@citizenfreebird @DonnaPT_ @MajorPatriot I'm not interested in 'interesting articles' when I want to be informed. I want facts untainted by the interpretations of dishonest people whose integrity has been purchased. That describes most of the American and indeed the rest of the world's mainstream media.
@citizenfreebird @DonnaPT_ @MajorPatriot As someone who works in the media and entertainment industry, I am intimately familiar with the idiocies of it all, and can say with certainty that none of it is 'news'. Ever. The only credible sources of actual news anymore come from independent, investigative journalists.
@citizenfreebird @DonnaPT_ @MajorPatriot FYI, there is absolutely NOTHING interesting about this article. It is written by Steve Benen, who produces the Rachel Maddow show. He's a hyper-partisan, hyper-opinionated windbag who is so anti-republican and anti-Trump it's disgusting. As a consumer of information...
@citizenfreebird @DonnaPT_ @MajorPatriot ...if I know what your political affiliations are based on your writings, you are no longer an impartial source of factual information and should reassess how you were led astray. Same with teachers. I don't want their opinions...I want the facts, no matter how uncomfortable...
@citizenfreebird @DonnaPT_ @MajorPatriot ...they are and no matter who they implicate. Ahead of an election, the potential for a candidate to be compromised by our #1 adversary should be the #1 news story on every single news outlet's docket. Instead, most of the mainstream is suppressing and downplaying factual info.
@citizenfreebird @DonnaPT_ @MajorPatriot Smells like an attempted coverup to me - by a bunch of seditious conspirators trying desperately to retain their reputations. The press should have torn this Biden story apart by now and have been pressing Biden constantly on it. They haven't been. They've been treating Biden...
@citizenfreebird @DonnaPT_ @MajorPatriot ...like a little boy who is going to get a participation trophy even though he's a loser at the game he plays and has been playing for almost a half-century. The 'debates' and 'townhalls' have been a joke. They asked Trump 43 DIFFICULT questions in is townhall. Biden? 10.
@citizenfreebird @DonnaPT_ @MajorPatriot Trust me...the media is biased and comprised of dishonest people who write their opinions as fact, and it's happening morel often than not anymore. Facts are facts...and should be reported for what they are, not how they're interpreted. Nevermind what is interesting.

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