Watch closely. No matter how much Ice Cube refers 2 his specific concern with DESCENDANTS OF AMERICAN SLAVERY, Cuomo keeps using the umbrella term PEOPLE OF COLOR. Beyond Cuomo suffering from the usual white liberal inability 2 see beyond-


the Democrat-Republican ruse, he also cant see outside of the unnuanced grouping of all human beings w/melanin coated skin n2 the category PEOPLE OF COLOR. Hear me. They are speaking different languages. We as descendants of American slavery must reject this convoluting-

of all melanated groups into 1. We have a SPECIFIC JUSTICE CLAIM AGAINST A SPECIFIC PERPETRATOR. White people in general and white Americans specifically or "the people suffering from the idea that they are white" (in James Baldwin's words) benefit from convoluting all-

the people they have fucked up into 1 group. Hell No. Haitian's justice claim is against the French, NOT America & if the French ever decided to hand out reparations to Haitians, no American black would be entitled 2 a single dime. Likewise for other Caribbean nations &

the Brits. Same 4 all European nations & the colonization of S.America, Africa or India. Remember specific victims must be matched 2 specific perpetrators. No convolution. Watch closely as the American reparations march gets louder how many groups try 2 steal our birthright

It's already happening w/affirmative action w/corporate hiring & university admissions where black immigrants are routinely replacing black Americans. Or what about Hollywood where many black American heroes are being depicted on screen by black immigrants. I could go on.

Any melanated person rejecting my premise has ultimately internalize the nomenclature of white supremacy which purports white folk have the God-given manifest destiny right 2 categorize human beings. Who the hell gave white people the right 2 split the world in 2?

I only use "black" in my vocabulary as a reference point b/c most people I encounter cant handle a more nuanced discussion around the illusory construction of race. White supremacy is so thoroughly installed on our psychological hard drives that we accept it's nomenclature-

the categorization of human beings n2 categories Black & White. This benefits both the SPECIFIC oppressor & people seeking 2 steal the justice claim of the SPECIFIC oppressed. Thus there was no real conversation b/t Cuomo & Ice Cube b/c they were speaking diff. languages

Yes, melanated folks can be allies, but U can't be an ally if you're stealing. There have been a recent string of resignations by white people from everything from animated sitcom characters (Family guy's Cleveland) & board seats (Redditt) 2 make way for black people who-

have historically been denied opportunity in a shitload of areas in this country..& rightfully so. All of this b/c on some level, some people feel the playing field has not be level descendants of American slavery. However, many of the people getting those opportunities-

are NOT "Us." There are too many people benefitting from a fight they did not wage. I can even make this argument for elite HBCUs who have routinely been adverse to movements at the street level, but are now receiving huge white philanthropic dollars from those movements.

All of this is theft & it only happens in an environment where nobody knows whose who. Black faces in blackface. Reject the People Of Color label invented by white liberals 2 corral us darkies n2 America's racial abyss where our individual group stories get lost & diluted.

Perhaps to help people comprehend, we need yet another category to distinguish us American niggas from those melanated immigrants who only become niggas when they reach American soil. Like dey used 2 say in the ATL when I was growing up. "I ain't no Nigga. I'm a Niggero."

• • •

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16 Oct
Ive said it b4 & I'll say it again. I detest newspaper/celebrity endorsements as they prevent people from making informed decisions on their own. Every1 is trying 2 sell U something & dey refuse 2 accept the fact that U R perfectly capable of reaching a conclusion w/o their input
Our society prevents people from enhancing their own cognitive development by telling them how to think. In my perfect world, I wouldnt allow any endorsements & I would make any violation of said law punishable by life in prison. 2 violations? Death penalty.
Real talk. I detest politics & see it as the ultimate ruse in American society. Politics allows for this country to be ruled by an elite small group of ultraconformists who have managed to MASKerade through life through by winning popularity contests & NOT competence.
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16 Oct

Hear me. If America is to have a chance at that "more perfect union," we will need to do away with juvenile journalism. A journalist's foremost job is objectivity. There is too much opinion on television & in print & NOT ENOUGH ACTUAL REPORTING.

Networks & newspapers are now just extensions of political parties. W/that being said Savannah Guthrie is the wrong person for this town hall. I view her hyperemotional-argumentative-overcompensation-barking over Trump the same as Trump talking over Biden a few weeks back.

America is in need of more adults in the room. Some will argue Trump has brought this nation so low that this is simply the outcome of his presence in public office. Nonsense. Trump is simply bringing out what was already there, but covered up by a vicious façade.
Read 5 tweets
13 Oct


Full disclosure. Imma die hard MJ fan but have rooted 4 Lebron to surpass MJ. He hasn't just yet. At this moment in time, I consider MJ a better basketball player than Lebron, but Lebron is a better man. No one has met & surpassed expectations better than Lebron.

Now my dear frat brother Stephen A. Smith has come out & said "there is no way in hell Lebron will ever be better than Michael Jordan in my book." I wouldn't go that far, but consider this: Bill Russell played 13 years & won 11 championships out of the 13 yrs he played.

Lebron has been in the NBA 17 years & been to the Finals 10 of those 17 yrs & won 4. Yes, MJ & Pippen won 6 w/2 3-Peats but could have won out the decade if it wasnt 4 EGO issues w/Bull's ownership & MJ's premature retirement from mental EXHAUSTION. Shaq & Kobe won 3, but-
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12 Oct
Hear me well. Whenever someone qualifies any argument about any issue with their experience, stop them immediately & say "FUCK YOUR EXPERIENCE." The problems of this world will not be solved by people's experience, but by the ability of people to see outside of their experience.
Human beings that cannot see outside of their experience are blind & they will use their blindness 2 make decisions about how your life should be lived, what rules you should lived by, what you can drink, what you can smoke, who U can fuck, how many people u can fuck at one time,
how U raise your kids, how U worship, whether U choose 2 worship, where U live, whether or not U can own a gun, what type of gun U can own, how much ammo U can put in a gun, where U can travel, what U can do in yo house (HOA), whether U can hv an abortion & all other type of shit
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10 Oct


Allow me 2 introduce U 2 Mr. Jonathan Price of Wolf City, TX. On June15 he made a FBpost siding w/Lil Wayne's colorblind remarks downplaying racism & police brutality. 4 months later that which he downplayed claimed his life.


U see dat white officer didnt give a fuck bout no colorblind niggas as white folks see color jus fine. Shit, jus like Dylann Roof shot dem praying niggas in dat church in SC, Officer Lucas shot Price right after he offered a handshake & a smile.


White supremacy dont give a fuck bout no bowed heads, extended hands or smiling darkies. We kill dem 2. Dis nigga actually believed dat colorblind shit was gone work on Officer Lucas & WolfCity residents out here telling folks dey differnt from the rest of America. Bullshit
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9 Oct


Here is a lesson in politics. So KY's AG filed a motion 2 prevent jurors from publicly discussing GJ proceedings surrounding Bree's killing by Louisville police. Lets say the judge rules in his favor. Over right? Wrong. Pause. Switch. Lets go MO.

The Republican Governor of Missouri has come out recently & said no matter what charges the black woman prosecutor of St. Louis brings against that white McCloskey couple for pointing guns a Black Lives Matter protesters, he will pardon them. Fine.

Now, the Dem Governor of KY should come out & state publicly, "Hear ye. Hear ye. Any juror who wants to talk publicly about the Breonna Taylor GJ proceeding, go right ahead. I will pardon you for any charge the AG may bring against U for violating a court order." Ruthless.
Read 14 tweets

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