Good morning. I am sharing the following information in a thread for the purpose of potentially saving many lives. It's about the CIA and how they have been wrongly blamed thus far in the narrative.
Today is October 17, 2020.

As of 11:59 PM last night, there were 17 days left until the election.

There is a Q-centered gathering this weekend in Arizona.

And certain material on the Nazis is eligible for declassification in 2020.
For all of these reasons I believe that we need to speak out and pray up loudly.

The only reason Q works is that people don't believe the media and they don't read the history that is already out there, not in code.

America's Nazi Secret: An Insider's History…
(I am not getting paid or compensated to promote that book or any book.)
John Loftus, the author, is a DOJ insider and Mike Wallace won an Emmy for reporting on this book, which was initially partly censored. The version I am reading was released after the ban was lifted and it has previously hidden information.…
Loftus says the same thing that other anons have said (do you remember "Navy Jack????) about how the Nazis were brought here and are the Muslim Brotherhood.
The new information is that the CIA can be thought of as two entities, one good and one bad, and it was the bad one which is responsible for the trouble.
Also new - it isn't Obama's fault per se, or Hillary's fault, but rather it is the Robber Barons' fault, and these leaders inherited and carried out their legacy.
Late 1800s: The Robber Barons bought Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.


- Holocaust

- Radical Islamic terror

- Communist Revolution in Russia
The unvarnished greed and moral corruption of America's leading families does not belong to a single political party. That said, "most of the Robber Barons were unabashedly Republicans."
To the best of my knowledge, releasable Federal government documents are public domain. Therefore I am going to share with you all the declassified pages of Loftus' letter to the CIA dated July 25, 1994. He has republished this lengthy typed letter in his book. Download.
Loftus letter pp. 1-4
I am being blocked from doing this efficiently. If I am knocked off Twitter please get the book.
Here are pages 5 and 6.
Here are pages 7 and 8.
Here are pages 9 and 10.
Here are pages 11 and 12.
Here are pages 13 and 14.
Here are pages 15 and 16.
Loftus was hired at Main Justice in 1977 and worked in the Office of Special Investigations (Nazi hunters) in 1979.…
Above article is dated 2005. It states that Loftus was: "researching cases in an underground vault in Maryland when he stumbled across classified documents that were not supposed to be opened until 2015."
"He thumbed through file after file that he thought proved U.S. and British intelligence agencies knew about the Holocaust when it was still in its early stages."
"Other documents verified that the U.S. State Department had helped the British hide former Nazi officers in America."
Loftus turns our focus to the corruption at the Department of Justice and the State Department, which birthed the bad CIA (the OPC).

The real CIA was about gathering intelligence. The bad CIA was about operations.

They were at war.
The result of the ever expanding and deadly OPC has been a coup, run through front men. They infiltrated the CIA and so we blame the CIA. They infiltrated Islam and so we blame Muslims. On and on and on. (These are screenshots from Q.)
We are in mortal danger.
Loftus explains that there are 3 levels to the power network.

Top level - metals, mining, money (most hidden)

Middle level - drugs, guns, oil - trafficking - watch the flow of the criminality (somewhat visible)

Top level - "magic" - Media and Movie narratives
2020 is a crucial year. There is information to be declassified. Once the Nazis are fully exposed, including the Arab Nazis known as the Muslim Brotherhood, their plan crumbles.
Iran is a central focus of this plot.
The NSA was used in this plot.
How do you think they spied on President Trump? The British ran it through Fort Meade because of a loophole in the law. We can't spy on our own, so the British do it.
That loophole didn't just appear, says Loftus. It was inserted by the Justice Department into the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978.
Let me pause here to say that Loftus states Congress was deceived.

Do you see a pattern? We've been blaming them, too.
All of us fighting against all of us is how this goes.

We blame and attack the President, the AG, Congress, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, on and on.

We are prevented from seeing the evidence which would reveal bad actors.

And so the dribs and drabs we get appear incoherent.
The CIA wrote an internal paper discussing Loftus and the "public relations crisis for the CIA" generated by his book. It's marked "secret" but has been declassified. (How would most people even know this?) You can find it here.…
Getting all the pages. This is 5-8.
These are an additional four pages, 9-12.
Last 2 pages.
The book explains how the Muslims were actually peaceful until the Arab Nazis were created by the Robber Barons - radicalized in Wahhabism and thrown into Saudi Arabia, which turned and kicked them out into Egypt.
The creation of Arab Nazis is a completely evil act. Look at the barbarism perpetrated in the name of Islam. Look at the discrimination Muslims face. Look at the internecine warfare in Islam between moderates and complete terrorists.
Arab terrorists were created out of whole cloth and used by British intelligence to try to stop the Jews from creating an independent state.
The Nazi with a radical-Islamic face became a hired band of thugs under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was imported to the USA and protected. They worked on college campuses. There was no discussion of Iran allowed. Guess why.
It's all a game - don't you see?

