Holy crap!!!!! That is Rudy's source! He's from the China whistleblower videos!!!!! WOW!!!!!! Biden, Pelosi, and the Dems have to be 💩 their 👖! 😂
Thanks @dan7x7! Business is about to pick up!
Look at the Chinese Wuhan whistle blower in the mirror and also Steve Bannon in the background smiling! This is the ultimate troll on the deep state and they have to be crapping their pants now.
Dr Li Meng Yan...

• • •

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15 Oct
They’ve already been checkmated. The spell that they’ve had over the masses in their media battleground has been lost. We’re dominating the battle space of social media. Because of this, Big Tech is panicking and finally realizing that “nothing can stop what’s coming.”
Suspending Kaylee McEnany’s Twitter account is not an act of domination but of utter desperation. It’s an admission of defeat. When you’re getting your arse beat in a boxing match you have to takeoff the gloves and start going full street-fight on your opponent. Change the rules.
The next logical step is for Twitter to suspend Trump’s account before the election. Why? Because Twitter is Trump’s way to circumvent the MSM. He communicates directly to WE, THE PEOPLE. And The Cabal can’t afford for Trump to tell the nation about their treason. Pull the plug.
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11 Oct
Have I not been saying that the DOD, NSA, and General Paul Nakasone have been implementing NESARA election security? This is part of NESARA implementation! Nothing can stop what is coming!
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8 Oct
Some people in your life will never accept who you are. They will always try to selfishly mold you into their image. They will never celebrate your uniqueness, your gifts, or your identity.
It's always about seeing you through their skewed paradigm of self-centered arrogance. Relationships such as these are toxic to our spiritual and emotional development, and can eventually impact not only our past and present but can be an albatross robbing us of our future.
Creating new relationships always carries risk but the reward in finding people that actually celebrate who you are is an investment not only in their lives but also an investment in your own spiritual and mental health.
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8 Oct
As I peruse through MSNBC and CNN websites, I'm not surprised to see Trump and DNI Ratfliff's declassifications getting absolutely no coverage at all. Only Fox News is covering it. This is literally the greatest story of treason in the history of our nation...
...where a presidential candidate, Hillary, ordered a false flag disinformation campaign against a presidential candidate, during an election, while coordinating with the FBI, CIA, intelligence agencies abroad in the UK, Italy etc...
...and with the help of DC Swamp Rats like Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Nadler, and the mainstream media and Big Tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube.
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3 Oct
The quick recovery of POTUS from Covid-19, due in main part to therapeutics like the anti-bodies treatment known as Regeneron and Zinc, is an object lesson in the demystification of the Covid-19 boogie monster that the media and Big Pharma have created over the last year.
Most of us are already well aware of the purposefully over-inflated Covid-19 hospital death-stats scam (listing regular deaths from co-morbidities as CV deaths), which caused the unnecessary loss of Constitutional freedoms and nearly euthanized our economy.
The pressure was put on Deep State Big Pharma by the Trump administration through the exposure of the death-stats scam (when POTUS demanded hospitals report their numbers directly to HHS and NOT CDC),
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1 Oct
Red October has begun. Snowden, former CIA shill, hiding in Russia, is now in justice’s crosshairs.
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