Thread – Some Thoughts on the Ongoing Street Riots and More

1. Accountability. We are, in part, witnessing the logical conclusion of telling an entire generation of people that their identity is the most important aspect about themselves, ….
1A. … that there is no objective truth, and the primary organizing principle of human interaction is power. And a lot of them are rioting nightly in America’s cities!
2. @realDonaldTrump has exposed how free trade can never be free when based on slave labor. He has exposed how the silent destruction of towns across the Midwest came not from China's comparative advantage, but from American companies' use of slavery by proxy.
3. Slavery by proxy. Think about that. It’s a profound, understandable sound bite. Not just China, but the socialist/globalists that want uneducated surfs to pay taxes, consume goods and produce the goods, all with the "socialist aristocrats" benefiting.
4. When all is said and done, though, even given the era of Trump, this is a fight for everything. If we lose, then all the sons and daughters of liberty will be eliminated to make the world safe for the ARISTOCRACY.
5. "There is NOTHING the Left won't do to take down our President”, our country and us, no low they won't go to, to get their power back" and sadly we have seen this every single day since his election.
6. BLM/Antifa. Street violence does not appear stoppable unless the counter-revolution (both Trump government and private citizens) use live ammo to defend themselves, which they are totally loathe to do, ….
6A. … as they cling on to what remains of the Constitution, due process, and law and order in this country--all of which the other side has shredded and will totally ignore or merely exploit.
7. Additionally, dead communists, racists, and anarchists will provide "martyrs" for the communists' relentless shrill propaganda.
8. Part of the counter-revolution might be to invoke martial law and shut down seditionist leftist agit-propaganda demons like the NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, and even the now fully unhinged Leftist PBS/NPR.
9. At an early phase of the coup, the administration and law enforcement will have to adopt the same rules of engagement as the communist radicals are using. This is the only way to stop the coming violence on 4 November and beyond in its tracks.
10. The idiots on the street don’t care if they lose their lives; they have nothing to lose. This is a small portion of the population; it is not the masses (yet). It’s being made to look like the masses are these masked idiots. That’s what the legacy media is falsely conveying.
11. Though they may have nothing to lose, they have plenty to gain – principally a truckload of pain, administered ruthlessly! Wishing to die, yet failing the means, is worse than dying – never forget that option as a means to get our cities under control virtually overnight!
12. Isn't it about time that we stood up to these assholes, saying, "Not to ME they don't!", when challenged with their chant, "Black Lives Matter!"? Of course they will follow-up with, "You're a RACIST!", to which the appropriate answer is, "So what?!"
13. Don't bite on their bullsh!t, but if they touch you, hit them – male/female/trans/no matter – with the most powerful stun gun you can buy! Not a tactic to be used by singles, but buddy up, watch each other's back, and do the right thing, but be smart about it!
14. First, avoid such situations, if possible, and don't start anything, but when you perceive your life, limb, and well-being challenged, a lot could be gained from the above action.
15. They must be HURT, if this is to end. They are pussies, and they aren't looking to experience pain for their macho bluff.
16. Always be alert to superior numbers, which they will almost certainly have, and be aware of their heavy-duty lasers, which they will use to temporarily (or permanently!) blind and disable you.
17. It's the age-old story of think and plan ahead of time for the eventuality, so should the occasion arise, all that is necessary if the odds are in your favor is to execute the plan!
18. Also, terrorism works in both directions! I suspect there are plenty of retired SpecOps guys, Navy SEALS, and retired company guys who would be happy to contribute one more time by picking off the professional instigators on the other side, at times they least expect it!
19. By "picking off", I of course mean only to ID, stalk, and scare the shit out of them! This whole situation will only escalate if left untreated.
20. I know, I talk a good game, but what will I do if it is me under attack? At my age, I don't expect to be there but, if I am, I'll have nothing to lose by employing Mr. S&W, Mr. Springfield, and the "Judge", to speak for me.
21. I've led a good life, and I want to do all I can to try to ensure the same for my kids, grandkids, and (some day) great-grandkids. If I lose, I lose only my small portion, but if WE continue to do nothing, WE will surely LOSE this entire fight!
22. Nothing in war is simple, the easiest thing in war is always very difficult. The “killing people part” can be understood as easy; you just pull the trigger or press the bomb-detonator, then do the BDA.
23. But destroying the opposition ideologically or politically is actually very complex. That tends to be glossed over when talking about a deadly physical engagement between people killed in a civil war.
24. Tell me this: if America has a valid “Constitution,” and our economic system and social well-being were built upon what our Founders declared was to be our destiny, ….
24A. … then who are the other 49% to tell us real productive God-fearing Americans that our beliefs and traditions are now cancelled?
25. What gives our opponents the right to challenge what we consider to be God-given rights? Yes, we are angry at each other. But, what gives these swine and evil vicious parasites the right to enforce upon us their “one-party rule”?
26. You, I and others like us know that our government is full of worthless piece-of-sh!t bureaucrats, many of whom are leftists and Deep State supporters plus the many state and city worthless officials, too.
27. And unlike us, should we become engaged in an American civil war (as the Left seems to be pushing for!), they will attempt to keep their jobs and enjoy their salaries during this conflict – all while a whole lot of killing is going on.
28. Get with it and understand that we as patriots are going to be seen as domestic terrorists, especially if FBI Wray is still running his agency. As patriots, we need to be aware where the local law enforcement, military, and others who should be lawfully on your side are, ….
28A. … but whose lives will be vastly changed because they no longer have protection of their livelihoods, retirements, pensions, or benefits, will be kept intact because they accept us and defend us.
29. During the American Revolution, some small fraction of the colonists (< 1/3) fought the British and WON. These days, I expect some 30% to 40%-plus of the American patriots will physically fight to retain our American WAY. Maybe even more.
30. The young men and women and us old farts will be there to fight. I am confident; we’ll crush the bastard leftists and their insane ill-religious political doctrine. May they all see and go to HELL.
31. Remember, if we conservatives truly wanted a civil war (and we don’t!), there wouldn’t be any liberals left afterwards – and I think some of them know it! ///The end.

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