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17 Oct, 8 tweets, 1 min read
I once again am listening to an old game grumps let's play and they're talking about astroglide for some reason and Arin mentions it's good because it's water based, not silicon-based.
I think he means silicone.
silicon-based lubricants have historically failed in the market because it turns out sand isn't a good lubricant
maybe it's silicon-based like how silicon-based life is an alternative suggested form of live compared to our carbon-based.
and it's the proper lubricant for when you want to fuck a Tholian
as for the difference:
silicon is an element, it's main component of sand and soda-lime glass, and computers.
silicones are polymers made up of siloxanes, which are groupings of silicon and oxygen
silicone is a super useful group of materials, since it can be used in a lot of different formulations: the hardness can vary, and it can be made food safe and medically safe
so everything from fire-safe sealants to lubricants to cookware gets made with it.
and the probably best known use of "silicone" is in breast implants, but there's plenty of implanted medical uses for it.
and don't get that one mixed up with silicon.
don't fill your breasts with sand

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19 Oct
so I was thinking about a American dating system inspired by the roman dating system with some influence from the japanese era system, using presidents.

So like we landed on the moon on July 20th, on the 1st year of Nixon, and Star Wars came out May 25th, on the 1st of Carter.
but besides the obvious problem of having to call this year the 4th of Trump, the big problem is 1893-1897.

Because of the #1 bane of american presidential history: FUCKING GROVER CLEVELAND
1885: 1st of Cleveland
1888: 4th of Cleveland
1889: 1st of Harrison
1892: 4th of Harrison
1893: 1st of Cleveland? 5th of Cleveland?
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18 Oct
I got a new keyboard! Image
This is the PlayRight my first smart tablet. It's apparently a walgreens exclusive. Image
so the way it works, it has four modes:
alphabetical, words, numbers, and colors.

Here's an example in Words mode, where it's reading off Quetzal and Robot.
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18 Oct
so HTTP status codes are all 3-digit integers, but I swear there was some server that gave some decimal codes.
Like there was a 419.2 Expired CSRF Token or something
I can't find a reference to this anywhere, though, so maybe I made it up
in any case, I don't think it goes far enough.
we need to get out of this integer and decimal mindset.

what about... fractions?
404½: Page Pnly Partially Found
why not... irrational and/or imaginary?

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18 Oct
look I may be biased as someone who has historically done a lot of webscraping (I calculated at one time that I was downloading around 4 gigabytes of JUST HTML every day), but...
I think we should have both the death penalty and a special layer of hell for programmers who build sites that return 404/403s/etc as 200.

with summary execution if they do it with HTML.
you have no idea how many times I've had to write code to parse HTML to find out if I got a 404 or not, because sometimes the only way to tell is to see if there's a <div class="message">File Not Found</div> in 40k of tag soup
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18 Oct
Does anyone else vaguely miss that period around 2005 when half the new music you heard was from strange flash animations, because no one had yet worked out a way to auto-detect that particular bit of copyright infringement?
I'm listening to a Dutch fraternity cover Country Roads in a eurodance style and it's all the fault of some 4chan animation from the bush administration
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16 Oct
Another random yard sale nearby seems to be at some kind of recording studio.
Look at this pile of... mixers? processors? I don't know what this is
more of them, extra blurry this time
even more, with a little less blur
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