Hey there, I see you, I know you’ve been stalking me
All up on my twitter like you’re gonna change some things

But don’t get it twisted you hold no residence here
But clearly I’ve got free rent there, oops is that too much to bear?
You should probably take some time and go within for a while
You obsess over hate, its no secret, you don’t ever smile
Stop projecting your problems here, I am not the source of them
You’ve got some issues inside and you should probably handle them
If you refuse and continue to hand me your energy
You should probably bow down cause you’re a b!tch to your enemy.

Don’t get it twisted I don’t see you as a foe
You just keep giving me attention that I’ll turn into ammo
You see I’ve got a brain and I’m not afraid to use it
There this thing you’ve lost it’s called logic, don’t abuse it
Emotional intelligence seems to be something you lack
But it’s alright, it’s ok, you can get that stuff back.
You just need to lay down your hate
Leave that vanity at the door
It’s got no place where we’re going it’s Love we adore
3D is crumbling, polarity is almost dead
5D is where we’re headed so get out of your head
Oh and by the way, your ego, I sniped it- it’s pretty much dead.

• • •

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More from @PowerReclaim

16 Oct
1/Your beliefs become your reality.
Whatever you choose to believe you will find evidence to support it as fact.

This is a really great example of that.

-You think Trump is a fascist dictator. Ok. Then you will accept any story that supports that. The media will
2/ happily provide their biased perspective of events to shape that narrative for you.

-You think Trump is a savior. Well there is just as much evidence to support this. You can look up all the things Trump has accomplished via the White House webpage and form your own opinion
3/for me, it isn’t hard. You look at the actions of the president and you see he is accomplishing incredible things that no other POTUS has even attempted to do.

So if you want to see our POTUS as an evil dictator- there is plenty of “evidence” you can find from other people...
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27 Sep
Whatchu know about the Denisovans?!
They say the Denisovans were the original giants. And there is physical “sCIeNcE aNd DaTa” to prove their existence.
Their DNA is found mixed in with our DNA which implies that multiple species of humans bread.
Using collective logic at least.
The implications of this are YUUUUGE considering Denisovans predate us by.... a lot.
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27 Sep
The father figure of humanity. Teaching civilization, Love and unity.
His teachings oppose humans as sacrifice but teaches to offer flowers and plants instead.
Whatta guy- images of the feathered serpent being can be found all over the world.
Quetzalcoatl is associated with the planet Venus. Venus represents Love and Peace.
Quetzalcoatl represents the balance of duality. The feathers representing light/flight and the serpent representing dark/ground.
(I just love how he poses in the photo reppin’ his name)
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26 Sep
So someone from the DNC messaged my husband asking if he wants to help save the world from Trump.
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24 Sep
So how does this whole pope thing work anyway?
Does God take physical form and interview them? Or is it a birth right?
Who decides who preaches in church?
Who chooses the chooser to choose who is righteous and who isn’t?
What about @DalaiLama
I mean- that process seems a little more in tune with how it should go... but it’d be real easy to manipulate that too... as China has shown us.
What qualifies one as a guru in 2020?
Most diverse set of essential oils and gemstones?
Or actual knowledge?
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21 Sep
Banksy is such an incredible artist!
Speaking through subtle messages in his art to the masses!
Some would say millions of people have been effected by his work.
Such a rad idea that created an incredible wave of movement.
I think one of the coolest things about Banksy is that only a few people know who he actually is. And those people are SO loyal they'll never tell a soul because they respect him and they respect his message.
Such a rad thing.
Banksy would throw tons of anti-establishment parties to allow the general public to enjoy art without all the glamour and ritz. Image
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