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17 Oct, 21 tweets, 17 min read
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG Let me tell my story about Raiders from Panti. So one day I went heading to Gbagada to go see my Ex. I usually go through the third mainland bridge but some reason I stopped at Shitta
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG Then from Shitta I proceeded using ikorodu road. Again normally I will use the express and make a turn after palm groove but I decided to use the service or exit lane
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG As I was driving on the service lane I see a mini bus, those ones that look like keke but they be low key a bus. I see some guys pushing a young man inside and a crowd of old men begging this guys .
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG So I pulled over on the service lane and walked toward them. I had my phone in my pocket on record and I tried to capture what was going on, as a patriotic citizen going street investigation
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG Then I mistakenly asked the officers with raider polo on that what did this young man do? Next thing the officers grabbed and trousers and said started forcing me into the bus saying that
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG I am the young boy’s accomplice and that the boy was those guys that take phones in traffic and that usually when they catch this boys, their chairman or bosses come out to bail them, young man kept denying all their claims
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG They collected my phone from me immediately so I couldn’t call my people but fortunately for me , I saw some girls walking so I gave them my mum’s number to help me call her and tell her what was going on
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG I told the Oga of the people that I can’t leave me car on the express and as I was in the bus , they kept telling me that I should mind my business, that how do I know they are police that they couldn’t even be kidnappers and they kept saying all sorts
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG I was initially not worried cause they had panti in their uniform and I grew up in yaba so in my head I figured I will be fine so I kept telling them I couldn’t leave my car on the express
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG Meanwhile they found igbeaux on the young man, that was his only crime he kept saying but somehow they were pinning robbery on him and they were telling me they will show me pepper that I was one of those people that use to record police
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG Niggaz were literally telling me they will waste me and next thing they said they were taking me to their base in ikorodu , I stayed in Lagos all my life and I think I might have been to ikorodu just once. Last location I told the Samaritan to tell my mum was panti
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG So I told their Oga that he should assign one of their guys to me that I will follow them to the station in my car. So they held my phone and had one of their guy go with me . Homebody won’t allow me drive my car. Got in the driver’s seat
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG Then we started heading toward ikorodu , at this point I started negotiating, the one with me kept saying their base in ikorodu was a torture center and I was gonna learn. Kept putting fear in me , low key had a blunt or 2 in my car as well
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG So in my head i knew if I got to ikorodu base and they searched my car I was gonna be in trouble . I ended up driving to an atm and I gave them money for me and boy when it became obvious that these people just wanted money .
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG Bastard had the nerve to offer me beer after they literally just collected money from me. Can’t even lie I took the beer cause I was mad that I got in trouble for trying to do good and how I could have been killed and no one will know .
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG Dropped off the boy in bariga and a couple weeks later , I was in passing through onipanu and a street fight was going on, bottles and boys everywhere , I was blocked off in a street and next thing I see the same boy. Got me to Fadeyi with a bike, left my car in his hood
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG Felt like Instance karma , he watched over my car cause I left it and next day didn’t collect a dime from me. In my head I was thinking imagine i left him behind. I can never forget that day. Still today we friends on Facebook .
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG The Rot in the police is beyond SARS. Until we reform the whole police , nothing go change . I have stories for days about the Nigerian police but that day stood different. Threatening to kill me for a video
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG When i finally checked the video , I didn’t even capture anything cause the phone was in my pocket so nothing was clear .
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG But we move!!!! I don Japa . Left the disfunctionality but i miss Lagos everyday and the thought of Nigeria breaks my heart. We really deserve better #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG
@Tunde_Adeparusi @jidesanwoolu @PoliceNG Thank you all for reading my story, we must continue the struggle and get over this our oppressors . I survived but many didn’t . We must continue to fight for our rights

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