You are witnessing the greatest political sting & take down, probably of all time.
Yes, many of us wanted, no, demanded arrests as soon as President Trump was elected, & that would have felt gratifying for a time, but then that feeling would have soon dissipated & turned sour.
With compromised judges, a com'p judicial system & a corrupt FBI running interference, the process would have turned into a shit-fight & justice would not have been served.
Instead, we had to wait it out patiently for almost 4 years- trusting the plan, all the while cleaning house, exposing the 'Gladio' operatives & DS hold-overs, Install new judges & just waiting for the lunacy left, RINOs, never Trumpers & the rest of the DC swamp
to not only reveal themselves for who they really are & fully expose themselves for all to see, but to allow them to commit further crimes in the open, either as an attempt to cover-up previous mis-deeds, or out of sheer arrogance & complacency.
Watch now, how it all unravels from here, give them enough rope, sit back & let them hang themselves without having to raise a sweat.
17 days out from probably the most important election in history, are we are going to witness the total self destruction of the liberal left
followed by probably the sweetest election victory ever?

Even more importantly now, when we finally do see arrests, the charges will stick, the judicial process will work, serving justice to the the waiting world.

The art of war... is a winning strategy!

• • •

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16 Oct
Attention - Perennial "[Profits] of DOOM".

Talk of the 'GREAT RESET' has been greatly exaggerated.

the APOCALYPSE has been cancelled...👇👇👇

[11.3] Effective ((VOTE))

[1.1] Wait for it... SOMETHING BIG this way comes...


[1.1] BOOM 💣💣💣💥💥💥

Your life will change Jan 1. 👇👇👇

"This is going to be the BIGGEST THING - & no one even knows about it. It's all signed & goes into effect on Jan 1st (2021)
- You better make sure that I win, can you imagine...?"

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6 Oct
The CUE operation & an A-Z red-pill resource for any new 👀 looking for a crash course on the current state of play.
An anon put this together, which I'm re-posting with a list of vids that will be sure to red-pill anyone who spends the time to watch- highly recommended!
The CUE operation was started by JFK because the deep state/CIA was actually running the country. He was assassinated for trying to expose them. Interesting enough, JFK's memorial site is in the shape of a “Q”.
The operation strategically went underground where they devised “The Plan” to regain control of America. It was further accelerated by “JFK Jr’s tragic plane crash” in 1999.
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24 Sep
Malaysia Flt MH-370, the riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside of an enigma.
A theory...
Based on extensive research and the YT video of Geof Lewis.

1/ Image
2/ So we have one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time. Did MH-370 really disappear or was it all just a slight of hand- by the 'Hidden Hand'?
Was this event in fact foreshadowed 13 years earlier? Image
3/ We know how the hidden hand loves predictive programming & foreshadowing key events.
Was MH-370 one of those events? Image
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11 Sep
What is the Matrix?

No one can tell you what the matrix is,

or show it to you. Image
Wake up Neo...

The Matrix has you...

Follow the white rabbit... (down the rabbit hole you must go) Image
The Matrix is an Allegory... Image
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26 Aug

>Social upheaval<
>Political upheaval<
>Financial upheaval<

an update> I posted this 12 months ago & it would seem that we are now well placed for the last major upheaval to occur, the first 2 we have witnessed world wide over the last 12 months
2/ I wrote then, that we are 1 major event away from a debt bubble implosion & financial melt-down.
IMO we are now well advanced on the financial melt-down, but it is being stage managed by Treasury to preserve the retirement plans & wealth of individual investors in the markets
3/ to prevent another 1929 scenario (Cabal initiated wealth transfer event) from playing out.
What we are witnessing with the QE to infinity, is a train- wreck in slow motion. But... it doesn't matter because there's going to be a reset...
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23 Aug
The USEFUL IDIOT- (thread)
& how they are integral to the liberal agenda, which in reality is a communist soft-coup to install a Godless Satanic oligarchy as a one-world Dictatorship.
The term ‘Useful Idiot’ was first coined by Vladimir Lenin to describe Liberals & Democrats
2/ who thought they were working towards a utopian society, while in reality they were unwittingly supporting Communism. Under Communism, over 100 million people were murdered in the 20th century alone. Hundreds of millions of more people were raped, tortured & forced into
3/ slave labour.
Today, these same Godless communists have infiltrated every area of society & have taken complete control of the education system & the country’s Teacher’s Unions. What does this mean for you? It means if you support the Liberal/left agenda Joe Biden,
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