"No, I think space combat's more honest. All previous forms of warfare had this nauseating insincerity to them, a false hope that you weren't just a murderer. Armies could retreat. Navies had lifeboats. Fighter jets had ejector seats.

There's no escaping death in space."
"Your average spacecraft has about a metre of plating, insulation and foil separating you from hard vacuum. Maybe, just maybe your ship takes a glancing hit and only loses the compartment you're in. Shrapnel from the impact will still kill you if the decompression doesn't."
"Evacuate? Nah, you're not getting out of that room, even if you're right next to the door. Seals have to slam down quick, or the entire ship loses atmosphere. A vented ship's a dead ship. At that point, might as well pull your suit's oxy feed - speed up what'll happen anyway."
"And that's all assuming you just get scraped by railshot - and a scrape can still kill a ship! What if it hits the fuel tank? What if it takes out attitude control? What if your radiator snaps off?

And the gunboys don't aim for scrapes. They're going for centre of mass."
"See, all the films and games back in the twenty-first made it seem like we'd be shooting at each other from a hundred clicks away, like fights would be over in seconds. Nah, you see the killshot hours before it reaches you. Sometimes days. Gives you some time to think."
"At that distance, you got a lot of time to not be where the shot's gonna be. Just a brief burst on the engine, and you're outta harm's way. But fuel's not cheap. Delta-V budgets are tight as fuck. Gotta brake when you get where you're going. Gotta dock, gotta land."
"No room on this tub for lifeboats, escape pods, whatever you wanna call them. Too heavy, and how long is a rescue gonna take? I'll tell you: too long. We've got one ship and we're flying on it, and if it goes down, we all die with it. It's one and done, kid. No second chances.
"And you don't reckon they're all thinking the same thing, over there? Their only way to make it home is if you die first. Just like there's no way out for us, there's no way out for them, either. Their ship is their life too. Out in the black, everyone fights by the same rules."
"So when you run the numbers and you line up your shots, kid, you run them good, and you run them quick, because there's some greenhorn on the other ship doing his first rotation too. And he's getting the exact same pep talk from someone just as ugly as yours truly."
"And never forget that when you pull the trigger, twelve people are gonna die, and the blood'll be on your hands, because this is a goddamn war, and us soldiers just don't get the luxury of lying to ourselves no more.

It ain't good work, but at last, at long last, it's honest."

• • •

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15 Oct
However evil individual terrorist acts are, they don't just boil out of a perfect vacuum.

The true "politically incorrect opinion you can't ever say in public" is "maybe we should ask ourselves why terrorists keep wanting to attack our countries?"
Terrorism is an extremely ineffective tactic if you want to convince your target to stop doing the things that are hurting you. Hurting innocents doesn't change minds.

But it IS a tremendously effective tactic if you want to trick your target into destroying itself.
People continually ask whether the Reichstag Fire was genuinely perpetrated by a communist arsonist, or whether it was a false flag by the Nazis.

The answer is that it fundamentally does not matter. What mattered was Germany's massive overreaction to a burning building.
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24 Sep
The way liberals and conservatives act about cops makes more sense when you realise that both groups look upon criminals as an existential class rather than a label assigned to you by society

They believe being a criminal is a thing you are irrespective of actually doing crimes
Does it matter that a criminal hasn't actually broken any law? No, because they're a criminal, and they will inevitably break the laws.

Since police enforce the law, to liberals and conservatives, "real" cops can't be criminals, because they're incompatible existential states.
Both groups will tend to deny this if you confront them with it, but the conservatives less so than the liberals, because the only reason a conservative has to deny it is that they know it sounds bad to say it out loud.

Liberals don't know they believe it, but they do.
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21 Sep
If your sci-fi setting has body-swapping tech but nobody's ever swapped to the body of another gender, you're a coward.

If your sci-fi setting has hardcore body-modification tech but nobody's ever given themselves six cocks, you're a coward.
Incidentally if your fantasy setting has transformation magic but nobody's ever just changed gender for dysphoria relief, or, and this is very important, JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT, you have no business writing fantasy.
Forget trans people for a moment (but only a moment)

If magic in your setting lets you radically alter your body up to and including sexual characteristics, and nobody (trans or not) has ever thought "I wonder what it's like" you do not have enough imagination to write fantasy
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21 Sep
Hahaha I'm in danger Image
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20 Sep
I don't want to hear a single person talk about "we've lost our chance to do X for a generation"

If a system is so broken as to lock out progress for the lifespan of some proportion of nine people, you dismantle that system and the people who support it ruthlessly.
Genuine hot take:

The Supreme Court utterly failed to protect the lives, freedoms and dignity of people in America when Ginsburg was alive, and the right wing has never respected the rule of law. It's not as if her dying has changed anything significant.
The fact that nearly every victory for civil rights the Supreme Court has ever delivered came as a complete surprise to most people should tell you everything you need to know about it.
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11 Sep
You can't be "pro-life" and then also demand the right to defend your property with deadly force.

Defending your own life or that of your friends and family with deadly force? Yeah, I'll grant that. But property? Nah.
You can't be "pro-life" if you support the death penalty.

You can't be "pro-life" if you support immigration restrictions.

You can't be "pro-life" if you deny the existence of climate change.

You can't be "pro-life" if you support police having the right to kill.
Like, I will always disagree with a person making arguments against the general right to abortion, but if they seemed to be genuinely principled in their dedication to the sanctity of human life in all cases, I'd respect their stance.

"Pro-lifers" are not genuinely principled.
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