Jane Harris was banned from Twitter.

1. Her narrative is that she was banned for questioning "gender woo woo."

2&3 The truth is that she was banned after replying to polite tweets using terms like "fucktard" and "dickhead."

She was abusive, and is now claiming to be a victim.
On Twitter you can usually make your point as forcefully as you wish, but once you stray into abusing the person you are responding to you run the risk of suspension, but gender critical people have to come up with wild conspiracy theories to explain when they get banned.
This is clearly incorrect, as GL had the "wrong" opinion on Twitter for years, was often abusive, and he was rarely suspended.

They were incredibly tolerant of him.

His eventual ban came about after he started quote-tweeting trans people and orgs calling them "groomers."
There is an argument, however, that Twitter does treat women more harshly, and GL, himself, ironically, is a case in point. I'm sure that he could have tweeted what Jane tweeted and got away with it.

Anecdotally, they do seem to suspend GC women more readily than GC men.
Perhaps there is an internalised misogyny where people making the decision to ban people view words like "fucktard" as more abusive coming from women than coming from men? It's hard to know without a study into it.
What we do know is that the narrative that Harris was suspended for just expressing her opinion isn't true.

Twitter have said before that they don't just look at the reported tweet in isolation when deciding to ban, and it's clear that there is a pattern of abuse there.

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1 Oct
Once again @KathViner, any article in The @guardian that claims that "gender critical feminist" isn't anti-trans, and fails to deal with GC feminism's utter devotion to Magdalen Berns - as @SusannaRustin fails to do in her article - should not be considered for publication. ImageImageImage
I cannot imagine in 2020, any other scenario where the @guardian would publish an article defending a movement against accusations of bigotry that was allowed to breeze by that movement's devotion to a person who described a minority in such derogatory terms.
If you had someone trying to defend a movement that said it was "for traditional marriage" and wasn't "anti-gay" but they endorsed a person who called gay people "pathetic, sick fucks" would your editorial standards really allow an article that ignored that?
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29 Sep
After Graham Linehan claimed that trans rights was a "men's rights movement," I did a collage where 2500 women submitted a pic in support of trans rights.

This was the response of the "gender-critical" movement, including Graham. Tell me again who has an issue with online abuse? ImageImage
Imagine putting your name to a letter against online abuse, knowing that this man was signing it with you?

Isn't that just a tad hypocritical? ImageImageImage
Magdalen Berns (deceased) is the acclaimed "Shero" of the gender critical movement, and has been praised by JKR.

MB tweeted like this.

Julie Bindel, who also signed the letter against online abuse, is seen here revelling in some of the abuse Magdalen dolled out. ImageImage
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16 Sep
Jesus H Christ, transphobia pickles your wits.

Today on Youtube, I saw that Glinner was Live (thanks algorithm), and wondering if he had mellowed since his ban, I clicked on the link just in time to hear him advocating imprisoning Ruth Hunt (Ex-CEO, Stonewall) for a month. 1/6
This was all part of a fantasy forgiveness process, which he actually compared to the Apartheid Truth And Reconciliation Commission, where his former mates could come and apologise to him. Ruth, however, would have to be jailed for her "crimes against lesbians and gay men." 2/6
I was laughing, but he wasn't joking.

He called this proposal "reasonable."

Thankfully, Helen Stanisland, another "gender-critical," was there to speak sense. She didn't want to see Ruth in jail, of course, only fascists fantasize about jailing their political enem.. 3/6
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15 Sep
Here, @Twitter plays into the transphobic narrative by calling people who criticise JK Rowling's book and opinions "activists." There are literally thousands of trans people on Twitter criticising her, which Twitter would be well aware of, so why not write the headline that way? Image
Because calling people who criticise transphobia "activists" is a way to paint criticising transphobia as an extreme position.

"Transgender people call JK Rowling transphobic" is far more damning, and has the advantage of being THE TRUTH. So, write the headline that way!
But it's long been the way that people who are transphobic or homophobic or misogynistic or racist will try to paint those who criticise them as fringe lunatics, and that theirs is the sensible position, actually, held by sensible people, when that is never the case.
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13 Sep
JK Rowling and Graham Linehan promote Magdalen Berns' brand of feminism, which is a feminism that sneers at trans women and calls them "sick fucks" and "blackface actors."

Calling women "sick fucks" and "blackface actors" is pure misogyny.
Berns spoke in the language of hate, and TERFs revelled in that fact that she said the quiet part out loud for them, called her a "Shero," but when questioned about Berns' nakedly transphobic statements would say "Well, I'm not responsible for everything she said."

When Berns died, Julie Bindel asked her followers for a favourite quote by Berns.

"Fuck off you wanker," which Berns spit at a trans woman from the safety of a Youtube video, was their favourite quote.

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10 Sep
I thought the woman who said she cried herself to sleep because a Dictionary changed to a trans-inclusive definition of "woman" was bad, but I just saw a woman say she was opting out of cervical checks until the health service guaranteed she would never be seen by a trans woman.
This is what happens when a stream of hatred is poured into these people's ears every day. They're being told that trans-inclusion is a huge danger and is "the greatest fight for women's rights in a generation" when, of course, that is obvious nonsense meant to rile them up.
The leaders of these anti-trans movements have to keep people furious, because furious people are less likely to step back and think. "Crying myself to sleep, putting myself at greater risk of cancer over trans-inclusion? Is that really an emotionally healthy response?"
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