The old generation (>45) only knew military rule and colonial masters. In that era, protests is a death wish.

The coconuthead generation (<40) mostly know only democracy. To us, protests and speaking up is a badge of honour.

Don’t fight your parents.
This country damaged them.
Back then growing up, I remember that there were very few protests as the military easily found the leaders of the protests to arrest, kill, bribe or torture.

This made many of our parents scared of protests. Because it literally means you are simply asking for death or jail.
Are you surprised they keep asking “who are the leaders?” It is that same generation.

That generation grew up under military force and colonial masters where protest leaders are arrested, bribed or killed. It’s the ONLY thing they know.

Open public dialogue is foreign to them.
Back then, as solidarity to govt, during protests our parents will put leaves on their cars out of fear of what police/soldiers will do to them.

A generation of too many cowards.
The >45 generation.

Don’t be mad at them.
But don’t be surprised they are still scared till today.
They didn’t have social media.
They didn’t have online banking.
They didn’t have the psyche to understand the power of a United voice against oppression- in the way we understand it now.

They mostly saw deaths and arrests as the outcome of speaking up. So many simply shut up.

• • •

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17 Oct
Back in medical school,
We had to cut up human corpses who they told us were “armed robbers” and “criminals”.

I know better now. It was a lie.
Those are victims of Police/SARS killings.

This is why some families never see their kids again. Our medical schools need an overhaul.
Sometimes there on the dissection table- while in the anatomy labs- you can literally see bullet holes in the bodies. A friend has found a bullet still lodged in one of the bodies before.

They called them “cadavers”.
But that was someone’s son. Someone’s dad. Someone’s sister.
They lied to us that those bodies were “unclaimed”, that they were “criminals” and “armed robbers”.

Did we have any proofs of what they said? NONE.

We blindly believed them and simply cut up those bodies because we were instructed to. Looking back now, I feel empty and broken.
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10 Oct
This young man @i_am_dagos was shot by Police in Ogbomosho today.

He’s a LAUTECH student fighting for his life in hospital. VC of LAUTECH Prof Ologunde came to his bedside to threaten him with expulsion from school.

RT till Governor @seyiamakinde stops this madness. #EndSARS
His full details are:
Damilare Gbohunmi Aduragbemi
Computer Engineering

NOTHING must happen to him.

He must NOT die in hospital.
And he must NOT be expelled from school. This is madness.

Dear governor @seyiamakinde ,
Please you must call this VC to order!
We call on everyone to join us as we speak up for this boy.

The forces of evil and darkness must NOT overcome light. We have to stand together and fight this evil.

He must NOT be expelled from school after suffering a gunshot for peaceful protest. Pls tag @seyiamakinde NOW!
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10 Oct
•Do NOT panic.
•Do NOT carry him around aimlessly while he bleeds openly.

•Find a safe place. Sit him up.
•Get a huge piece of cloth.
•Press HARD where they bleed from.
•Get a car. Or an ambulance.
•Go to hospital ASAP.

Thread/ #EndSARS
The whole blood in a human body is about 5litres. A serious gunshot wound that hits a major blood vessel can kill a person in 10minutes.

NEVER WASTE TIME with any Gunshot victims. You must know what you are doing. (Old video but pls learn).

That life depends on what you do!
Find a safe place. You need to do this to avoid you the rescuer being shot yourself. So move the person away from the hot zone- for your and their safety.

IF they are conscious,
You can sit them up,
Lie them down especially IF shot is in the chest or abdomen.
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9 Oct
Quick Medical Tips for Tear Gas:
•Get a facemask.
•Hold your breath, do NOT inhale it.
•Walk away from the smoke.
•Get water to wash your hands first.
•Now wash your face and eyes.
•Remove your glasses and contact lens
•Change your Tshirt if you can.

Let the smoke settle.
Tear Gas is actually not just a gas.
It’s a chemical powder- designed to irritate your eyes, your airways and your skin IF you let the fumes enter your nose, eyes or settle on your skin.

So as a smart young person,
Hold your breath,
Walk away from it.

Wash your hands and eyes.
If you don’t have a facemask,
Pls use a scarf or bandana.

Cover your nose and mouth with a scarf or bandana, ideally one that has been soaked in water.

This will prevent the teargas from getting into your airways, which will allow you to breathe well.

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9 Oct
To our dear protesters going today,
Pls go with this:

•Chewing gum
•ID card

•Inhalers if asthmatic
•Face mask

It’s a protest. Not a date.
Pls avoid heels.
Hold a small umbrella- for sun/rain.
Have extra t shirt- incase of any splashes or excess sweating.
Pls eat before leaving home.
Have glucose in your bag if possible.

Wear simple joggers.

Don’t wear your best designer shirt. Before there’s stampede and someone tears your Gucci.
If you are pregnant,
If you are sick/just recovering,
Pls stay at home. Support from home.

On protest ground,
Pls wear your facemask.
Reduce your chances of getting Covid.

If possible, hold a hand sanitiser too.
Use it to rub your hands once every 1-2 hours. Pls don’t forget.
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8 Oct
I just read this story and I must say that medically this is possible.

There is a medical condition called “UTERUS DIDELPHYS” which means “double womb”.

If a woman has double womb, each womb can carry its own pregnancy and deliver it at different times.

Let me explain.
Shocking? Yes.
Uncommon? Yes.
But impossible? No.

Some women are born with two wombs and they never know for a long time in their lives.

Many times in fact, they have a double vagina too. So there can be a pregnancy in both wombs at different times delivered weeks/months apart.
How does this happen?
When a female child grows in the womb of the mother, the child’s own womb develops as two tubes that merge into one huge tube which is the female child’s own womb.

Now in some girls, the two tubes don’t merge into one and remain two for life.

See images: ImageImageImage
Read 7 tweets

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