Spectators are not players.

They make the players glorious and rich, but they are not players no matter how loud they scream and cheer and complain.

Be a player, not just a spectator.

Players win, spectators lose by default.

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27 Sep
I don't support LGBT rights.

I do not believe it's good for the long term stability of society.
I also find it ridiculous how LGBT went from "please tolerate us" to "If you don't support us you're backward and evil" in less than 20 years.

Get the fuck out of here.
Now I *don't* think they should be prosecuted or harrassed.


Public display of it should be illegal.
Showing it on TV should be illegal.

This shit should not be normalized.

Do you thing behind closed doors and don't act like it's "perfectly normal"

It isn't.
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22 Sep
When an Indian eats:

- Potatoes
- Wheat
- Tomatoes
- A1 Milk

and thinks he's following the traditional diet of his ancestors:

he's dead wrong.

Wheat wasn’t as popular in India before the green revolution.

After independence, we were short of food.

We adopted high yielding variety seeds of wheat (which are also more resistant to spoilage).

Now wheat was the most available grain - it became staple from the 70s.
Your ancestors were not eating lots of wheat flour.

They were eating whatever grains grew locally, for example, bajra, jowar, ragi, rice, etc. (millets) depending on where they lived and what grew there.
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15 Sep
Burpees are useless for someone trying to get stronger.

All they do is tire you out and make you weaker.

It's like long distance running - it trains endurance i.e. it *competes* with strength gain i.e. the more burpees you do the weaker you become*.

*Unless you're a novice
There's a difference between exercise and strength training.

Strength training = getting strong = being able to lift and move heavier loads i.e more force production against an external resistance

i.e. do squats, deadlifts, press, bench press, etc. (starting strength LP)...
...and increase weights every workout to give your body a reason to get stronger.

You won't become stronger by doing the same workout over and over again with 100s of reps in many cases (bodyweight workouts)

They will get you stronger up to a point

After that, not much
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14 Sep
If you draw two lines of equal length perpendicular to each other and connect with end points with a line, that line cannot be perfectly measured.

(because the square root of 2 is irrational)

Pretty interesting.
However, since such a line does exist, by the virtue of the fact that you can draw it, it means that the world is an approximation.

To draw an analogy, it's akin to how computers approximate divisions because bits are finite.

Therefore, the world is a simulation.
The first tweet is an isosceles right angle triangle.
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3 Sep
I know lots of businessmen who's businesses have either shut down (mostly restaurants, event managers at this point), on the verge of shutting down (many industries here), or are down 50-80% in revenue

If you are an employee, work as hard as you can, or you WILL be out of a job.
I know many people who work jobs and say things like "lockdown was the best thing that happened because now I work from home and get my full pay"

You are in for a nasty surprise.

Outside of e-com and SaaS / business with lots of online revenue exposure, almost everyone is down.
My own consulting rev is down 50%.

Thankfully I run a very lucrative Affiliate Marketing biz that doubled and LMM has scaled well and is also up, so I'm in the green.

But 99% of businesses (at least in India) have no online revenue whatsoever and are facing collapse.
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24 Aug
As someone running a business, I've interviewed dozens of people.

Most Indians who complain about "private sector" etc are actually really worthless.

You could not pay me to hire them.

I don't care what degrees they have, most don't have skills, IQ, and work ethic.
"I've done XYZ degree and I should be paid..."
"In foreign countries..."
"Work culture here..."

You are just on the wrong end of Demand/Supply.

You think you are worth more than what the market thinks you are.

That makes you either a gem or just delusional.

And gems are rare.
I know a Big 4 partner who hired a girl who is "foreign educated"

That girl spent 4 years and 4 crores (over half a million USD) touring and studying abroad

He hired her at the request of her father.

Her salary?

9,000 INR ($120)

The market is ruthless, pays what you're worth
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