Just 5? 6.
1-What's up @RudyGiuliani's Sleeve?
2-Whistleblower Doc sleeve shows the baddies R being "rolled up"
3- Bannon's photo BOMB =MOAB!
4-are CHARGES finally coming out of the WOODWORK?
5- a grand jury is now imPANELed?
6- the Truth is now CRYSTAL clear on the TABLE
7- it's all in Black and White, cuz the baddies crossed a RED line.
8- and the BARS of their prisons await because
9- nothing can be swept under the RUG
10- FIST and two CUFFS
= white hats #FightBack with oldfashioned FISTICUFFS!
11 and 12/
h/t @hcraig0062_h
a NOOSE and CHINESE getting walked all over...
13 and 14:

the FIFTH COLUMN of our Country's treasonous infiltrators has been cut down,

and TURN OUT THE LIGHTS, the cabal party's over.
15- may be the best...3 chairs = TRIbunal.
Background A: ok - some want more context:

These are the Chineses Whistleblowers, First...the Dr in the mirror is Li-Meng Yan, who is testifying about Chinese deliberate release of Coronavirus townhall.com/tipsheet/mattv…
Background B: the man in front with @RudyGiuliani is another whistleblower, informing of the Hunter Biden laptop drive contents, exposing the #BidenCrimeFamily. Here's the thread of all videos:
Background C: Steve Bannon, the photobomber, has been working with CHinese Patriots to inform the world of the CCP's nefarious intent and actions, AND to help FREE the Chinese people, also victims of their totalitarian government.

• • •

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More from @Bruno062418

19 Oct
1/Midnight Riders. A clear reference to Paul Revere’s famous ride, warning New England villagers of the Start of the American Revolution.

April 18/19, 1775.

Was last night, Oct 18/19, 2020 the MIRROR of that event?

EXACTLY 245 yrs 6 months later? 2+4+5+6 = 17 ImageImage
2/ last night Oct 18/19 was the exact 6 month MIRROR of April 18/19 .

We got the gunship video posted in the wee hours of the 19th.

“Buckle Up” is what you do when preparing a horse for a ride... ImageImage
3/ we had a hint last week. A LANTERN signal from @kayleighmcenany , Like Paul Revere looked for in the old north church before his midnight ride Image
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18 Oct
Remember Kanye's supposed "attack" on Harriet Tubman? saying she never really freed slaves...she just delivered them to "work for OTHER white people'?
2/ I'm gonna posit that @ye is a LEGIT "Harriet Tubman"...Kanye's FREEING blacks from the Democrat Voting Plantation!

3/ Kanye's name is printed on ballots for Pres in at least 11 states, incl:
Colorado, Minnesota, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Utah, Idaho, Iowa , Tennessee and Vermont.

The most interesting to watch will be swing states Colo, Minn and Iowa.
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18 Oct


The Hunter becomes the Hunted... where’s HUNTER?
Witness protection?? ImageImage
3/ there are 3 drops with the word “Submission”.
Could it be like the RED OCTOBER’s final SUB MISSION?

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16 Oct
1/ the #BidenCrimeFamily Corruption is being revealed....like peeling back an onion.

Chinese Whistleblower + @ChanelRion

HERE's the tape from the Whistleblower...explosive...
2/ the Chinese Whisteblower says the hard drive has it all--incl pa3dophilia and CP, and $$ corruption worldwide.
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15 Oct
1/ re Ukrainian Corruption scandal of Biden family

I LISTENED to the WHOLE press conference where the Ukrainian Prosecutors laid out the case and evidence for Biden family crimes of?

it STARTS with a deadly COUP 2014.
2/ Peaceful protestors in the streets, then mysterious sourced sniper fire kills over a hundred in the crowd.

the result: President Yanukovych is OUT and charged with TREASON.
an Obama/Biden - friendly Petro Poroshenko is IN.
3/ The Ukrainian Prosecutors lay out the case for the THEFT OF BILLIONS, BLACKMAIL, BRIBERY AND TREASON, committed by both top officials in Ukraine AND America.

Here's their opening 2 min. summary: Screen Shot and youtube:
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14 Oct
Hussein is throwing JB under the bus. For the supposed greatest communicator? Grammar errors: "as president, he" means JB, NOT BHO was "president". Also notice president is not capitalized. BHO is saying JB was "in charge" and should take the blame. Was = a PAST TENSE 'friend'
There's more. BHO is in front of an EVERGREEN, (think HRC) and sitting in Adirondack chairs. Adirondack is an area of NY (again ,HRC) and the Indian word literally means "TREE-EATER".
See that BHO is leaning BACK and JB is FORWARD. Front line battle.
She's toast. JB too.
also? Adirondack also is a word for DEER hunting Country.
Deer = Y head.
Y family

They're ALL toast.
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