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17 Oct, 16 tweets, 4 min read
"COVID-19" is really exosomes:

- Viruses are not living things and you can't "catch" them

- Cells are the building blocks of living things. Viruses don't have cells.

- Living things reproduce. Viruses cannot make copy of DNA

- Something not alive doesn't "live" on anything
- Bacteria lives. A common cold is bacterial and these you can catch.

- Common cold and virus not at all comparable.

- COVID is a "virus", not a bacteria.

- What is a virus really?

“The virus is fully an exosome in every sense of the word.” - J Hildreth MD
EXOSOMES: What are they and why are they important?

- Naturally occurring vesicles in the body which are secreted by most cell types.

- When exosomes are released they can travel to distant tissues & influence cell behavior/physiology

Let's compare "COVID" to exosomes..
Exosome profile compared to COVID profile supports Hildreth's statement.

Exosomes & COVID are essentially the exact same in every important way. ImageImage
Keeping in mind exosomes influence cell behavior/physiology...What causes the release of exosomes??

Cells release exosomes when toxins are present, as exosomes act as sponge and help clear these toxins so they don't damage tissue and prevent toxins from attacking the cell.
Practically any insult to the body will cause this process.

Cells ID toxins and release the exosomes to go mop up.

Exosomes induced by:
- Stress/fear
- Toxic substances
- Infection
- Radiation
- Diseases
- Cancer
- Asthma
- Etc. Essentially anything bad for your body
*Psychological stress and fear* induces exosomes. Many ppl (mask wearers) fall into this category.

This may (and does) cause false positive tests.

Below is data from CDC:
- 70% of case patients report always wearing a mask
- 3.9% of case patients report never wearing a mask. Image
Let's pause for a moment and LOL at the CDC data taking a steaming dump over its own narrative and the "mask debate" nonsense (why would you wear mask for something that you can't catch).

70% case patients for "mask up!" crowd vs 4% for the OGs
Ppl who "always wear a mask" (70% case patients) are beyond stressed and paranoid. The type to wear gloves and shit. Avoid seeing family/friends, move far away from you on the sidewalk.

They think they are being "safe". In reality they are stressed/fearful & generally not well
Novel coronavirus from patients w pneumonia compared to exosome. After process of:

- Taking sample from sick patient
- Centrifuge
- Incubate w lung cancer cells
- Purified and examined

1 of pics below is supposedly "COVID viral particle". The other is exosome. Which is which? Image
You can't tell the difference because they are one in the same.

- Exact same profile as posted earlier in thread

- Supposed "COVID viral particle" above is same as exosome.

“The virus is fully an exosome in every sense of the word.” - J Hildreth MD
- Respiratory illness (common symptom of "COVID") is caused by bodily insult which induces production of exosomes. There is no "airborne" virus. You can't "catch" virus.

- The PCR test actually tests for host RNA from exosomes. Testing for "virus" = REALLY testing for exosomes
- Flu, pneumonia, infection, cancer, poison diet, stress, emf yada yada will all trigger "COVID positive" PCR test due to increased exosomes

- The reason HCQ and Vita C "treatments" work is because they both reduce cellular damage and digest toxins. Vita C will help w anything

- COVID-19 is really an exosome and is the *result* of illness/toxicity/insult, not the cause.

- A virus is created by a cell. You CANNOT "catch" a virus.

- A virus is a solvent. When active you feel sick because your cells are unleashing the kraken to get rid of toxins.
- "COVID positive" basically means you have some unhealthy shit going on in your body.

- Considering most ppl are regularly causing bodily insult to themselves, it's no wonder there are so many "positive tests"

What a farce.

• • •

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17 Oct
Most indoor bball courts closed indefinitely and the days of hooping outside coming to end.

Which means it's time to make a play.

If the commercial realtor comes through w a space that fits the specs, I am 1000% leasing and putting courts in there.
Put some hoops up, cpl benches and round up the hoopers to get some paid leagues going.

Day pass and monthly pass options.

Grimy warehouse ball on concrete.

Have other ideas but will go from there if I can secure a good space.

Zero face diapers allowed.
If businesses wanna cuck to bullshit gov "mandates" and shut their operation down + create total scarcity, fine by muah.

Ppl like me are gonna seize the opportunity to make a play.

I've got no problem being the only court/game in the city if I find the right space.
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28 Jan
Alright, fuck it. I've researched and seen enough regarding Kobe's death to speculate and put a theory out there.

Cue the "yo man you're crazy" replies. I get it. I'd have agreed with you a year ago.

I know how these sick fucks operate. Almost too well. Here goes...
I think at best case scenario and put very mildly, Island Express is guilty of criminal negligence.

Deep down I think IEX is far more sinister and fronts as an aerial tour/charter company, but is involved in trafficking/ritual sacrifices for the "elite".
Several reasons. First and most importantly, they didn't pass my gut test before prying. After prying, their operation looks very similar to other trafficking operations I have researched. These ppl are sick and they put their biz out in the open if you know how to decipher
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27 Jan
Fuck it. Thread of important questions/information surrounding Kobe Bryant's death incoming.

Was his death an accident, or were there external forces at play?

I have no idea yet and haven't connected enough dots to confidently infer yet, but let's start compiling.

Starting w/ what piqued my interest...It feels off & timing is odd - Less than 24h after LBJ passes him on all-time scoring list.

LBJ has made it clear who he serves (i.e. China situation, Black Boule tat, masonic symbolism in "I Promise School"). Naturally more skeptical. ImageImage
Kobe had net worth of $600M+ & was an uncompromising, fierce competitor w huge ambitions in business.

What was he working on?

What was he funding?

Could his ventures have made him a target?

Anything else that doesn't add up?
- Predictive programming
- Details of accident
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