Dear Centrists,

It’s come to my attention that some of you may not be aware of the events of the last few years. Some of you have called me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for pointing these things out to you.
You won’t know any of this if you’ve been getting your news from BBC/Guardian.

So I thought it might be worth explaining what’s actually been happening.
1: The smearing war.

There was never an ‘antisemitism crisis’ in the Labour party, what there was was a smearing war waged against leftists by the centre/right. Don't take my word for it, there’s clear evidence of bad faith, of leftists being targeted with false accusations.
Here’s an early one I got: you can see the words ‘archetypal Corbynite antisemite’. I was targeted *specifically* because I supported Corbyn. It’s also obviously and laughably false. That’s just one example out of thousands.

More recent examples include the Jewish Chronicle losing libel cases about false accusations they made against leftists. After a while, you’re really looking for an accusation that *isn’t* false, that *isn’t* made in bad faith, that *isn’t* a politically targeted smear.
A good expose of the whole shabby campaign is here, free download. Well worth your time.…
2: The sabotage.

This is plainly and comprehensively documented in the Labour Leaks report. There isn’t really any doubt or debate about it: the WhatsApp messages and so on are quoted verbatim, the accusations are backed by facts, the evidence is unarguable.
[Note: the report also repeats known falsehoods about Chris Williamson MP.]
Useful summary here (the document itself appears to be no longer available):…
So when people on the left talk about smearing and sabotage, you would do well to do some basic fact-checking before dismissing it as conspiracy theory. It’s simply what happened, unpalatable though that may be to you.
People on the left are not ‘infighting’: what we’re doing is defending ourselves against monstrous, false accusations, and demanding that the sabotage be called out, those responsible expelled. That isn’t ‘infighting’, that’s just seeking justice. No justice no peace, right?
We all want to beat the Tories, we all want that. But we also want justice and truth, and so should you. We’re not making this up. It’s real, it really happened. You should know about it.

• • •

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10 Oct
Dear Centrists,

I am in receipt of your urgent demands for ‘unity’. ‘We *must* come together!’ you cry. ‘All this infighting is only helping the Tories!’

Just some thoughts about that. 1
I won’t go back over the betrayals, the sabotage, the smearing war. If you don’t know the details, you damn well should by now. Suffice to say, the left were systematically delegitimised by you with such brutal efficiency that nothing much is left standing. 2
That leaves a legacy. Not just for the left, bruised and furious, but for the party. Polling shows the smearing war was so successful the party may never recover from it. You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off, remember? 3
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29 Aug
The smearing war against Corbyn and the left should have been a wake-up call. The UK electorate should have realised they were being conned by powerful interests into voting for Tories. 1
Instead, they swallowed every obvious, ridiculous lie, from #traingate to #prefacegate, seemingly without any difficulty. ‘The mural’ still comes up as ‘proof’ of something or other. 2
These are people who can easily be persuaded to believe anything, anything at all (except truth, obviously). They simply do not have the cognitive wherewithal to query it. They don’t know how to. 3
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1 Aug
A group of centrist and right-wing MPs and journalists conspire together to smear ‘the left’ and Jeremy Corbyn as antisemitic.
The conspiracy is successful. A democratically elected Labour MP, Chris Williamson, is suspended and can’t fight his seat as an MP. Many Labour activists and members are smeared; some are suspended, some expelled, some leave of their own accord.
Libel suits are brought and people are ruined, lose their jobs, their careers. Their lives are turned upside down. The Labour party itself is smeared, and loses two elections partly as a result of it, leading directly to the calamity of the Johnson/Cummings administration.
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