The 80/20 Duration & Bitcoin Portfolio Core

A rational approach to preparing for X-flation.
As you’re aware, there’s a raging debate on whether inflation or deflation comes next.

Time will tell but in the interim, some thoughts on preparing for both. Note that I’m not licensed and y’all should do your own research - this is just how I’m approaching the problem.
While I’m personally in camp deflation, I also want to be prepared to be wrong. The ideal expression of this would be 1) simple, and 2) composed of assets I believe have merit in multiple possible futures.

Let’s start with bonds.
Here we’re talking only UST bonds, and only the long end of the curve (20+ year USTs or strips, something like that).

The (strict) default risk here is essentially non-existent, meaning the risk is rising yields which, is covered by BTC.
Let’s talk upside: at the long end of the curve, if yields go to 0.5% or whatever you could see something like a 20% rise in strike from here. Possibly even more if the current extreme positioning takes us to negative rates.

Helps that the Fed is buying, of course.
For the Bitcoin side, let’s note that there’s essentially no default risk here either (nice in these times), and use a vanilla Stock to Flow calculus to think about upside potential - say, something like 8x from here.

Next a bit of scenario planning…
Imagine we hit a super inflationary phase and bonds just get pounded. Imagine they get hit so hard that they literally go to zero.

In that scenario it seems reasonable to imagine S2F bitcoin plays out, you go 8x on it, and your portfolio is up 60% net.
Now let’s imagine super deflation. BTC becomes a total nightmare, lots of forced sellers, and it goes to zero.

In this case, your 80% duration allocation will be doing quite nicely and up at least that 20%, putting you even (technically down 4% but you’re getting yield, so)
While loading up on duration looks nuts to some, and loading up on BTC looks nuts to others, pairing the two seems quite interesting.

Note that in scenarios above, it’s unlikely either side goes to zero but even if it does - the portfolio can handle it!
There is an argument to be made that this is not a ‘buy and hold’ style portfolio (extreme positioning in bonds & S2F cycle will incentivize timing the exit), but if you’re willing to pay attention, I believe it to be a good “default core portfolio” heading into the narrows.
Additionally, this can be expressed with highly liquid and accessible instruments like TLT, ZROZ, GBTC and etc. which makes it pretty approachable from a mechanical perspective.

It also means that if you do want to time or rebalance a bit along the way, you’ve got liquidity.
Have been using this as a core pairing since the blowup earlier this year, and so far it's done relatively well.

Certainly not without risk, but in terms of allocating against X-flation extremes, it seems quite good.


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