It’s incredibly admirable and unfortunately necessary to stand in those long lines just to exercise a fundamental civil right, but maybe we should talk more about about why those lines exist at all and why they’re concentrated in minority communities.
There were 868 fewer polling places in 2016 than in 2012. This year, there will be nearly 1200 fewer polling places than there were in 2014.

All of these closures are in states formerly covered by the VRA due to their histories of voting discrimination.…
Some GOP-led states have closed 1 in 10 or 1 in 5 polling places statewide. In Georgia, 7 counties now have only *one* polling place.

They don’t want people to vote because high voter turnout is bad for the GOP. So they’re just closing down the places where people go to vote.
So hell yes, the people standing in line for hours and hours just to exercise their right to vote are doing something pretty amazing. But they shouldn’t have to do that, & we should talk a lot more about why this is even A Thing and why Republicans are so scared of Black voters.

• • •

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19 Oct
I developed hospital-related PTSD in recent yrs, and today I was telling my psychiatrist about how terrified I am to go to the hospital for labor/delivery, & he told me I should’ve thought about it before now, and could’ve had an abortion to avoid this.

No, I’m not joking.
I am still shaking like 12 hours later. I can’t believe anyone would say that, but coming from a medical professional ... it’s unconscionable.
I guess now is a good time to point out that psychiatry — while it has done & still does do a lot of good — is a male-dominated field often used to police women’s behavior, and exploited to oppress & silence women in an effort to maintain a male-dominated status quo.
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14 Oct
An elderly Dutch woman who died after being infected twice with #COVID19 is believed to be the first death worldwide linked to *re*-infection with the virus.…
According to the study that reported her case, the patient was infected with 2 different strains of #COVID19 and it‘s unclear if she ever became immune following each infection.

Researchers say it’s likely that the 2nd episode “was a reinfection rather than prolonged shedding."
She was sick (cancer) and was undergoing chemo, so her immune system was already compromised when she got infected with #COVID19 the *first* time. By the time she was reinfected, her body probably just didn’t have any defenses left to fight it off.
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14 Oct
A newly unsealed court document shows that police are accessing sensitive data on Americans w/o obtaining search warrants by asking Google to disclose info on everyone who happens to search for a keyword that police are interested in (“reverse requests”).…
Google has obliged with these “reverse requests,” which essentially let police bypass the law to obtain private info w/o a warrant — “another example of a growing trend of data which investigators demand data on a large group of users rather than...a suspect.”
Reminds me of this, which is also a “growing trend” in mass surveillance (tracking protesters using geolocation, then developing profiles of them based on location-specific data and other info like how far they drove to get to the protest).
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11 Oct
So 9 times out of 10, I would come down on the side of privacy, but this is ridiculous. Many Americans have had to get tested for COVID and share the results with their employers before being allowed to return to work, so why should the president be held to a lower standard?
Also, if Trump wants to keep his COVID test results private, the WH should just say it instead of obfuscating.

When asked when Trump’s last negative test was, the WH spox said “we don’t have that”, which is not an acceptable or believable answer. So now it just looks weird.
I wouldn’t disclose my private health information unless it was clearly necessary, but I have no problem saying that and explaining why. Compare that to the WH, which can’t explain or even articulate the need for so much secrecy around Trump’s COVID test results. It’s odd.
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11 Oct
This claim is getting a ton of traction, and it isn’t totally wrong, but it’s also not exactly accurate, either.

Candace Owens’ group reportedly paid for travel & lodging for some people to attend a separate BLEXIT event that day; some of those people also attended the WH rally.
Here’s the link to the ABC article, which says some of the WH rally attendees were in town for a BLEXIT event and had their travel & lodging paid for by Candace Owens’ group. So technically they weren’t paid to attend the WH event. (Still sketchy IMO.)…
Anyway, it’s worth knowing the full story whenever something is retweeted that much (35,000+ times in total). I would also urge caution when someone who isn’t a member of the press tweets out a major claim, cites a news outlet, but doesn’t provide a link or additional info.
Read 4 tweets
8 Oct
The bigger story here is not that Trump asked doctors at Walter Reed to sign NDAs, but that HIPAA has had so many holes punched in it that the NDAs were probably necessary.…
He can get away with demanding that his doctors sign NDAs. Most of us don’t have that option; we just have to accept the privacy concerns if we need health care. That’s the scandal here, IMO.
In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, here’s one example, in which the Trump admin stopped enforcing parts of HIPAA during the pandemic.…
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