The fact that these things are being expressed on social media is way more important than the undertone to me. Ofcourse I agree, the tone of the tweet I have quoted can be modified and be made less hard. But I don't agree with the part of not teaching sons about our experiences.
A very small proportion of men become cold by hearing to the experiences of the previous generation. No being can close itself when it comes to love. The roughest of creatures understand love through their senses.
What you are implicitly suggesting is that, let's invalidate all the thoughts of men since some of their thoughts is highly patriarchal and chauvinistic.
Let's just talk about the tweet I've quoted here and the couple of tweets I had posted on Instagram yesterday. If you haven't seen them I'll attach a screenshot.
The fact that these things are being mentioned in such a small proportion on social media is way more important to me than the rough undertone. I don't align with all the thoughts of the said person, it would be wrong to generalise that way.
Another question that was being raised was that we're teaching boys to be emotionally unavailable. It's a wrong statement. A very small proportion of humans are emotionally unavailable from the beginning, most of us become emotionally drained & unavailable because of our...+
Rough experiences in terms of romantic relationships. A heartbreak, being cheated, etc.
Almost all men, that I know, including myself have learnt this through experience. Not all men become cold because of "emotional social barriers" created by patriarchy.
The problem started for me precisely after I crossed those barriers and I didn't have the knowledge of what bad exists beyond those barriers.
I only knew of what good is beyond these chains and one doesn't need to be tough when dealing with the good.
Whatever number of women I've met/interacted with, a very small number of them are naive when it comes to romantic relationships. Many are very shrewd while choosing from men. This is precisely because they possess the knowledge of what's bad in men. Do they apply that generally+
To all men? I don't think so. Knowledge can ofcourse be used in bad ways. That doesn't imply to not providing them.
When humans possess knowledge only then they can use their reason to differentiate and make distinctions.
Coming the point of "men being vile to women", do you really believe all the men will be vile to all the women? That would be a foolish belief. The post no where says, "what not to teach to boys"
"It says what should be taught" & what should be taught can always be used in+
Addition to other things, isn't it ?+
I've interacted with a lot of girls, who say they're emotionally unavailable. When I asked them why, they said because of my "last relationship". We've never been taught that an romantic endeavour can go bad? Can it not? Ofc it can. Then why not possess the knowledge to bad in+
Other gender/people beforehand? Why wait for experiencing it. Many people fall in love with evil partners, & when they are cheated/disrespected many end their lives.
My point being, relationships are a subjective phenomena, for which subjective knowledge is necessary, and that includes knowledge that sounds evil/disgusting.
The point I'm willing to accept is that generalisations are a bad thing. And tone must be improved.
But many women have been vehemently speaking against this & saying, that you should endorse thoughts that are generalised and "toxic" in nature. +
I've a question then, why are all men dragged in rape cases then? That's a way bigger allegation than calling a potential romantic partner evil. And I'm not saying that all women support those allegations but I don't understand the big fuss over this.+
I understand, the language is rough, it's disgusting, it's foolish but are we expressing all our thoughts on social media through essays & paragraphs written in sophisticated language?
If we're taking it to that level, are we willing to voluntarily give in to regulations?
I also understand that making such an argument, "where they step in garbage, so will you step too?"
But what is seriously up with the outrage? It's alright some people are hardcore patriarchs, I agree.
But everytime someone bashes anyone who posts such things on social media+
he/she might be going through some kind of a trauma, caused by the "opposite gender", where does the beloved empathy of the 'wokes' goes then?
Men are terrible are expressing their feelings in articulate ways, most people are if not only men. They see something, they read something, it connects with them immediately, they feel like quoting it.
About 8 people yesterday asked me a "rationale" behind having so and so belief? Really? How many of you truly have rationales behind your beliefs based on emotional experiences? Don't expect people to behave in a way that won't be possible for you.
That's all I can think about rn, I've had about 15 conversation with 15 unique individuals on this and I would not engage with anyone on this topic. I'm sorry if your turn for conversing with me on this didn't come. Please find your answers in this thread+
& a couple of screenshots that I will be posting.
Some more.

• • •

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