Germany k!lled 6 million Jews during the Holocaust.

Belgium under Leopold II k!lled more than 10 million people in Congo within a span of 23 years from 1885 to 1908.

UK k!lled and exploited thousands in its former colonies.

French k!lled 30000 Muslims during

the Setif & Guelma massacres in Algeria.

During the Paris massacre of 1961, 1000+ Muslims of Algerian origin were k!lled on the orders of French authorities.

10000 Bosnian Muslims were butchered in the Srebenica genocide of 1995.

Millions of Muslims were k!lled during the

US led invasion of Iraq which started in 2003 and lasted for 8 years.

During World war II, US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki k!lling 200000 Japanese people.

But these crimes aren't labelled as t3rrorist acts, instead the term t3rrorist/t3rrorism is reserved 4 Muslims only. Why this double standard?

Plus, it's noteworthy that of all the crimes mentioned above, only three cases are there in which the perpetrator of the crime have

admitted being guilty to at least some extent. Those 3 cases are Holocaust, Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings by US and Congolese colonization by Belgium.

This is because either the victim in those 3 cases have recovered from their victimised past and have a significant

political, social and economical clout in today's world like in the cases of Jews/Israel and Japan or they have forgotten the past and accepted the new normal like the Congolese vis a vis Belgium who have used Congolese immigration from 'poor' Congo to 'first world' Belgium

to soothe their nerves and apply balm to the Congolese people's pain arising due to years of brutal colonization by Belgium.

But in case of Muslims, neither we have resurrected from our recent traumatic past to have sufficient clout in world politics, society and economics

like the Jews or the Japanese do nor do we Muslims possess the 'forget' or 'give up' type DNA like the Congolese.

The day Muslims reclaim back their respect in the world politically, socially and economically, Muslims will no longer be labelled t3rrorists.

In fact, we might even get apologies from the real t3rrorists for the crimes and genocides perpetrated by them on Muslims for all these years.

So, if we don't wish to be labelled as t3rrorists and want the 'real t3rrorists' to be exposed, we need to improve our conditions

politically, economically & socially so that we are in a position to look into the eyes of the rest of the world and negotiate on equal terms & not as an oppressed and easy to exploit victims.

TLDR: If we are not AT the table, we will be ON the table.


• • •

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24 October, 1989, Bhagalpur riots, Bihar-

👉The riots started on 24 October 1989 spanning over 2 months affecting Bhagalpur city and 250 villages around it. Over 1,000 people were killed, and another 50,000 were displaced as a result of the violence.

👉Cause for Riots: Ram JanamBhoomi agitation members were carrying out processions across Bhagalpur which aimed at collecting bricks for construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya. One such procession passing through Fatehpur village provoked brickbatting & arson on 22 October.

- Rumors about killing of Hindu students had started circulating: one rumor stated that 200 Hindu university students had been killed by the Muslims, while another rumor stated that 31 Hindu boys had been murdered with their bodies dumped in a well at the Sanskrit College.

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Indian liberals/feminists/atheists etc. are apes who just copy what the 'utopian' West does. Tomorrow if conservatism or Masculism becomes trendy in the West, most of these Indian clout merchants will dump their liberalism and feminism & start advocating conservatism/masculism.
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Khan then decided to form an organization with like-minded freedom fighters & formed "Hindustan Republican Association"......
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BHAGALPUR RIOTS- 24 October, 1989

One of the biggest violence to have gripped the state of Bihar which is soon going to Vidhan Sabha elections was the anti muslim riots, or rather pogrom in the silk city of Bhagalpur in October 1989.

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Satyendra Narayana Sinha was the Chief Minister of Bihar from Congress party with Rajiv Gandhi of Congress as PM at the centre.

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It is said that in the Bhagalpur riots, 2 castes who had caused the most rioting against Muslims were "Yadavs and Gangotas " & more than 90% of those killed in the riots which spanned over 2 months were Muslims.

Estimates- 1000 killed, 50000 displaced.

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