More smoke their blowing up your ass. There is no “investigation” into Joe Biden. You’d have to fire the DOJ and FBI and start over first.
I stand corrected: the FBI is investigating ....whether RUSSIA made Hunter Biden send those emails, accept money from China for his father. smoke crack while banging a hooker & tape it, leave it all on a laptop he abandoned at a repair shop because he was too high to remember:
* they’re
I guess this makes @RudyGiuliani a RUSHHHhAAAAN ASSET? What a f-kg joke the FBI is. Makes me sick to my stomach.

• • •

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15 Oct
10% equity stake in previously unknown Chinese venture to be “held by H[unter] FOR THE BIG GUY [VP Joe Biden]”. Holy crap.
Wow. “Disappearing” executives from Chinese firms Biden dealt with.
This is worse than the mob. And involves WAY more money. Biden and som sold access to VP Biden and — who knows what else — sold AMERICAN interests out to the Chinese Communist Party. THAT IS TREASON.
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14 Oct
Trump slams censorship of The Post in first comment on Hunter Biden exposé…
Twitter said Wednesday it prevented users from tweeting or direct-messaging a link to the article because it violated a ban on distributing hacked material.

BUT ...
The repairman legally accessed the content under an abandonment contract clause when Hunter Biden did not collect a damaged laptop within 90 days. He also turned over the laptop to the FBI.
Read 4 tweets
14 Oct
Hillary's smear writer mad the video of Biden smoking crack and banging a hooker and it's only coming out now. SURELY Hillary and Bill have had it all along since, you know, Rod Rosenstein had it, right? Apparently a leverage point against Biden and Giulliani took it away
"Other material extracted from the computer includes a raunchy, 12-minute video that appears to show Hunter smoking crack while engaged in a sex act with an unidentified woman, as well as numerous other sexually explicit images."…
Bwhahaha! Clowns at Reddit are removing any post about Hunter Biden's crack-fueled hooker escapades
Read 4 tweets
12 Oct
Folks I’ll say it again: WALK AWAY when accosted, surrounded and berated by brainwashed Democrat masses or Democrat AntiFA operatives. NEVER carry/pull a gun while under the influence. Even worse idea is putting yourself in a situation where you’re accosted while under influence.
If you live in a deep blue area you MUST read this thread to understand the tactics employed by Democrat AntiFA. If you don’t and aren’t aware of what they’re trying to do to you, you can go to jail:
In a nutshell, they attempt to trigger natural “fight or flight” response to get you to respond on emotion, WHILE ON CAMERA. They then claim a propaganda victory with you attacking a poor little unarmed peaceful protester and YOU go to jail, and are at the mercy of DEMOCRAT DA.
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11 Oct
Democrats are now assassinating Trump supporters who dare stand up for our Constitution and President. Another patriot was executed by the DNC last night in front of 100 police officers in cold blood. He will likely get off with a slap on the wrist. WAKE UP!! Arm yourself.
PS: Democrats want to defund the police. Imagine what they’ll do to you and your family without a functional police.
The fact you didn’t know this from watching any news media including Paul Ryan’s FOX NEWS (who only reports “a shooting as two sides clashed in Denver”) is probably the most frightening part. They’re assassinating Trump supporters and NOBODY has the balls to SAY THAT. God help us
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11 Oct
“F around and find out” shouts this DNC agitator — he painted the target and seconds later the assassin shoots him in the head
It’s a very interesting tactic. Agitators attempt to goad unsuspecting political enemies into an emotional response on camera to show overreach and create a narrative.
In this case, if the target HAD sprayed him with mace it would have been an assault charge since he was unarmed (special note of his flailing his empty arms around after yelling loudly to attract the cameras)
Read 10 tweets

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