Dear @icecube:

As soon as you spoke a truth the Jim Crow Left didn't want you to speak, do you see what happened to you?

Democrats never put an end to Jim Crow, they only morphed it into something else.

Look at what happened to you, an independent-thinking black man when... dared say something the Jim Crow Media and the Jim Crow Democrats and Jim Crow Hollywood do not want you to say.

You can feel it, can't you? The oppression, the fact your career, your standing in entertainment, your reputation, everything you've sweated...
...for for 35 years is now at risk because on the left, Jim Crow still lives.

Nothing's changed since Democrats ran the Jim Crow South.

Today, if a black man does not say the things the Jim Crow Left demands he say, does not vote the way they Jim Crow Left demands he..., his reputation and his livelihood are publicly lynched as an example to others.

He's destroyed -- his very blackness, his humanity is attacked and questioned on CNN, on MSNBC, on social media -- and by the Hollywood blacklisting that will soon follow.

Hang in...

You and I might not agree on much, but regardless of what we agree on, you should have a right to be your own man in this country without going through the Jim Crow Left's public media trial that's meant to shame and intimidate you, meant to make a public...
....example of you to shame and intimidate other independent-thinking black men and women into thinking and believing only one way.

• • •

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THREAD for those considering buying a camper…

Rent one for a week. If you are happy to get home when the trip is over, don't buy one. If you are not immediately addicted to camping, don't buy one.

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This is because Democrats, the media, and the terrorists in #BLM and Antifa are smearing our country as racist, smearing cops as evil, and NO ONE -- other than Tucker Carlson -- is standing up against this.

Trump is self-involved and incoherent, and the GOP are terrorist...
....appeasers pushing totally unnecessary police reform.

NO ONE is defending our country against these slurs.

No one in the GOP is pointing out that the numbers prove policing has improved dramatically over the past 15 years and there is ZERO proof of racial bias.

....ONE in the GOP is speaking out against the divisive racism of woke.

NO ONE in the GOP is showing any moral leadership or courage.

We are all on our own out here as our lives are threatened, our cities are burned, our history is desecrated, our churches are threatened...
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People who burn down and loot predominantly black neighborhoods, people who encourage the looting and burning of black neighborhoods, and people who justify and excuse the looting and burning of black neighborhoods are the true racists, the true evil. The Big...
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That's not even close to true.

Most of the black community is right now locked in their homes worried about their safety, their family's safety, their businesses...
...their jobs, their community.

Out on the street looting and burning are only godless thugs and godless left-wingers like Antifa (mostly white) who are terrorizing the black community as godless "journalists" justify and encourage the terrorism.

We're all outraged over....
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You see, the proper way to have handled the coronavirus is the exact opposite way we did... 1. Quarantine the sick. 2. Quarantine the immunocompromised (elderly, etc) who wish to be quarantined. 3. Leave everyone else alone. That way the people who get sick are those who...
...chose the risk and are among the healthiest. This means fewer deaths and hospitalizations on our way to herd immunity. Instead we quarantined everyone, poured plague into our nursing homes, and delayed herd immunity... Had we done this my way, a lot fewer...
...people would have died and we would already be well on the way to herd immunity. Those Spring Break kids everyone screeched at were heroes. Those Spring Break kids would have increased the infection rate -- thus, getting us closer to herd immunity -- without...
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Here's why Ben Smith is going after Ronan Farrow...

1. Simple jealousy. Smith wanted to be the wunderkind and ended up bankrupting BuzzFeed, while Farrow changed the world and won a Pulitzer

2. Smith wants to damage the #MeToo movement to protect BIden.

3. Smith wants to...
...protect Hillary Clinton (who Farrow dared criticized)

4. Smith wants to protect NBC. That's what Smith does, Palace Guard cuz he's a mercenary climber

5. Smith is sending a warning to other journalists that if they criticize Democrats or NBCs, they too will be blacklisted... this way.

6. Smith has always been a lying, jealous sleaze and he would never have the courage to take it to CNN or WaPo over the Russia Collusion debacle, cuz he's a simpering climber.

7. I've had my issues with Farrow, my disagreements, but overall I trust...
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7 Apr
Here’s a fucking idea.

A 3 hour presidential fucking briefing with Jon fucking Karl and his gay little fucking blue glasses, that Herman Munster looking motherfucker from NBFUCKINGC and that gay-hating harridan from CNNLOFUCKINGL whose smug fucking face is one fucking wart...
...short of a fucking witch. And this trio of Fuckers will spend all 3 fucking hours only asking Trump why he isn’t fucking shutting the whole fucking country the fuck down.

And if by some fucking miracle we’re able to fucking crack that fucking mystery, let’s move the...
...fuck on and see if we can’t fucking solve the fucking whodunnit about why Trump supports these fucking anti-malaria drugs. And on the off fucking chance we untie that fucking Gordian knot, let’s fucking have these fucking top-notch fucking Columbo-level questioners...
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