteins
As for the 50% more cases needed for herd immunity. This destroys that argument
I’m not sure how we can be so afraid of 5% of the elderly getting it when HALF of care homes had already had an outbreak by July. They had it, many sadly died, and now they and their staff are immune.
This one really upsets me “all those who need treatment for Covid are still getting it”. The NHS is utterly failing at the moment. People are scared of going to hospital and are dying at home as a result. This is horrific and has been caused by exactly this kind of scaremongering
OK. Let’s use a 0.66% death rate. That would mean the 100 deaths on 11th Oct were caused by 15,000 new cases a day 23 days earlier. The ONS only estimated there were 8,400. It does not add up!
Hospitalisations and deaths are random. Are we getting worse at treating the admissions and that’s why deaths are rising disproportionately or are they all false positives and both are increasing in line with testing?
The 95% capacity figure was a lie from a Liverpool councillor. Liverpool has normal ITU occupancy for the time of year. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8…
There is no second wave. Yes there will be real winter cases but it will be a ripple.
Pneumonia whatever the cause is brutal. It takes young people 6 months or more to recover fully. COVID and false positive COVID pneumonia are no different. This is scaremongering again.
No. The only certainty you need is that none of this adds up. The data is telling us this is not real anymore.
Rushing the vaccines through has the potential for being a murderous disaster. The vaccines are being tested to see which can produce the highest antibody level to the spike protein. That’s right the ones that cross react with our own proteins.
Worse still the people who were most ill from COVID were ill because of an overreactive immune system thanks to, guess what, high antibody levels to the COVID spike protein.
No, no, no! You’re not listening. This is the problem not the solution.
And she was spot on. The cases since have all been false positives.
Excess deaths have ceased since then.
Even if you believe the handful of case reports of repeat infection (many of which have evidence for one diagnosis being a false positive), then a handful out of 750 million cases world wide 6 months later is not significant.
Now this one I agree with. Yes, we should learn from Sweden, rather than embark on lockdowns which will definitely see patients fail to get treatment on the NHS and will likely lead to hundreds or thousands of unnecessary deaths. END

• • •

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17 Oct
We have some excellent laboratories in the UK but they have been under immense pressure to ramp up testing numbers. The more testing the more false positives from volume alone. But people under pressure are more likely to make errors too. 3 ways we have made the situation worse:
1. Testing ramped up from 100,000 in May to 304,415 PCR tests a day today. Even the best labs will have false positive results. Addenbrookes has calculated theirs at 44% by repeat testing. This excludes false positives due to cross contamination, cross reactivity, RNA shedding.
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17 Oct
This looks scary. If you look at all deaths and compare to hospital admissions 10 days earlier things look like they're getting worse. There are four possible explanations for this: a) we have got worse at treating COVID over since the summer
b) people are dying at home of COVID now whereas before they died in hospital
c) in the summer there were false positive COVID 'cases' but now it's back and it's killing people again
d) something else ?
Let's repeat but differently. Instead of the 10 day lag til deaths let's look at the ratio of admissions and deaths on the same week. That looks much less scary.
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16 Oct
The vast majority of COVID deaths in England since July have been mislabelled false positive deaths. Here is the proof. This chart shows the number of tests carried out in hospitals in orange and the deaths in blue. THREAD Image
You will notice that the shape of the two curves are very similar. We can test this. The chart below demonstrates that since August 93% of the rise in deaths can be accounted for by the rise in the number of tests done in hospitals over the 28 days preceding. Image
I have never seen such a tight correlation in my career. Biology just isn’t like that. But there it is - 93%.
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15 Oct
Asymptomatic spread does not exist. Sure some people test positive and even have virus but they don't spread it. All papers showing asymptomatic transmission are from China. We are being played. It's the man dropping suddenly dead (with outstretched arms) video but for science.
Asymptomatic spread does not happen in flu either. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P…
Can we please stop calling asymptomatic people with a positive PCR 'cases' unless they develop specific symptoms.
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15 Oct
Great study here of 6 care homes in London (selected because they had COVID outbreaks in spring). Very sensitive antibody testing. All have reached herd immunity. By July half of London care homes had had an outbreak. Why are we screening those ones?
Here's why we should not be screening those homes lockdownsceptics.org/the-problem-of…
Where COVID re-emerges, the best tools to protect the elderly are handwashing, cleanliness in general, keeping symptomatic staff and visitors away and vitamin D.
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12 Oct
What if we turned the question around? What would we see if students were all immune and we tested them through mass screening?
We would expect a small proportion to be symptomatic (after all the symptoms are common) but the majority would be asymptomatic.
We would not expect to see transmission to other age groups.
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