Don't you see that Iranians themselves have been completely destroyed by the Robber Barons?
Every other thing that is elemental to the conspiracy can be viewed as an outgrowth of the Robber Barons' original plotting.

Did you know they caused the Depression of 1929? Want to know how?
President Roosevelt - a Republican - tried to stop the robber barons with the Sherman Act, to break up their thug monopolies (legal organized crime against the American people)
But they got the Webb-Pomerene Act passed in 1918. The law gave them a loophole. They could make their monopolies - OVERSEAS.

Guess where American capital went?

How long before the Great Depression?
Allen Dulles - head of the CIA, traitor Nazi thug

John Foster Dulles, his brother - Secretary of State
JFK fired Allen Dulles.
What happened to JFK?

What did Allen Dulles do besides oversee MKULTRA?

1963: first Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of America: "Moslem (sic) Students Association"
Short hop skip and jump to "intervention" in Iraq and Iran, by these same operatives, working with the OPC, the bad CIA.
Where did the Nuremberg trials get stuck?

When they tried to follow the money back to the American Robber Barons who worked in league with the Nazis.
Why did the Justice Department have such a hard time doing anything about the Nazis that were brought here en masse?

100 out of 15,000????
These are the secrets the Robber Barons don't want you to know.

They don't care about the Jews.

Their token expressions of concern over antisemitism are intended as a distraction.
The child trafficking syndicate is another source of revenue, just like drugs and guns and oil. They take what they want and make stories up afterward.
Allen Dulles turned Henry Kissinger into a spy.

Henry Kissinger recruited spies at Harvard.

Obama went to Harvard.
All of these things are assertions made by an insider who has done the work. These facts are known to other insiders. The entire controversy about Q is intended to distract people from focusing on the facts.
Does it really matter if Q is real or not?

What does authenticity mean in this instance?

Can people not allow for the notion that "irregular warfare" (per @GenFlynn) in a coup requires such an effort?
The problem with General Flynn is only that he is too moral for the people he's taken on - for US.
Before the cabal's steep spike in suppressive maneuvers, John Loftus was widely quoted in the mainstream media.…
2015 - Obama era

"We were using Syrians to launder arms to Iran and then we shifted the blame onto Israel" (Host)

Loftus - "yes"

How much more antisemitic can you get?

Mr. Loftus can be reached through this speakers' bureau.…
This thread is dedicated to a friend whose grandfather was hunted by the Justice Department in an effort to deflect from their protection of the thousands of Nazis living here and working for the government.
For the press coverage of her relative, this friend was called a Nazi, deeply unfairly.
Please, let this nightmare stop now.
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19 Oct
Oh wait there is actually more.

1. No I am not a minion of the CIA.

2. No I do not solicit information from you Sarah. I don't have any of your messages even. I was always just glad to hear from you.

3. My tune has never changed. I was, am, and always will care.
I read your response to Juanita Broaddrick and responded. We have had years of discussion on Twitter. I consider you a teacher and still do.
I don't really know what else to say. I am not a journalist. Just someone who reads and writes and cares.
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Someone screenshotted this and sent it to me. Anyone can FOIA. After 3 years, a friend who I also wrote about broadcasted trouble. I did a wellness check, got a followup call, which I returned, spoke to Officer Russo.

The rest of this is an indication of a need for help. ImageImageImage
On a personal level, I am sad to be called the Synagogue of Satan and a fake friend. But I know this comes from the need for help. I will never be sorry for standing by Sarah and caring about her.
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This account is dedicated to attacking Q.
I recognize the writing style. It's the same as an account that used to follow and comment on my posts extensively, correctively and intelligently, but also exhaustively.

At the end I recall the account frighteningly accusing Repubs of hating Dems (or something like that).
Based on the writing style, I believe that the @AGentleSnail and @QOrigins accounts are the same.
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"In 1957, he joined a group called Tiho (silently, lit. - quietly) whose aim was to "fight for freedom, equality and the formation of a free Croatia based on democratic principles". It was at that time that the UDBA (Yugoslav secret police) began watching him."
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"Trust Wray." Image
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"Why was the arrest of Alwaleed and others important?
How is Alwaleed and BO tied to HUMA?
Why did Alwaleed finance BO pre-political days?
Why did Alwaleed finance BO pre-political days?
What is HUMA? Define."

Answer: Muslim Brotherhood.
The Muslim Brotherhood = the Arab version of the Nazis.
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