Common practice in these operations is to load the bait files with plenty of genuine hacked/stolen documents, photos, etc., then salt them with some forgeries. This was the technique, for example, in Russia's election-eve onslaught against Macron: /1…
This technique puts the target in a position where they cannot deny the genuineness of some of the materials (which might be proved by other means) but also must not seem to be conceding the genuineness of all the materials (which would tend to validate the salted forgeries). /2
All things to keep in mind when someone demands to know why Biden hasn't declared the emails illegitimate. The method of the operation might be to place him in just such a position. /3, efn
Interestingly, Wikileaks was involved in disseminating the French disruption attempt, which campaign team members of Macron's organization said they also complicated by inserting fake accounts and contents intended to slow the hackers down. /4…

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2 Oct
Direct Action/left-anarchist instigation of the riots, looting, and attacks on police has been hiding in plain sight all along -- amid high-follower social media accounts, for example. This belated @nytimes report may open the eyes of some deniers.… Image
I wish I could say this @nytimes account was a blockbuster, but anyone who's followed the long string of violent direct action and black bloc incidents (WTO in Seattle, G-7, Inauguration in D.C., etc.) already knows the basics. /2
That's especially true in cities like Portland/Seattle. And yet those who report on these cities' disorders for the national press do such a poor job of spelling out who exactly is doing the nightly violence, what they want, how they coordinate, and so forth. /3
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30 Sep
Just listened to this unusually good + relatively short (12:07) @CatoPodcast on #SCOTUSnominee Amy Coney Barrett's judicial record with @andrewmgrossman and @cobrown. You should listen too! Highlights: /1… #CatoSCOTUS
Andrew points out some often overlooked patterns -- for example, that Judge Barrett is unusual among her colleagues in how hard she works to hold the government to the law and the evidence in Social Security cases, a kind of dispute significant mostly to the family in court. /2
He also points out that Barrett unlike most Justices lacks Executive Branch experience, a notional drawback in some ways (less familiar with how things are done in agencies) but a big plus, especially to freedom lovers, in others (doesn't habitually "think like the gov't"). /3
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27 Sep
It’s going to be fun seeing the same Trump people who cheered on Wikileaks’s staged release of the hacked DNC docs get all concerned about whether the Trump tax docs might have reached the @nytimes through irregular channels.
The same people telling you it’s no problem this man lives rich without paying taxes are going to go back tomorrow to calling themselves populists. That’s the biggest joke of all.
It's not unfair at all to hold populists who run for offices of great power as tribunes of the little guy to a more exacting standard than we'd hold strictly private citizens. If you claim to represent the public will, maybe some responsibilities come with that.
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15 Sep
Here's something infuriating: even after nearly 1,500 local businesses were damaged or destroyed in rioting, Minneapolis still won't let business owners install pull-down security shutters. I've got a new post at @CatoInstitute taking a closer look. /1…
A Minneapolis liquor store owner who'd lost $1 million in inventory to looters was eager to rebuild -- but found the city forbade him to toughen his premises with the shutters. His windows alone cost $50,000 to replace. /2
All of which (I write) reminds me of the appalling Philadelphis ordinance in 2017 telling owners of many corner stores they couldn't use see-through acrylic partitions to protect themselves from robbers. Doing so might stigmatize the neighborhood and so forth. /3
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10 Sep
In my new WSJ piece (paywalled for most) I offer character and the Constitution as the two main reasons I will not vote for Donald Trump… /1
I recall the “character counts” conservatives of not so long ago, who went back past the Federalist Papers to the ancients to ground statesmanship in civitas and virtue. They thought hard about the dangers presented to the republic by the demagogue and man on horseback. /2
And I dispute the “Flight 93 election” theory, in which "every four years we face a last-chance, bet-the-country abyss. I don’t buy it. Our country has a system of rotation in office. The other party gets its turn, and the country survives." /3
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6 Sep
Recommended: this new @CatoInstitute paper from @ishapiro and @jamestknightii on how to combine vote-by-mail with strong ballot integrity during this year's #COVID19 pandemic /1…
"States that are adopting or expecting widespread voting by mail this year for the first time... would do well to learn from states with experience. All five states with primarily mail‐​in voting systems require signature verification for submitted ballots." /2
States that have moved entirely to vote‐​by‐​mail have some of the lowest rates of voter fraud, but among the reasons for that success are diligent efforts at voter roll maintenance and correction, efforts not currently in place in all states. /3
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