Today, its the first day of Navratri, where we worship all Goddesses from diff parts of India. India has been a land of women empowerment.

Through my #Thread I will walk you through some famous Hindu women from history, which will state that Santan Dharma was always progressive
Veer Jijabai Bhosle

Jijau, force behind Shivaji’s Hindavi Swaraj : Hindus were oppressed under the barbaric atrocities of Mughals in north & AdilShahs in south. But that did not deter Jijau who braved all this and blessed Shivaji Maharaj in all his endeavours for Hindu Rashtra🚩
Ahilyabai Holkar

The brave queen, Rajmata Ahilyabai Holkar, regarded as one of finest female rulers in Indian history. As a prominent ruler of Malwa kingdom, she spread message of dharma & promoted industrialisation in 18th century. She rebuilt thousands of temples across India
Rani Laxmibai

The British had planned to conquer Jhansi. However Manikarnika, a fierce warrior lead a battle against them.

"Chamak uthi san sattavan mein, woh talwar purani thi, Bundele harbolon ke munh humne suni kahani thi, Khoob ladi mardani woh toh Jhansi wali rani thi" 🚩
Onake Obbava

During reign of last ruler of Chitradurga, city was besieged by the troops of Hyder Ali ruler of Mysore state in 18th century. Onake’s victory occurred during one of Ali’s many attempted sieges

Saving an eminent fort, she has become a symbol of Kannada female pride
Nayakuralu Nagamma

argued to be one of most powerful women in medieval India and the world. While bestowing upon her the label of ‘female pioneer’ is unquestionable
As minister in Palunadu, Nagamma rose to be considered as the world’s first woman minister & renowned statesperson
Belawadi Mallamma

Queen of Lingayat community, fought with Maratha commander Raghunath Nedkar while defending her husband's kingdom. They arrested & took her to Shivaji.

He praised her & said "I made a mistake Ma..! Kindly forgive me, I don't want your kingdom", released her
Akka Mahadevi

900 years ago in what is now Karnataka, Mahadevi was a poet in Veerashaiva tradition, which worshipped Shivs. She composed around 430 vachanas (poems), many of which reflect her ideas about home and marriage. In one, she said she abandoned home in pursuit of Shiva
Bibi Dalair Kaur

Wajir Khan who was part of Mughal Empire faced wid Bibi Dalair & her 100 armed women warriors. Khan yelled “Cowards, are you afraid of woman"
Bibi responded, “We are hunters not hunted. Come forward & find out” Kaur & her army succeeded in killing many soldiers
Rani Veeramangai Velu Nachiyar

queen Shivagangai kingdom—now Madurai, Tamil Nadu—frm 1769 to 1790. She is celebrated by Tamilians as Veeramangai, or brave woman, an apt moniker, as Rani was first female Indian ruler to successfully revolt and triumph against the British empire.
Rani Abbakka Chowta

Queen of Ullal, hailed as one of the first female freedom fighters of India and as being “the only woman in history to confront, fight and repeatedly defeat the Portuguese”. She defended the region for 4 decades in the latter half of the 16th century.
Queen Padmini

Hers is the story of beauty and bravery. Hers is story of undefied defiance and honor. Alauddin Khilji was enamored by her ethereal beauty. He then tried to acquire her for his harem. Queen Padmini, hundreds of women of Chittor had committed self-immolation in 1303
Queen Karnavati

Years later, women of Chittor again had to face similar circumstances where they had to choose between life & honor; once again they chose to die instead of facing a disgraceful life. It all happened in year 1535, when Bahadur Shah of Gujarat attacked her kingdom
Panna Dai

maid of queen Karnavati, whom she entrusted with the safety of her son Udai Singh II, before committing mass suicide. For battle of throne, when cousin of Prince Udai attacked, she spirited the young prince out of the castle, by placing her son Chandan in his place
Uda Devi

story traces back to battle in Sikandar Bagh in Lucknow in 1857. While thousands of soldiers were killed under orders of Colin Campbell, a sharp shooter hid atop a tree, fired at Britishers. Only at end of battle did they discover it was a woman who was undercover rebel
Rani Avantibai

During revolt of 1857, she successfully attacked Britishers & gained control of several territories. But her rule lasted four months. Britishers were set to regain control with her efforts of reorganising her army failing miserably. She died a tragic death.
Keladi Chennamma

Shivaji’s second son, and he was on a run from the Mughals, she gave him shelter. Upon learning that she took Rajaram under her wing, Aurangzeb sent his men to fight her. She fought heroically & defeated
Mughal army. Keladi got recognised as separate kingdom
Kittur Chennamma

kingdom of Kittur came under British. But Kittur Chennamma rebelled against Britishers. Her actions infuriated the British, who attacked Kittur. But she fought relentlessly & killed St John Thackeray(🤣), the collector & political agent of the EIC in South India

Born in Manipur, Gaidinliu belonged to the Rongmei tribe. When she was just 13, she joined Heraka movement led by her cousin, which sought to revive Naga tribal religion & resist conversion to Christianity. At age 17, she mobilized this movement against British rule
Pandita Ramabai

daughter of Sanskrit scholars, Ramabai was born in Madras Presidency. At 19 when her parents died in 1877. She & her brother continued their parents work, travelling & giving lectures. Her knowledge impressed pundits of Calcutta & earned her title of “Pandita”
Anandibai Joshi

one of first South Asian female physicians & first Indian female physician, to be trained in Western medicine. She was 1st female of Indian origin to study & graduate with a degree in medicine in USA. She is also believed to be 1st Hindu woman to set foot in US.
This is just a small glimpse of heroics of Hindu women from history, time & again our Hindu culture has continued to produce many avtars of Goddess Durga at various stages. On the occasion of Navratri, I bow in front of all brave Devis and I wish you all a Happy Navratri 😀🙏🏼

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He is one of the Chiranjeevi's (immortal) till end of Kali Yuga
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