Humans are sexually dimorphic.
Humans are not sequential hermaphrodites.
Sex is immutable.
Sex is observed & recorded during gestation & never changes.
Gay/lesbian is SAME SEX attraction.
W/o sex there is no same sex attraction.
Gender is an abstraction.
Sex is reality.
Sex is a binary, & therefore so is gender.
Individuals with DSDs are not evidence of a sex spectrum, that's ableist, stop that!
Ppl w/ Swyer's Syndrome aren't evidence that males who feel like it are female.
The conflation of sexual orientation & gender identity is homophobic.
Gender Identity is a sexist and anti female concept.
Gender identity violates women's and Muslim women'a religious charter rights in Canada.
Gender Identity violates everyone's freedom of belief.
Genderists are misanthropic.

Only postmodernists racists believe the sex binary is a colonial imposition. You're western cultural chauvinists if you honestly believe colonised people had no idea of sexual reproduction before whypipo came along. And I'll spend the rest of the day laughing at that foolishness.
Sex is binary.
Sex differences are bimodal.
Notice two curves because two sexes. This is bimodal sex differences.
There are two gametes and only two gametes. That means sex is binary.

When any of you who claim otherwise find that third gamete please let us know. A Nobel would be in order for such a revolutionary discovery.
Foucault was hopelessly wrong. Word games change nothing.

Being gay/lesbian/bisexual isn't an identity it's a state of being. One is this way, literally. Same as being heterosexual is an unchangeable state of being.
Sexual attraction coercion masquerading as human rights is fairly disingenuous and vile. Woke homophobia masquerading as gender rights is fairly vile. Religious homophobia is spiritual abuse and also fairly vile.

Conflation of trans and gay rights is misleading.
And expecting female humans, who have only been persons in the British Empire since October 18th, 1929, to relinquish their sex based rights to purchase men's rights to self ID makes you a bit like Abraham willing to sacrifice Isaac on the alter.

We aren't your currency.
I am an Aspergerian Muslim female human who practises hijab and I am not cosigning any kind of sexism or homophobia masquerading as human rights crusades. Sex not gender.
And, I repeat, I am not cosigning the misuse of religion to promote hatred of gay and lesbian people.

Also gender self ID is a religion. I refuse to worship your gender god.
You and everyone is owed compassion. Do not confuse external validation and ideological fealty with compassion. I refuse to lie to placate any fragile human or any troll or woke or religious bully.

• • •

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18 Oct
I hold scientists responsible for so willingly embracing the ideas of men who were perverts and predators masquerading as sexologists. Gender was a word in linguistics and the reason we are here is because scientists bought the BS Money, Stoller et al were selling.
So, why should we trust sexologists and neuroscientists now, since they have demonstrate to us they do not have the spine or rigour to resist ideology creep into their science?
They all need to demonstrate to me why I should trust their claims.
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17 Oct
I will be posting woman is adult human female.

I will be posting i heart jk rowling.

Any one of you local woke tyrants try and stop me.

Woke Wahabbists aren't the boss of me.
I collect anti Muslim haters who target me for expressing my beliefs. I have been the legal route and nothing scares me.

I have nothing you can take.
All the threats and woke fatwas only embolden me.
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13 Sep
So let's recap. @preta_6 and @christophelston rented a billboard that said "I ❤ jk rowling" from Pattison.
Pattison has a monopoly on billboards here.
A city official was among those directly demanding Pattison remove the billboard, citing hatred.
The billboard was removed.
The billboard does not, in fact meet the legal definition of hatred.

Even if it did, the Oakes Test seems clear it's removal wouldn't be warranted.

It could be claimed that Pattison discriminated against Amy because she was promoting sex based rights for women.
That was fun!

The Woke Wahabbists showed everyone who they are. We all love to joke the Saudi Arabia is oppressive because feminism is illegal there. Well, rad feminism is being suppressed here in Vancouver. Women are no longer allowed to gather or promote sex based rights.
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16 May
I really think identitarian movements like the trans and ND movements are woke thuggery. These people harass, and terrorise and intimidate their targets in a bid to exercise "social justice". They doxx, they gossip, spread lies. This is social justice to them.
What this actually is, though? Thuggery. This is how abusers engage their prey. They stalk. They instill fear. They menace and slander. They destroy anyone who dares to challenge them. Narcissistic rage is frightening to behold, it wants to kill anything that defies it.
This behaviour I'm witnessing from the pomo left is exactly like the abuse I experienced in domestic violence and narcissistic abuse. The transcult is collective abuse. The ND movement is collective abuse. Any form of collective narcissism is abuse.
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8 May
I find it annoying that many fail to understand the difference between seeking to understand a person's behaviour and excusing a person's behaviour.

Example to follow.
I was many times told by those with Dunning Kruger mentality that my cocaine and crack addiction was a choice. It was an obsessive compulsion, a thing i did not want to do which i felt compelled to do. It was like being a slave while some sinister force took over.
Obsessive compulsion isn't a choice. As an aspergerian autist I grapple with obsession and compulsion and it's difficult to do and it takes a lot of resilience and strength.

Extended empathy is putting myself in the shoes of another. Because I need understand.
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