Can little me ask a few questions?
1) Why are governments mandating the use of masks, a practice that is not backed by clear-cut scientific evidence and is being used as a symbol to remind people of the eminent contagion that is lurking around? @shaynekrige @stacey_rudin
2) Why are governments not readjusting the cycle threshold of the PCR tests knowing that a positive test with a Ct>30 is a false positive? The evidence was clearly shown by @carlheneghan
@Francis_Hoar @simondolan
3) Why did governments not agree on international guidelines with regards to PCR Ct, case definition & deaths definition? How can the data be compared accros countries in the abscence of such guidelines- 8 months into the pandemic?
@peter_castleden @IanMcgorian @pieterstreicher
4) Why are governments continuing with a suppression & a zero Covid strategy, when we know that the virus is settling down into the endemic cocktail of respiratory viruses that we have to deal with on yearly basis and eternally thereafter? @SunetraGupta
5) Why are governments still imposing stupid restrictions on children & the operation of schools when we know that #Covid19 is less harmful to kids than the flu? Why are kids required to wear masks, social distance and place library books in disinfection boxes? @MartinKulldorff
6) Why are we being asked to social distance, self-isolate and muzzle-up, when as social beings, we can only thrive through connection, social support and human contact? Why are psychological warfare tactics designed for enemies being used on us to break us down? @MarkChangizi
7) Why are businesses not left to operate as usual when we know that NPIs have had no (+) impact on mitigating the pandemic, while having deleterious effects on the global economy, livelihoods, poverty, healthcare systems, & psycho-social indicators? @APRaimondo @RussLamberti
8) Why are governments allowed to print more money until our currencies reach the value of paper? Who gave governments the power over our purchasing power? Why are the people accepting this self-defeating bribe?
@RussLamberti @SHomburg
9) Why are governments not allowing people to travel freely and roam this planet without PCR tests, quarantine apps & the looming vaccination passports?
How did we slip into authoritarian rule?
10)Why are governments attacking our human civilization? Why are they resorting to fines, violence & imprisonments to force us to follow regulations «for our own good »? Why are we not empowered to make our own risk assessments & informed decisions? @MLevitt_NP2013
11) Why are we being silenced, shunned, attacked and demonized for speaking the truth? Why has the written word become the knife that cuts the dissidents’ throats and not the sword that upholds our hard-earned freedoms and liberties?
@MoralHitchens @p_m_robinson
12) Why are governments left unchecked by the majority? Why do we need big brother to look after us, when clearly big brother doesn’t have our best interest at heart?
Should science become a political agent of change?
13) What is the loophole in our eduction systems that were supposedly developed to raise citizens with enough analytical and critical thinking skills to allow them to fulfill their role as democratic citizens? @SirKenRobinson
14) What has happened to our world? Did we enter WWIII without even realizing it?

We are at war I’m afraid , but the invisible enemy is not #COVID19!

What will save us now?

• • •

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14 Oct
Let's have a look at this thread of lies by @WHO.
Yes, #GBDeclaration is advocating for a Focused approach to managing the disease. Eventually herd immunity is reached whatever route you choose. It is not true that herd immunity can only be achieved through vaccines. 1/n
Historically, both vaccines & natural transmission interplay to keep an infectious disease in check. (Vaccines are never 100% effective). Herd immunity is always the end result. It's not unethical. It's a natural phenomena, just like earth turns around itself. 2/n
We cannot compare #measles to #Covid19.
Studies have shown that herd immunity for C19 might be achieved at much lower levels of population infection... 20%.
Read 12 tweets
14 Oct
"History will record the faces of the public health expertise as some of the most sinful egregious epic failures in the history of public policy. They have killed people with their lack of understanding and lack of caring..." 1/n…
"..about not just the impact of cases of #COVID19...but to consider the impact of the policy itself. And the policy itself has been a complete epic failure... some people say a #CrimeAgainstHumanity. These people should be held accountable to what they said." 2/n
"The prolonged lockdowns are a complete disaster for missed healthcare... for average working families.. people have been killed by people who want to have prolonged lockdowns.." 3/n
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14 Oct
3/ @WHO silent on asymptomatic/ pre-symptomatic transmissions.
This was the main tool used to push the world into lockdowns.
If you assume symptomless transmission is very rare, then you can’t convince people with a lockdown. In this case, you can only recommend..1/n
.. quarantining the sick -those with symptoms.
But if you assume that symptomless transmissions are a major contributor to the disease course then you can create serious fear among humans from invisible carriers, lurking behind each corner, coming to get them. 2/n
This will make it much easier to convince people to hide in the trenches until the virus passes over their heads and disappears.
Then you complement this idea with ‘flatten the curve’ and sold!
The people were not told that the best way to flatten the curve is to .... 3/n
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13 Oct
@MattHancock You are lying through your teeth. At some point you need to shake your conscience from its deep state of hibernation. 1/n
1) #COVID19 can not be compared to measles, malaria & AIDS. It is more akin to the flu.
2) What evidence of reinfection? You mean those 2 cases in the entire world?
3) Please look at the deaths curve in #Sweden. It is asymptotic (flat). This means herd immunity was achieved. 2/n
4) Does this mean no one will get infected with COVID19 again? No, COVID19 will become endemic and new strains will evolve every season, just like in the flu and people will get infected and we just have to learn to live with it. 3/n
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13 Oct
Children represent a very small percentage of total cases. The majority of infections in children are asymptomatic or very mild and go undetected and undiagnosed. There might be actually a higher prevalence of childhood cases than the data reflects. 1/n…
We need to look at immunity indicator such as antibodies and T Cells to gauge better the extent of infections in the younger population. 2/n
That said infection in the young is not a bad thing. It is a good thing actually!
The young can act as immunity shields for the elderly. The more young people get COVID19 and become immune, the more they will break transmission to the older more vulnerable generation. 3/n
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13 Oct
«Are politicians and others using this situation for their own purposes?... Doesn’t it seem to you that the powerful forces of the world would like to remake the world, without a ‘war’»

Remember, if you have elected these politicians, you can take them down. 1/2
Take note of this:
Money must be backed by gold. When it’s not, it’s just paper.

« Antonio Guterres... has proposed printing money worth 10% of global GDP. Even as things are the dollar is gradually losing its value, and here it will just drop, giving rise to inflation.»
Collapsing economies sets the perfect conditions for The Great Reset. 3/n
Read 4 tweets

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