Uttarakhand wasn't even a state until 20 years ago genius. It has the highest per capita income in all of North India save Delhi and Haryana (both of which are artifically propped up due to resources being sucked into NCR). HP has the second highest per capita income in North
India save Delhi & Haryana. This is despite both these states having some of the most difficult and inhospitable terrain in the world, where it's difficult to grow crops, difficult to set up industries, difficult to build transport networks, difficult to do almost anything to
make money. Coastal states like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat were some of the first to be colonised, and thus have a head start in modern education and institutions; they are also naturally connected to the global sea trade networks. Comparing a landlocked, mountainous state
like Himachal Pradesh with a coastal hub like Tamil Nadu and asking, "drr hrrr why no mega-city like muh chennai in Himachal Pradesh" is just really daft and juvenile.

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16 Oct
In 1996, the Californian Constitution was amended by a ballot proposition (proposition 209), which disallowed the Californian government from discriminating on the basis of sex, race and ethnicity in matters of public employment, govt contracts, etc, basically barring them from
instituting hard quotas like we have in India (caste-based reservation). Now, there's a new proposition (Proposition 16) which on which California voters will cast their ballots deciding whether to do away with Proposition 209 or not. If Proposition 16 passes, then California's
government will also likely introduce hard racial and gender quotas in schools, colleges, govt jobs, etc. This will disproportionately affect Asian Americans since they are the ones who are generally most overrepresented, especially in higher education. Since Indians are also
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2 Oct
Does Politics flow from Culture, or does Culture flow from Politics? Ah, the age-old question, but a question we have for far too long framed as an Either-Or type problem. The truth is, that both those assertions are true: Politics has a huge impact on how religious people are,
whether they believe in their traditions or not, whether they hold any attachment to their tribe or not, but what is also true is that a population holding steadfastly to its cultural values can project those values very strongly into the realm of politics; religious grants
can be obtained, temples can be freed, new rights and concessions can be taken, etc. So there is a need for Hindu Nationalists to work on both these fronts. What the traditionalist sphere here on Twitter in particular has achieved is that it has clearly zeroed in on its goal to
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2 Oct
Why secular liberalism is even worse than Islamic rule: We all know how literally millions of Hindus were butchered by numerous Islamic invasions, about the destruction of thousands of temples, and the forced subjugation of our people. But seldom do we think about the damage that
is being caused by a particularly perverse form of Secular liberalism practised by the Indian State. Even though the Mughals did a lot of damage, they were not able to strike at the very heart of the Hindu social fabric. Traditional gender roles, clearly delineated relationships
between different Jatis, religious ethics and practises all continued were largely able to go on with a strong continuity. So there remained the foundation of which a Civilisational revival could be created. Fast forward to the 20th century, we saw India adopt a Constitution
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2 Oct
Only 3.5% of the workforce in India works in the Public sector, this includes all employees of Public sector companies, central government, state governments, public universities, etc. Now, why is this number so important? Because this means that even if there was a 100% quota
for so called 'backward castes' in all public sector jobs, it would barely cause a dent in the poor socio-economic indicators of these groups. That's why the Leftists and Dalit radicals will never stop at reservation in government jobs: even when all government jobs are covered
by caste based quotas, they will still say "But look, there are some many millions of poor Bahujans who don't have good jobs! This has to be because of Brahmanical Patriarchy!". They will inevitably come for private sector jobs, and one party or the other, whether from the
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1 Oct
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Every single Savarna family should have one foot outside India. In states like Chhattisgarh, reservation has already crossed 80%, so people who have been thinking that there is some inviolable 50% cap need to have a serious rethink. Some
political parties have already suggested imposing a wealth tax just on Upper Caste Hindus, while others have called for extending reservations into the private sector. There have also been calls to extend reservations into the Army, and threats to wipe out Brahmins from India. No
political party has batted an eyelid at these absurd and dangerous demands, including the BJP, which has been a mute spectator at best to the entrenched discriminatory policies against upper castes. Laws are also tilted against Upper Castes; just on the basis of a claim made by
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1 Oct
The Army is a really underrated institution when people on this part of Twitter talk about getting inside the system and fighting it from within. The selection process is largely merit based (no reservation in officer ranks), the job provides you a great way to build solid
leadership skills, personal reputation (very strong point in North India) and a decent salary. What's more, considering our rising geopolitical challenges and the public's interest in military matters, it cannot be ruled out that the armed forces in the future may be a much more
serious contender among all the different institutions to effect change in the establishment. If you are well placed in the inside during that time, then you may be able to take advantage of that as well. Savarnas particularly should take more keen interest in the Army because it
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