When about 3700 years ago a large multi-ethnic group of Babylonian refugees led by a new age cult leader called Abraham arrived in Palestine,they found various native pagan populations who often spoke (Indo)European languages,prayed in sacred groves and raised megaliths(continue)
Canaanites,Philistines etc...Some resisted monotheistic invaders for centuries;In the book of Deuteronomy,the order of YHWH(God) is specifically written to destroy sacred groves, pagan megaliths, and to kill those who resist. Here is the ancestral origin of the "White Genocide".
Naturally with the other great monotheistic religions of biblical derivation (Christianity and Islam) this divine order has continued directly, and lasts until today (also in most recent version for atheists: Communism). So don't waste time supporting these cults, stop the Golem!
And do not make the biggest mistake of being able to think of fighting the Golem with a Golem:if you embrace the faith of one God of Abraham(in any form of his cult,
including Communism)you are AUTOMATICALLY complicit in this "agenda".
Open your eyes and go back to Paganism!

• • •

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15 Oct
According to a recent demographic study,if it had not been for WW1 and its direct consequences (WW2 and Russian Revolution),Europe today would have about 927 million inhabitants compared to 741 million it has.
And they tell us that Europe needs 200 million immigrants ... curious. ImageImage
Remember that the "White Genocide" agenda that is so much talked about today didn't start now, it officially started in 1914.
In reality the white genocide on a cultural/religious level began with Christianity,continued with Islam,but it was only with WW1 (and Russian Revolution) that it took on a characteristic of physical extermination and proper extinction, and no longer just cultural and religious.
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5 Oct
The"Apollo of Pistoxenos"(dark blond hair) compared with a copy made in late 1800s with black hair,according to the romantic nationalist canons of the time.Many archaeological reconstructions of that time where the finds were "updated" to appearance of contemporary inhabitants... ImageImage
In Greece of the time there were already black-haired people, who arrived with the Neolithic migrations of the first farmers from the Middle East and Anatolia ("basque / sardinians"), however the first native Greeks had the light phenotype ... Image
... As all the most ancient archaeological evidence shows (and not the nineteenth century copies), such as this wonderful painting of 450 BC .... aspect totally mittel-nord-european anything but Levantine-Middle Eastern! Image
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30 Sep
In 1549 Christianity spread in Japan,brought by Portuguese missionaries:It reached 300,000 faithful and began usual fanaticism and destruction of traditional religion and native culture on their part.The Shogun then ordered their extermination as a"disease"of the state.(continue) Image
Was difficult, however, to find all the Christians because many had hidden and moved at night or disguised as Shintoists. Therefore the Shogun invent the Yefumi (踏 み 絵), literally "figurative trampling", Christian sacred images mounted on bases to be specially trampled ... Image
Those suspected of being "hidden Christians" (Kakure kirishitan 隠 れ キ リ シ タ ン) was asked to step on or spit on a Yefumi. If he refused, it was clear that he was a Christian and was immediately executed on the spot, beheaded with a Katana. Image
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29 Sep
Geneticist David Reich is right this time.Analyzing remains of 14,000 late Roman tombs(after 240),he identified 10 different racial types,including 31 subSaharan blacks.Roman Empire("US" of time),led to a melting pot whose consequences we still see today in many areas of Europe. Image
It should be noted that tombs analyzed did not contain the remains of slaves but only people of a middle-upper social class. mainly types found were inter-Mediterranean ones, with strong genetic presence from southern Mediterranean. Germans and Celts also present.
Of course, that crafty David Reich micronically analyzes the late empire to politically justify today's multi-ethnic society. But the first empire was very different ...
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29 Sep
In the Maori language of New Zealand, the word "Urukehu" means "Maori with light skin, light hair and light eyes", a term distinct from "Pākehā", which instead properly means "European white man"...
but who were the "Urukehu"? (continue) Image
...according to an ancient Maori legend,when about 500 CE Maori arrived in present-day New Zealand,they found previous natives who lived there,the "Urukehu",with a much clearer phenotype than theirs.Over the following centuries, mixed marriages made Urukehu and Maori merged... Image
..We have no archaeological evidence of existence of this ancient people,although many Maori are still born today with light eyes and hair,without contact with Europeans...but it is likely that it is simply a modification of TYRP1 gene,also present in other Polynesian peoples ... Image
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23 Sep
The Ainu bear worship is perhaps the only case in the World where this Cult,oldest native Eurasian religion dating back to Neanderthals and Denisovans,has come down to us in an active form,and without interruption. Ainu are a Caucasoid people of north Japan,of Siberian origin... ImageImageImageImage
The Ainu, hunter-gatherer caucasoid people with the highest percentage of Denisovian ("Asian Neanderthal") genome found, are closely genetically connected with the first Native North Americans, such as the Kennewick Man, the oldest human skeleton found in the U.S.A... ImageImageImage
Even our direct European Neanderthal ancestors worshipped the Bear, just like the Ainu, and this, like all Neanderthal religion, which arrived in Siberia and North America, here in Europe then evolved into apparently more "modern" (but identical in the content) Pagan cults. ImageImageImageImage
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