On Pronouns, Schools and Ties

In the west of Scotland, it would be common to get asked what school you went to. Now this is nothing to do with schools, it is an oblique way of asking if you are Catholic or protestant religion. This would determine how people reacted to
you and whether or not to beat you up.
In The generation before me, it could also be used to determine outcomes of job interviews in the same way that dodgy handshakes can still do.

Similarly, at the upper end of society, wearing a specific university tie can be used
as a statement to suggest status and inclusion in 'the old boys network'. In this regard both are seen as social cues to determine people's reaction to you and to make your allegiances known.
Anyone with a cursory understanding of manners should be aware that it is impolite
to refer to someone in the third person when you are in their presence. So what purpose can introducing yourself with 3rd person Pronouns serve on meeting someone?
Well, just like religious affiliation it sets up predetermined assumptions about people.
If you respond in
kind, it tells the trans person you will indulge their fantasies and quasi-religious identity ideology-you are one of them.
If you refuse, it warns both parties to be 'en garde' for linguistic sparring and opportunities to find offence and scream transphobia because you are
an unbeliever.
In this regard it is akin to a direct challenge. No other religious or political affiliation would be tolerated in normal interactions.
Indeed, we actively avoid such comparisons and see religious affiliation as private and personal to
avoid such disagreements.

It also legitimises the ideology if everyone is indoctrinated in it. Think "argumentum ad populum"; if everyone believes it it must be true.
Thing is, lots of people do not believe!

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15 Aug
Had a bad couple of days on twitter dealing with unscientific insanity, so going to try a break from twitter or at least from TRA engagement.

Just because you want something to be true does not mean it is materially true.
Trans women are trans women. Men cannot have babies
(a women living as a man gave birth, a man did not give birth)
Only women have a cervix and only women have periods. Men do not get cervical cancer.
Trans inclusive language is deliberately female exclusionary.
If you have a penis and like heterosexual sex you are not
a lesbian, irrespective of your hair colour, makeup or how you identify.
If you choose to change your body and become on the fringe of societal norms, you cannot demand access to other people's dating pools - it's rapey and misogynistic to demand sex with people -
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16 May
What Transwomen should have access to women's safe spaces?
The last time I was in a women's safe space was when I was 8yo. It was just a big guest house with all the women being in the same position. Obviously things change in 40 years, but to whom should we allow access?
Many will be able to make the obvious logical step, but lets walk through some examples.

Just as women who discuss male abuse normally presage their comments with 'not all men', I am going to say 'not all transwomen' for this discussion.
TW and PoV Terf
So a bunch of 'wee boys' with long hair and painted nails calling themselves women are posing online with machetes and baseball bats at what they would do to Terfs.
You get the impression they are outsiders, have been bullied at school and this is their
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20 Apr
Arguing on Women’s Rights and Trans Issues
I am a visual learner and think in pictures (as opposed to kinesthetic/aural etc.) A key tool for me are mindmaps and below I have thrown one together on considerations between women’s rights and trans self-id issues.
Caveat: It’s just an example, and I am not going to argue about what is/is not on there because any women or women’s org could expand it tenfold and cover an entire wall of topics and sub-topics and similarly for TRA’s. Also what I want to focus on are some of the
types of rhetoric employed so you can spot it.

Linguistically it’s easy to get side tracked or DERAILED from a point and having a visual representation of the key topics and where they are in relation to each point is useful for keeping focus.
/3 Image
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13 Mar
What Self-Id is not
Let's start with some definitions to avoid disambiguation:
Self-Id: the proposed legal process to obtain a gender recognition certificate.
Declared-Id: what you tell people you are with no basis in law.
For simplicity, this discussion will only refer to m->f
There has been no major law change that allows men access to women's changing rooms/toilets or services. The major changes that businesses/orgs/schools are adopting come from pressure groups and fear of not being seen to be 'progressive'.
Just because someone comes up to a female changing room to try on clothes and declares they are a women does not make it so and has no basis in law. Businesses could adopt a challenge-25 style policy and unless someone has a GRC and photo-id, politely told to use another.
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4 Jan
Getting really fed up with this woke trans nonsense taking up so much of my TL.
So often I want to mute any tweets from these deaf-to-reason TRA's that live in some protected middle class bubble where everyone is fair and honest and does no harm. (Read the news recently?) /1
Some people need to grow up, learn some basic biology, genetics, and philosophy: just because you want something to be true does not make your subjective opinion correct.
You cannot foist invented terms on 99.99% of the species just to appease your differences: 'cis' /2
Ergo I am not fucking 'cis'! I am male.
Again, I fully support pre- and post-op Transexuals. And I recognise the need for @LGBAlliance_UK because the 'L', the 'G', and the 'B' have very clear definitions. /3
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