Yeah, it's too late, fellas. Have a blessed day.
Whew, this opening! What a tale of absolute cowardice and self-absorption. These quislings care only about maintaining their own grasp on power. They don't give a damn about this country or their own constituents. It's all about keeping the perks and the keys to the Senate gym.
I mean, look at Mitch McConnell's Senate Republicans... these supposed public servants have looked out over the landscape of economic and physical suffering that the Trump-mishandled pandemic has wrought, and they've essentially said: "let them eat a SCOTUS seat."
None of these men and women will be remembered by history. All that will be remembered is the cowardice.

• • •

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More from @JoyAnnReid

16 Oct
Can I just take a moment to high-five @esglaude for calling out the whining of right wingers like @roddreher that the mean old left control Hollywood and academia? Maybe people who take in intellectual pursuit come to a broader view of humanity and aren't so into the Inquisition?
Dreher responding to Prof. Glaude by rolling his eyes and then going back to the "illiberal left" campus whine is something to see... #MorningJoe
I've had deep disagreements with Professor Glaude, particularly on the 2016 election and this idea of not voting for either Trump or Clinton, which I still think was tragically bad advice, but he's killing the game this morning.
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14 Oct
Republicans have seen the enemy: Democracy…
This part:
And this, regarding the legacy media and it's constant normalizing and excusing of Republicans' radical behavior and relentless scolding of Democrats for even thinking outside of the normative box:
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11 Oct
Sheriff Dar Leaf stood with the militiaman at an anti-lockdown rally. He’s part of the “constitutional sheriffs” movement, a close ally of America’s far-right paramilitaries.
More: “Leaf, according to a database created by the social justice think tank Political Research Associates, attended the 2019 conference of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.” What’s that, you ask?
Read 4 tweets
7 Oct
Why the aggressive voter suppression by Texas Republicans, particularly in a political Armageddon year (presidential election + Census)? As @BetoORourke noted last night on @thereidout ... It’s the Demographics.
Texas is Future America. According to 2018 Census Bureau estimates, Texas is:
-41.4% Non-Hispanic White
-32.1% Hispanic White
-12.3% Black/African American
-5.0% Asian
-0.5% Native American/Alaskan Native
-0.1% Pacific Islander
-6.0% Some Other Race
-2.7% from two or more races
I pause here to note the Census’ counting of Hispanics as a subset of “White”—which somehow has not translated to Latinx people being courted, rather than disparaged, stereotyed and subjected to voter suppression, rejection, deportation threats and child-caging by Trumpublicans.
Read 9 tweets
4 Oct
At some point we have to start talking about the 25th Amendment. How extreme does this president’s behavior need to become before we start taking seriously that his extreme narcissism makes him a danger to himself and others, including his own staff and Secret Service agents?
I mean this not as a partisan matter, or a media matter, but as an American matter.
Prayers up for the White House butlers, ushers and maintenance staff, the Secret Service agents, the 7 plus million Americans suffering from coronavirus and the families of the 207,000-plus who have died on Trump’s watch, as well as the millions facing economic devastation.
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2 Oct
It’s not possible to fully articulate how completely irresponsible Donald Trump has been, both as president and personally, when it comes to the coronavirus. He has risked his own life, his staff and Secret Services’ lives, his fans’ lives, his family’s and frankly the Bidens.’
The people around Trump are as foolish as he is for flaunting themselves around, maskless. And now he is the equivalent of Typhoid Mary, taking his rickshaw carnival of coronavirus risk from state to state. Would that the decent governors could bar him from entry.
Trump loves “caravan talk.” Yet his events are “corona caravans.” He loves to call names, but is in essence Typhoid Trumpy. He turned the virus into a slur against China. Yet is this not now the Trump Virus? This reckless president owns it and all the Hell it has unleashed.
Read 4 tweets

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