The wider project of mapping the network of Rosicrucian authors in the Baltic region after 1614 demonstrates that the Paracelsian Lion prophecy reached a number of centrally located POLITICAL LEADERS...…
"As I urged you when I went into Macedonia, stay there in Ephesus so that you may command certain people not to teach false doctrines any longer or to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies." 1 Timothy 1:3-4
@Jorgensen4POTUS @RealSpikeCohen
Trump had all those wives because of genealogies, the Holy Grail, the Priory of Sion and the Merovingian bloodline He wants to wipe us all out now, those that can be TRACED to said bloodline @USlawreview the Mormon Church is a cult mafia crime ring keeping track of this.
If Trump not re-elected, his people gonna try to pull something off very frightening, rioting liberals is nothing compared to what's in store and he wants to war with China if re-elected. Lockdown result has more to do with people abusing surveillance to harm than actual virus.
Look at the hat I'm wearing @USlawreview and what is in my right hand. Understand? My back is against the wall on this, I'm under wicked surveillance and severely gaslight and I'm frightened and for others too. George Mundorf stayed at 1717. E. Speedway. Race for world government
I took that picture of myself wearing the Alaska hat, holding the Enterprise around January-February 2019 well before "Corona" and Donald Trump alludes to Gnosticism and Nuclear War when he talks of hitting the body with a powerful light @USlawreview
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18 Oct
Susan Dunn wrapped her nasty black widow hair around the Cascade soap battle cap screw within the cap. I'm telling the truth? Is my sister my friend again @carolruthsilver ? Or you just gonna ignore and gaslight this situation? I'm predicted and Susan is an incestuous witch.
Susan making sure I don't have a good future since she has thrown her relationship with her daughter and grandchildren in the trash bin, @carolruthsilver
. Susan has done wicked things with her hair and other things. Our body towels; guess which part her hair landed on once?
Skull and Bones ties a string over which body part? Susan Dunn has vile deadly intent and she will not stop! She messes with body towels using her nasty black widow so it can land on places to violate minds and she endlessly gaslights and knows she can get away with it !
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17 Oct
Greetings @JohnLegere .... What a thorn you have been in my side these past 5 years! Are you a "Protestant" too?
And people thought AT&T was bad, T-Mobile partnered up with the NSA too @USlawreview . This is bad bad stuff.
Is this pissing anyone off yet at what they just saw? Look at the Trump 2020 sign again AND THEN compare to T-Mobile, then look at CEO John Legere's voter registration!!!
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15 Oct
Look at all the dead wrestlers. Trump said fake for 4 years @VinceMcMahon now we are supposed to believe he had Corona virus, to accept government lockdown. Why did Linda your wife leave Trump's Medicine Cabinet? Are you satanic evil, Vince? Gonna hold my past against me? @WWE ImageImage
WWE etched in the wood grain of entertainment given to me in 1996 before there ever was a @WWE . I did not notice for 24 years. There's also ears, flames, and dog skull. It's not my personal interpretation, you can see the intention with your own eyes. PILLman 1st casualty. ImageImageImageImage
Eventually Susan will hear knock noises for all eternity burning in searing torment if she does not repent. She will not stop with her stupid witchcraft and surveillance practice that she lies about. Do you see and hear how she constantly tries to unhinge me @carolruthsilver ?
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15 Oct
"Mother Of Harlots" Codeword Barbelon book Two by P.D. Stuart… Image
I don't need a gun to live life you gun owners have made me lose complete interest in firearms as most of you virtue signal freedom "I am the NRA" . What did you do to have your security? Carve some wood of a soldier saluting the flag you put outside everyday?
There is really no hope for me to have a good life ahead, there is nothing to give up on when it comes to that, true? I mean you are all wearing masks now for some contrived pandemic which virus is a blip on the radar which virus is attached to other conditions
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13 Oct
Donald Trump is accused of 'flipping the bird' at fact-checking female astronaut… yeah yeah but who was next to him? It's all there for who CARES for the truth.
ROOM SERVICE! Needs MORE sound proofing.
Do people understand that someone is really possessed, and that strange slam noises occur in real-time reaction when I make such tweets, @carolruthsilver ? It's not me doing that, is it?
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12 Oct
Is @USlawreview my friend? Or am I wounded in that house of friend? Hey man. Has CovID affected EEO cases of sexual harassment? My face was licked in 1996 by someone that shoved me into a wall, same person that had many EEO cases at McClellan AFB. You don't have to answer.
Susan is absolutely innocent everytime. Cannot see her grandchildren @carolruthsilver because of that innocence. Gotcha. Man, my life is gonna get worse. I studied history and looks like it's gonna repeat, I refuse to believe the lies and go with it in order to save my ass.
Volunteering for charity does not make you a better person. Go look at all the Catholic charities and Mormon charities. Job security is a dialectic. We are gonna MAGA by making things worse to make them betta. Scapegoat Democrats that play along. No one will ever suspect!
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