If Trump wins and is able to do the civil service purge he now knows is necessary, this election would be a genuine regime change moment
Since the end of World War II the [r]epublican faction has more or less been shut out of power in America. Eisenhower was put forward in part to make sure we didn’t go back to being a normal country
Watergate was a successful coup against a president who had gotten off-side, and the Republican who came after him, Reagan, was wholly owned by the deep state, succeeded by a former CIA director
This is why, while the whole Never Trump line has been that for conservatives to have any integrity they have to denounce him, I find myself thinking the opposite: supporting Trump is sort of the only honest choice if you dislike war and the deep state
And I get how strange that sounds to some people, Trump’s record is far from perfect, but if you have a choice between keeping that door open to pushing in the direction of restraint, or slamming it shut in a Biden presidency, one should pick the open door.

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5 Jun
NY Mag won’t run Andrew Sullivan’s column, the New York Times can’t run a sitting senator without a woke freakout, the Lancet published a fake study about HCQ, and public health officials have now supported protesting during a pandemic spectator.us/andrew-sulliva…
You could add other things, the self-licking Russiagate ice cream cone, prestige journalism as IC press bureau, or the fact that no American journalist has published anything on the trail of Jeffrey Epstein’s intelligence connections. The US information space is very badly broken
It makes you wonder if there are other things they’re misleading people about
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15 Mar
The Duncan Lemp situation, an apparent murder by police, is extremely disturbing, the SWAT team entered on a firearms warrant but allegedly none were recovered, he was shot anyway. He appeared to be working on communications tools for anti-government dissidents.
He did seem like an anti-gov guy, but there’s no evidence he was hateful or a white nationalist. He used the word “boogaloo” which was recently flagged by NGOs and whatnot as a flag for extremists. His last tweet was criticizing a Trump executive order backed by the ADL.
Montgomery County police are probably not doing a great deal of extemist monitoring on their own, which raises the question of whether federal authorities or NGOs flagged him for them
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3 Mar
Solution: don’t publish misleading or false headlines
I love this, we had a two year freak out over misinformation online, *one single* right-leaning site is included in Facebook’s fact-checking partners, and they can’t handle it. They’re only concerned about misinformation that hurts them, which should have been obvious.
There’s also a lot less grey area for us, which only grants Trues and Falses, than other fact checkers that have a three or five-tiered system. “Mostly trues” have been used to grudgingly concede that right-wingers have a point for a long time. We don’t do that.
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14 Feb
Story I didn’t know: apparently @RealJamesWoods noticed two of the 9/11 hijackers on a commercial flight scoping things out
The rest of the page is pretty interesting too: skittishness about being seen to be racially profiling caused the investigation to be shut down
More Americans should probably know about how badly the FBI botched the investigation into the 9/11 hijackers
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10 Dec 19
I was walking into work this morning and spotted Hepzibah Nanna, leader of #TeamAvocado cult, and asked her if she plans to face the charges against her in Newfoundland. To be honest, it's a little disconcerting to see a cult leader a block from my office voca.ro/oax154f7sX4
Read my reporting on the group, whose beliefs are basically the Q-Anon + the resistance, here dailycaller.com/2019/07/12/beh…
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13 Oct 19
I've always thought this was a doth-protest-too-much situation from McCloskey and Bailey must have been on to something firstthings.com/article/2019/1…
The same libertarians who didn't speak up about what McCloskey tried to do to Bailey think it's punching down to review the memoir of a person occupying a distinguished professorship who's been given every possible award in the libertarian universe.
the real horseshoe theory is antifa "future dead cops" guy defending the bourgeois virtues author from being misgendered
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