@BillyBostickson @HL3133 @MonaRahalkar @BatResearch @franciscodeasis @Ayjchan @AntGDuarte @babarlelephant Most importantly, the so-called “amplicons” were published long after the problems with the ILLUMINA was exposed—that no assembly can be made for RaTG13 using the SRA. These amplicons have strange things hanging off the ends and are artifacts from gene synthesis assembly errors
@BillyBostickson @HL3133 @MonaRahalkar @BatResearch @franciscodeasis @Ayjchan @AntGDuarte @babarlelephant They have a publishing date almost a month after the problems with the raw data was tipped off in April. They were made up in May—one month, synthesized on 2 plates, one for the forward reads, one for the reverse reads. They then had a problem with the S1 and have to make the
@BillyBostickson @HL3133 @MonaRahalkar @BatResearch @franciscodeasis @Ayjchan @AntGDuarte @babarlelephant Last 4 amplicons in a hurry—the result was that these amplicons had random, non-vector and non-Biological sequences hanging off the ends.
@BillyBostickson @HL3133 @MonaRahalkar @BatResearch @franciscodeasis @Ayjchan @AntGDuarte @babarlelephant Also, the real problem is that the “fecal swab” is anything but a “fecal swab”. You can look with your own eyes and perform a search on “bat feces” on NCBI. Whenever bacteria drops below 2.5% in total cellular organisms, all RNA viral reads are gone.
@BillyBostickson @HL3133 @MonaRahalkar @BatResearch @franciscodeasis @Ayjchan @AntGDuarte @babarlelephant Bacterial 16S rRNA is a lot tougher than Eukaryotic and viral RNA. When 16S is destroyed, viral RNA will already be obliterated and no assemblable sequences will be possible.
@BillyBostickson @HL3133 @MonaRahalkar @BatResearch @franciscodeasis @Ayjchan @AntGDuarte @babarlelephant In fact, it took them over 3 months to publish the amplicons—“gap filling PCR data”—the timeline does not match up at all for a real sequencing project—those “amplicons” appeared just the same time as you would expect for a gene synthesis company from order to ship. The RaTg13
@BillyBostickson @HL3133 @MonaRahalkar @BatResearch @franciscodeasis @Ayjchan @AntGDuarte @babarlelephant Pipeline is completely inverted by date and time—Assembly comes first. ILLUMINA comes 2 weeks after assembly. Which will be easy as a point-to-point fabrication is easy—most rRNA was degraded beyond repair, no mRNA properly matches anything, “mRNA” matches match clone more than
@BillyBostickson @HL3133 @MonaRahalkar @BatResearch @franciscodeasis @Ayjchan @AntGDuarte @babarlelephant Predicted RNA, and the “virus” had far higher quality than anything else! They could easily: get fake data, for example, CoV2 data. Manually alter the base calls by alignment and change the basecall without changing the quality score. Merge into fake “sample”. For example, WGS of
@BillyBostickson @HL3133 @MonaRahalkar @BatResearch @franciscodeasis @Ayjchan @AntGDuarte @babarlelephant The bat, filtered coarsely to generate an exome. Then after 3 MONTHS they published the “amplicons”—clearly those “amplicons” were as suspicious as it can be! As it was The exact time period for a gene synthesis company to deliver their order!
@BillyBostickson @HL3133 @MonaRahalkar @BatResearch @franciscodeasis @Ayjchan @AntGDuarte @babarlelephant ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sra/?term=(bat…
Bat and Vira Metagenome--EVERY LAST DATASET--mostly bacteria. (lowest bacteria in all cellular organisms=30%)

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CR3022 ScFv fused to c terminus of ACE2. with a long linker. Antibody induced dissasembly of virion. binding to the wrong epitope leading to the virus being ripped apart.
A reason behind the absence of FCS in wild Sarbecovirii. CR3022 popped out in the first SARS outbreak. it is highly effective and catalytic in the dissasembly of the prefusion Spike solely due to the presence of a Furin cleavage site (FCS) in the CoV2 S. imagine what will happen
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Remdesivir is highly toxic—not by necessity but by malicious design. GS-441524 is not only simpler, have the exact same theraputic effect, but is also much less toxic than remdesivir. Upon injection,
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This is how both drugs work together—8mg/dose 3 doses/day Bromhexine to block surface route. 200mg HCQ/day in one dose to block endosomal route. Quercetin is optional for blocking the 3CLPro.
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Death blow to KG anderson(background: the Superantigen at the S1-S2 interface only work as an aglycosylated peptide—if glycosylated, it won’t bind to TCR. In fact, the majority of the S1-S2 insert’s novel, experimentally confirmed functions, require naked
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