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10 Oct
If the Vatican hides religious history from you, then ask yourself why. 32 missing books of the bible including Jasher, the book of Mary,the book of Enoch, the book of Baal, and the missing books of Jesus as a man. Isn't it odd that the Vatican...
chose to silence books of our savior from infant to grown man? What happened in between? What is in the book of Mary? Is it really that hard to think JC had descendants? If so, why hide it?
Society only hides things for a reason, advantage...
So what would be the advantage?
History, like religion is not built upon lies, but only the truths [they] want you to see, therefore, the only reason to hide is for gain. But what they gain is the key! Remember, since the beginning of civilization..
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10 Oct
Since before 1776, this country has been infiltrated as we (you) left to come here and start a new life away from the European banking cartel, those who sought out that agenda has followed us every step of the way. Rather through Freemasons such founding ...
father's who are portrayed as Patriots, or through former presidents who all belong to the elite bloodlines families, or such figures as Adam Weishaupt, Albert Pike or Jacob Schiff. The existence of this country has always been at war against the elite...
bloodline families who seek to rule over you. We have never TRULY been free, only the perception of liberation as though the programming wanted you to perceive. Though we are more free than other nations, we have always been ruled by the elite. In 1912...
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29 Sep
What is Q

Q is a plan that originated in its beginning in 1963. Knowing the several thousand year old Cabal/illuminati/Deep State was at the peak to completing agenda 2030 (NWO) which would have destroyed the constitution, leaving us in a communist state...
With no rights or freedom of speech, for anyone who stepped out of line would be disciplined or re-educated. One leader, one world government. As there will be no middle class, it'll be a select few elite get vastly wealthy off the slave labor of...
99% of the rest of us. Re-education would be put upon the public stripping us of free thinking through indoctrination. On 11/22/63 was the breaking point for the white hats knowing the vast power of the enemy was almost beyond defeat. The assasination of JFK
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