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Plasma apocalypse and the dome

Adventure time - Distant lands
The 2020 adventure time series
BMO the little robot gameboy
Who crash lands on a space station

The drift 'space station'
Made up of separate Pods each section covered by a protective dome
The dome symbolism is familiar sight to all 'truth in movies' conspiracy researchers and decoders

Countless examples
The dome has a physical ice layer

Byproduct of arcing plasma is water
the waters above

The water above freezes when it makes contact with the internal electromagnetic field

Confinement dome within the larger
electromagnetic field

(The primer fields-Double torus)
In each pod BMO visits he encounters different events on the time line during and after the plasma apocalypse
The field/shield deactivates during the pole shift~magnetic reversal

The physical dome breaks
A hole in the sky

Sucked up/out!
The symbolism we see in movies is beyond just the "flat earth dome" another common theme is the rapture or getting sucked up into a black hole or portal

One pod is occupied by
Purple octopus creatures

Plasma tentacle symbolism
You often see the
tentacles/lightning breaking through the dome or coming from a
Black hole/vortex in the sky
Or represented as alien creatures from another dimension
Crossing over into our realm through portals

Cthulhu~The Mist
Then another "gravity outage"

The dome firmament breaks open
The waters/plasma above
If it's water above us and the physical dome breaks

The water would come down and in
Flooding the whole world

Like the many great flood myths
Or is it symbolic for plasma above that flows down into our world?
Hey Jaydreamerz
"Space whales".......again
Along with plasma tentacles 
Comes the "rider's on the storm"....

The fallen entities-angels/aliens
and creatures,the great mythical beasts of old legends and
fantasy-sci fi movies
The hole in the dome/rift in the sky
A portal gateway to other world's or realms above and beyond the confinement dome

The portal to "space"
Space whales are popular in
Fantasy art and in many movies and TV shows

Because space is like an ocean
It's just a trope you say....

Gravity falls,treasure planet
Star trek discovery,No man's sky
Could these "whales" be macroscopic-giant creatures similar to the macroscopic versions we know

Avengers leviathan~Tardigrade
Tardigrade also known as water bear microscopic creature that apparently can survive in space and
"On the moon"
I think there's a link between
Space/time travel and the

As seen in movies like Avengers and
Antmans quantum realm

One of the races in the show are the Elves
The show gives an explanation of how the elves came to be-humans that traveled into space,met grey aliens who turned them into
Hybrid grey-human Elves

I don't think that's what they really are
The Elves from myth,legend,fantasy and sci-fi

The fallen aliens/angels
Interdimensional beings

The pale skinned often white haired

The EL
Light and dark Elves
Seen in many movies and TV shows
Does not make it "fiction" quite the opposite

Thor the dark world,Hellboy 2
Avengers,Warcraft,Lord of the rings
These beings come into this world
only when the door is opened
only during the plasma event when the barrier between world is deactivated

They are both "fallen" from the sky

and interdimensional or fractalverse
above beyond the dome in 'space'

"Fallen angels" and "aliens"
Thanos-purple plasma apocalypse
and the Elves that come with it

Thanos's children/minions
Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive
Checkout Jaydreamerz for all the info on the plasma apocalypse

Space whales and other great beasts of old

The secret of the Elves…

BMO's companion Y5 the white rabbit

Plasma apocalypse is the bottom of the rabbit hole and THE rabbit hole is the hole
In the sky
I'm NOT a Q follower but
Look at the symbolism here

A flaming Q looking like a black hole
And solar-rona

The white rabbit coming through the
Portal into this world

The vines,trees and alien like jungles in the purple dawn Avatar world
The purple dawn theory is legends of a past Plasma apocalypse

The atmospheric conditions
Caused plant life to thrive and grow to enormous sizes
BMO encounters the living vines
And mythic cratutes
think they're showing what's to come .......As always

Return of the giant trees and "fairy tale" forests along with more mythic creatures
Look out for the scrapyard junk world scenes too,the wrecked cities after the cataclysm and the debris that falls back down to the ground when 'gravity' is restored

The survivors of the cataclysm will
Scavenge and the scrap and ruined remains for materials and technology

It transpires the boss of the rift Hugo the elf has not been trying to save the malfunctioning pods but accelerating their decline
building the unity pod claimed to be
Tech to help the rift but it's a secret craft to escape before the collapse of all the domes
That's what NASA are doing and have been doing,since operation fishbowl and Dominic,the testing of the domes edge and height

Getting ready for an escape attempt

.The survivors

The remaining population (survivors)
Decide to band together and rebuild
The reset,cataclysm and storm is 100%

Some of the other theories and speculations with the plasma apocalypse  seem a little unbelievable
But shown in the movies/TV/lyrics
Over and over

Beyond intentional programming
There's only one story
And the truth manifests itself through art and fiction

You literally can't make it up
The truth will come out in the end

One day we will all loo to the sky
And know the truth

(END of thread)

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3 Oct
Plasma apocalypse


Who knows how bad the cataclysm
Side of this event will be?

I don't know tbh and can't guarantee

Other than
There is a storm coming!

So,some basic things to think about
Concerning "surviving the EMPCOE"
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22 Sep

Foo fighters

Lyrics-music video (Decoded)

(Thread) Image
Foo Fighters:
The sky is a neighborhood

Album:Concrete and gold

Official video
"The sky is a neighborhood
So keep it down
Heart is a storybook
A star burned out"
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11 Sep
Laser light lyrics
Look it up
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6 Sep
Fall guys
The fallen,as in fall into the illusion and limitation of the 'matrix'
Where your born in sin - sine wave
In a 666 carbon torso and dual-ing torus
The Symbolic
Tree of good and evil-dulaity
and apple-torus
.The matrix of duality that is the temporary reality in purgatory
This is the proving grounds
Purge in the torus
To "purge"
The negative/dark within that manifests
In the outside world
.The game is triggering and the levels are fun but fustrating
Drawing all the e-motion the explosions of rage when a player grabs and pushes you,and the highs and laughs of daring dives for the line
Accelerating the purging process

It's an energy extraction and projection matix
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3 Sep
It's just a color
A color out of space.....

It's just a game
A game that's been trying to show you something Image
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26 Aug
You think this is weather warfare
I'm not buying that

Chemtrails,geoengineering etc
Brought 2 u by
x insiders,whistle blowers
Aka government shills

They have always controlled
/influenced the weather

This is not just weather control

It's the preliminary stages
of the reset
They do not control
The plasma outside the dome
The cycle of the sun

They do not control the
of the luminaries/planets

It can only happen on the w solstice,not anytime they feel like turning haarp on

They do not control the reversal of
The current of the magnetic fields

They only copy the pre-existing
Meachanisms and forces of nature

You can call it the hand of God
Or the demiurge creaTOR

Like saying chemtrails cause
The biblical apocalypse

Biblical apocalypse is the plasma event
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