THREAD: Watched @SangerNYT The Perfect Weapon on @HBO I have been covering QAnon followers at Trump rallies for years the got into it 10/28/1 One guy said from Guccifer 2.0! They hacked the DNC servers I believe it’s a Russian disinformation op
1. All QAnons say the same thing verbatim They are all Trump supporters. One woman in Portland at the Proud Boys rally told me it was predicted “A golden man would come and save us all. I believe Trump is that golden man”
2. I filmed a woman who told me about Jeffrey Epstein in general Flynn two days before Epstein was arrested she also told me October28, 2017 was when she first was if it
3. This woman wearing a women for trump T-shirt which many of them do Literally went into a trance when she said JFK Jr was alive which many believe
4. at the beginning of August this guy came out of nowhere and said that the real pandemic is pedophilia it’s an anti-mask pro Trump movement. A month later they had rallies in over 200 cities. I believe it’s QAnon 2.0 all hashtags go to MAGA sites

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18 Sep
Under Acting secretary of Health and Human Services, Chad Wolf’s watch, women in ICE detention centers run by private contractors have been given unnecessary hysterectomies. When the truth comes out all must be released. This is not Nazi Germany Scoop coming today
In our video we discovered it’s not just Irwin there were two more facilities doing forced hysterectomies
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29 Aug
MAGA Thread 1/ I pitched a story to @nowthis a year ago, I wanted to see who his followers were, the only people between Trump and jail. I went to 5 rallies and asked them 'why do you love him' 'I'd take a bullet for Trump' one said.…
2/ They ALL say the same thing, he's the best president we've ever had. 'he speaks to me, he says what I think' The people I interviewed in line, changed when they got inside to a mob mentality, it was very disturbing.
3/ At the Hershey rally I met the guy from Front Row Joes I asked if he'd seen my video of him and he did and he loved it and invited me to travel with them from Minneapolis to Milwaukee
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16 Jul
1/ THREAD: Trump V Vance Jr. Re subpoena for Trump financials

'One question that I raised as to the 'hypothetical' that I posed relating to the determination of bad faith, do you have any more specific response to the contents of the hypothetical?'
'Uh, yes your honor I was furiously writing down as you were asking it, could your honor repeat or the broad framework again?'

'Describe the hypothetical again? 'Suppose the 'hypothetical' district attorney posses documentary --
3/ -- or testimonial evidence showing the entities or individuals associated with a 'hypothetical' incumbent president, engaged in SERIOUS criminal conduct or transactions, that potentially could implicate the hypothetical president. Further --
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31 May
I was filming that protests on New York today it was a beautiful day I walked miles. I came home but heard the helicopters overhead so I went back out city was on fire and it was so ugly it’s scary how it was like I lived in a different place I didn’t know any more.
1. knew the streets I’ve filmed a 1000 protests here. But tonight was different. Random. Violent. Cars burning. The cops lined up on 14th street with protesters taunting them “fuck the police” but they were more aggressive than I’ve ever seen
2. You have to be alert gauge where they will run. Situational awareness, think two steps ahead. I’ve never been in the middle of it like this when the cops just start running really fast it’s terrifying. I don’t remember them doing that at Occupy Wall Street
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12 Apr
1) This is a new kind of death. Swift, random, cruel. You die alone with a nurse angel and an iPhone. You cannot touch or hug. There is no funereal. It’s a new kind of mourning. A Zoom Shiva with 80 friends. Death is everywhere in New York City the constant sirens
2) It’s like the Hunger Games here. You stay at home for a week. You dodged a bullet. You have a slight cough or sore throat “is that it?” You go out and someone passes to close. You come home and have to start the clock over
3) I was talking to a photographer colleague today we were both shooting the refrigerated trucks outside the hospitals, if the motor is humming there are bodies inside. What happens if you stand to close to the exhaust? I’m a paranoid mess
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26 Mar
I was filming on 2nd ave a woman saw my press pass and wanted to be interviewed, she was wearing a mask and blue gloves she worked in a women's shelter and lived in one too I asked her what she thought of this "I think it's population control" she said without hesitation
I gave her my name, said to contact me when it got bad. She started sending me pictures. She was begging for help, she said #COVID19 is where she lives and the unsanitary conditions are terrifying. 'It's hell, I have to get out of here' they sleep 3 ft apart no distancing at all
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