This is not a joke. @elenochle speaks truth.

If you have never heard testimony from Holocaust survivors, then you have missed some very powerful lessons.

Too many people skipped history class and that's why we are here now.
Here is a link to THOUSANDS of hours of full-length Holocaust survivor testimony.

It is perhaps the most important archive ever assembled in human history.

Watch the videos and then share these lessons with the children in your life. When they are old enough to understand, of course.

It is a task that we can not avoid.

It is our duty to teach the next generation the hardest learned lessons of humanity.
@elenochle is correct.

History has shown us where this leads if we don't stand up right now.

In the 1930s, the world did not know what was about to take place.

Do you think the victims of the Jewish Holocaust ever imagined what horrors awaited them?

They had no idea at the time.

No reason to suspect at all, but surely if they did they might have thought "that could never happen to me".

They were ordinary people with ordinary lives.

Just like us.

They had normal family gatherings.
Children were excited for their first day of normalcy.
Normal lovestruck young couples eagerly planned their weddings and dreamt of soon starting their own families.
Families enjoyed venturing into town and visiting the local markets.

Normal people, all living unextraordinary lives.

Look at their faces.

No one could have guessed how soon their normal lives would turn into an unimaginable nightmare.
The victims of Nazi Germany's evil reign of terror would have given ANYTHING for someone to have warned them ahead of time.

They would have given anything for someone...ANYONE to stand up for them.
It's different this time.

We know the warnings.

We have seen the warning signs.

We know where this CAN go, easily.

What excuse will we use if we let this happen?

We cannot say "we didn't know".

No one can say they were just "following orders".
They convinced people all over world they are sick with a novel deadly virus, which is so deadly, that one might never experience any symptoms or even have a clue they might be infected.

People are so terrified that they even wear a mask when alone in their cars.
These people are inflicting psychological abuse on the citizens of the world.
Look how easy it was to convince people to wear the face masks.

Look how easy it was to convince people to snitch on their neighbors for not wearing the masks.

Look how easy it was to convince people that systemic racism is running rampant in America.
Literally overnight, we went from

"We are all in this together"

"We support our essential workers"

"Thank you essential workers for keeping us safe"

"Viral Tik-Tok medical worker dancing videos"

"Stay home-save lives" burning down cities and destroying communities and small businesses, destroying lives, defunding the police, doxing, hatefulness, death threats, murder...and finally a full-on American Insurrection.

It's the same situation.
Turn this ship around NOW.

Stop it. Stand up.

Do what is right and good.

Do not engage the enemy.

Do not let the enemy lure you.

Do all things through peace, in kindness and with love.

• • •

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One could justify this action of Big Tech's BLATANT CENSORSHIP if they had applied the same enthusiasm to fact-check the Steele Dossier.

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Mini thread:

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