THREAD (Big Trouble in Little China)

1/ Those with their ear to the ground, some funky happenings have been going down. A bunch of Chinese nationals got sprung money laundering, importing drugs, trying to get fake US passports, & laundering via casinos…
2/ But that ain't the crazy part. Tao Liu, one of the Chinese nationals indicted, was showing up to Trump rallies sporting a VIP pass. Now, a Chinese money laundering drug trafficker might seem a strange place for Mr Beijing to be hangin out. But that aint the crazy part.....,
3/ The strange part was revealed last night. It appears our Chinese money laundering drug trafficker was hanging out with Joe Cinque, colloquially known as a "Trump associate". This is where we get closer to the crazy part.....,
4/ For those that don't know Joe Cinque, he is a small time mobster who was linked to the Gambino crime family and was described as a good friend of John Gotti. So having Joe Cinque hanging with now indicted Chinese money laundering drug traffickers in New York is, well weird
5/ Now the fact that the Donald was hanging out with Joe Cinque as a good friend for years, even after he became Prez, is strange as fuqq. There's like one degree of separation between Trump, Cinque and an indicted money laundering, drug trafficking Chinese organized crime gang
6/ But the crazy part, the really crazy part, is how Tao Liu and the other Chinese nationals were caught by the DoJ. The posse included ; Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, Australian Federal Police, Australian Dept of Home Affairs, NZ Police & Mexican Federal Police
7/ The fact so many Australian agencies were involved when there was no apparent crime being committed in Australia, raises some very intriguing possibilities. Note on this graph the Minister for Dept of Home Affairs, and what agencies he oversees. Multiple IC agencies
8/ Now in the last 48 hrs, two separate stories also broke. First, the ex Mexican Defense Minister is busted for, wait for it, drug trafficking and money laundering. What did that DoJ indictment say about Tao Liu, Chinese organized crime & Mexican cartels again? 😁
9/ The 2nd story which broke today, Oz time, was a seizure of half a tonne of cocaine into Sydney. Australian Federal Police tweeted about it, but so did the US Embassy in Canberra, coz US Homeland Security & ICE assisted in the bust. But the coke came from South America🤔
10/ It is notable that Chinese Intelligence Services use organized crime syndicates and individuals to conduct operations. The stories below are just two such Australian examples conducted by China in Australia
11/ The picture that seems to be emerging is that some of these joint operations by Australia & the US aren't just Law Enforcement actions, but National Security/Intelligence actions. Maybe we should pay attention when Xi Jinping & friends honor lifelong organized crime figures

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7 Oct

1/ Last night Trump went on a tweet rage. Of note he quoted the tweets of Paul Sperry multiple times. Sperry is a Right Wing "journalist" whose articles have often pushed Trump's disinformation & inaccurate statements........,
2/ Paul Sperry has continually pushed discredited disinformation (including disinformation originating from Russian state sources). He has attacked journalists & been a water carrier for Trump , his lies & his agenda. In short, Sperry is not a journalist, but an opinion writer
3/ The last 24hrs, following the DNI's incomplete release of intelligence docs relating to 2016, former CIA Director John Brennan accused John Ratcliffe of using selectively declassified intel to paint a misleading picture of events in 2016. Sperry additionally twisted this info
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Election Interference Thread

1/ Last night a defender of Assange & so called independent journalist @ caitoz Caitlan Johnstone, blogged a disinfo provocation piece that was immediately published by Russian State media, RT. RT timed it's realease for 9AM US East Coast time ImageImage
2/ I reported Ms Johnstone to Twitter for acting in concert with a hostile State that is conducting interference operations against the US. Additionally I reported her to the Australian Federal Police as an unregistered agent of a Foreign Power

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3/ Johnstone posted online to her supporters she was being attacked. Within minutes, a combination of trolls & bots swarmed my account. The example below threatened my daughter. I made an additional report to the AFP. They consider it a threat

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1/ @File411 found this transcript of traitor Peter Debbins. Of note, he plays down tensions between Russia & China & we find out he's an instructor at the Academy of Defense Intelligence. That's DIA. Wonder if he met Flynn?

2/ Indicted GRU asset Peter Debbins was also an instructor at the Institute of World Politics. Which is super weird because Erik Prince & Postmaster General Louis Dejoy's wife are trustees at the Institute. Small fuqqin world

3/ Erik Prince certainly knew Peter Debbins. They attended a dinner together in New York as guests of Foster Friess
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1/ Even prior to COVID19, China's economy was in serious decline. The timeline for this decline is significant, & may explain some of China's behavior politically, both at home & internationally…
2/ Xi Jinping became President of PRC in 2012. China's more aggressive stance began with him. The graphs below show 2 key data points since Xi became leader. 1st graph shows China's industrial decline, the 2nd graph shows a 300% increase in military links with Russia since 2012
3/ This is where the data can get confusing. If China is in a manufacturing economic decline, why did China just import a record amount of iron ore, from the world's largest producer, Australia? And they paid a premium price. But all is not what it seems
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1/ ICYMI ; DoJ Saipan indictments unsealed this week included charges against Chinese state owned company MCC International.A look at directors on MCC shows literal Communist Party Politburo members

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2/ This is awkward, given MCC International has a business partnership with Donald Trump in Indonesia, at a resort being built by Trump. In fact MCC International has loaned Trump $500 million dollars for the project. So, Trump owes the CCP money

@NickNehamas ImageImage
3/ The Saipan indictments against the owners of the casino & other Chinese businesses, including MCC International, was lodged via the Organized Crime & Gang division of the Dept of Justice. Trump does business with the best people

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1/ A year ago the Australian Govt sounded a warning that Chinese Casino Junket operators had strong suspected links to Chinese crime bosses & Foreign Influence agents

2/ That finding seems significant in the case of Imperial Pacific International, owners of the Saipan Casino under DoJ indictment. Majority owner of (IPI), Cui Li Jie, has a younger sister, Cui Li Mei, who owns the major casino junket company, Hang Seng Sociedade Unipessoal Image
3/ Imperial Pacific purchased 5% of Hang Seng Sociedade Unipessoal (HSSU) in 2013. HSSU is a major Casino Junket operator for casinos owned by Steve Wynn & Sheldon Adelson. In short, the sister of the owner of Imperial Pacific has a business arrangement with 2 major RNC donors Image
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