Remember this 'the Hunter Biden emails off that abandoned laptop is **RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION!**' talking point all these morons in the media instantly adopted is completely INCOHERENT.

And for the people on our side screaming the FBI had this laptop for a year and nothing happened, who seats grand juries and what kind of activity do you think they engage in?

80% of the so called conservative media is fucking useless.

I don't **care** how many fucking goobers out there you have insisting they do.

They don't.

The US Attorney for Delaware **also** didn't publicly announce what his grand jury was investigating.
You have **CONSERVATIVE MEDIA PEOPLE** PUNKING YOU to drive their own pet narratives for clicks and $.

They **know** the FBI wouldn't tip off the Bidens this investigation had started.

They **know** the Delaware US Attorney wouldn't alert the Biden's either.
I am getting so tired of this bullshit.

I'm not only fighting the DNC Media, rank opportunists on our side keep misleading people about what's going on.
No the FBI is not going to ALERT the freaking media, the White House, the Congress AND CERTAINLY NOT THE BIDENS THEMSELVES that they have this laptop and are investigating what's on it.

And - surprise! - the US Attorney for Delaware is **also** not going to call a press conference and burble to the press "Hey guys, I just want you to know I am seating a grand jury to investigate one of THE most powerful political families in US history!"
On some level you DO realize how this works, you just have people for their own reasons **constantly subverting** your understanding of how federal criminal investigations are done so they can pimp their own pet narratives to you.

It is what it is.

• • •

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More from @drawandstrike

19 Oct
Listen carefully: the US Attorney for Delaware, David Weiss, working in conjunction with the FBI, subpoenaed the Hunter Biden laptop & then impaneled a grand jury to investigate.

Anonymous sources, described as "officials familiar with the matter" telling media outlets off the record that the FBI is limiting it's investigation of the laptop to determine if it's "Russian disinformation" is the stupidest f**king fake leak ever.
You got this straight from @DNI_Ratcliffe today.

That is all.

Good talk!

Read 7 tweets
19 Oct
Remember after the election when Trump unexpectedly won it, a lot of ass covering maneuvering went on from Nov '16 to Jan. 2017.

Including an attempt to lay down a FALSE TRAIL for the Steele Dossier to get into the FBI's hands via Senator John McCain
Since Hillary was going to win and this was all about preparing to shaft the Trump family once Hillary was fully in power, a hell of a lot of gear shifting had to be accomplished before the transition completed at the January 2017 inauguration.
Where the Steele Dossier actually came from and who created it and why was **never** supposed to become an issue, even after they made use of it to get that 'insurance policy' warrant in late October 2016.

Read 10 tweets
19 Oct
April 2019 = Poroshenko loses election,

Trump calls new Ukrainian prez Zelensky about investigating missing US billions & Biden’s role in it,

Hunter goes on drunken bender, damages his laptop,

Joe declares he’s running for President,

Hunter resigns from Burisma board
It was a busy month, folks!
Remember, this guy and about a half dozen others were listening in on President Trump’s call on April 21.

Just 4 days later, on April 25, Joe announces, Hunter resigns. Image
Read 4 tweets
19 Oct
I'm going to invoke the 48 hour rule here.

Nothing personal, I've seen this guy claim stuff that didn't pan out in the past.

It's easy to spot it when a dishonest hack of the Left working at the NYT's quotes "anonymous officials familiar with the matter" to sell you what you want to hear.

"Mueller is closing in on Trump, Flynn & Cohen have flipped! Mueller HAS IT ALLLL!", etc.
I meant to add *if you are a die-hard Lefty* in that last tweet.

It's harder to spot it when it's a **trusted conservative media outlet or figure** that's saying "My high level sources tell me...!"
Read 10 tweets
18 Oct
Watch her squirm during both videos & understand: it’s been FOUR DAYS NOW & the Biden campaign **WILL NOT SAY THE EMAILS ARE FAKE**.

Got that?

Tell me you got that.

They’ve had 4 days to deny the authenticity of the emails & pics.

They would have by now IF they could.
That is correct. Nobody with Biden campaign has gone on the record to say the emails are not real. ‘

This is very true.
Biden called a 4 day lid [counting today] because he knows even more damning stuff is going to be dropping on Monday and Tuesday.

His campaign is hoping a day of major spin on Wednesday will be enough for him to pop his head out on Thursday.

We'll see.
Read 6 tweets
17 Oct
And now an important announcement!

I am planning to personally attend Trump's January 20, 2021 in Washington, D.C.!

I am going to be exploring airfares and hotel reservation prices and try to come up with the **cheapest** way to do this.
Took a quick look at Priceline for the airline tickets. I can get a round trip to DC for between $305-$335 from American Airlines going economy class. FIRST class would be $500 more. EGADS.

And all you get for $500 extra is a little leg room and more drinks.
DC hotels are booking up fast.

I found one for 4 days for $759. With $477 for the plane tickets I'd be able to pull this off for under $1,500.

I am now initiating a fundraiser to come up with the $ so I can go ahead and book the tickets and the room. :)…
Read 5 tweets

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