“Does it matter if the Hunter Biden emails are, you know, true?” he says, referencing the difference between whether they’re actual emails or forgeries...

There’s nothing NY Post has published that’s scandalous so far? No, “hey, we got a bunch of emails” in itself is not news.
Biden released his taxes. His finances are out there in the open. People can go check them if they want. That’s one of the reasons why it’s good for candidates to release them!
Reminds me of what @MattGertz wrote about back in May about “unmasking.” It was a “noninformation campaign,” releasing a document without context or a clear point with the hope of others filling in the blanks and and coming to a sinister conclusion.

With “unmasking” stuff, the declassified document described something that was a.) legal. b.) commonplace. (I think the surveillance state is bad, but that’s a different discussion!) But floating it out there gave people something to pound their fists about and yell “scandal!”
And with that stuff, it was clear from the start that it was just Trump trying to reverse-engineer evidence of a scandal that he made up and tweeted out one day nytimes.com/2020/05/14/us/…
And here was Rand Paul, desperately trying to make “unmasking” a scandal in May, saying that it was the same thing as “illegally wiretapping” someone. It wasn’t, but they kept pointing to a document insisting it said something it didn’t. foxnews.com/media/rand-pau…
Which Trump also jumped on, claiming it was some massive crime that could put people in prison for 50 years.

But there wasn’t a crime. It was all based on a document that said that something extremely routine happened and was done through proper channels foxnews.com/politics/trump…
The administration launched an investigation into something they knew wasn’t a crime, spent months on it, and it turned out... it still wasn’t a crime. They played the media, got exactly the kind of coverage they wanted, planting seeds of doubt. mediamatters.org/richard-grenel…
Same thing happening with these NYP stories, it’s all the same. 1. “Here’s a document! It’s a scandal! It proves X!” 2. Document is neither a scandal nor does it prove X. 3. “Why aren’t other media outlets covering the scandal we cooked up?!” coverage.

Rinse. Repeat.
It’s the same playbook every single time. Look. Here’s Fox News being angry about mainstream media outlets not biting on their phony scandal when it was “unmasking.” Aaaaand here’s Fox doing the same thing about their latest campaign. Even the same writer.

• • •

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18 Oct
... ... ... they can’t even really believe this, can they? Image
Normal human being, especially one who has ever worked in a bar or a restaurant: oh yeah, they’re saying get him out of office/cut him off/vote him out/impeach him

MAGAbrains: sHe iS tHrEaTeNiNg tO mUrDeR HiM

Also, this bad faith play isn’t new:
They’re going to get her killed. This is all a game to them.
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18 Oct
This guy highlights the issue with all this Hunter Biden stuff.

“It is not going to go away and it will not look like nothing.” Then if you follow his thread, his issue is that a company hiring someone who has a famous family member, and he tries to define that as “corruption.”
Unless you ban family members of famous people from working ... at all ... you can’t stop companies from hiring people because they’re adjacent to power.

What makes it corruption is if the person in power does something or changes policy in order to *get* their relative a job. Image
Was John McCain guilty of corruption because Meghan McCain was hired to work in media (Daily Beast, Fox News, and then most recently ABC)?

No. Because that’s not how corruption works. It’s a backwards understanding of corruption.
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18 Oct
Which would mean that Rudy has been sitting on a hard drive full of child porn for however long he had it. Not sure THAT is the slam dunk those guys want, either...
Anyway, these guys really think that voters are going to eventually forget that Joe and Hunter Biden are two different people
And that unlike with the Trump administration, Biden wouldn’t be making his kid a senior advisor with a security clearance.
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18 Oct
Imagine being the type of person who thinks that weirdly, Dems just happen to endorse uniquely corrupt candidates! Twice in a row! And that had they just nominated the other candidate in the race that it would have gone off without a hitch.
Biden, Sanders, Warren, Harris, Buttigieg, Bloomberg, Bullock, Booker... et al. No matter who they nominated, yes, this was going to be the final play from the Trump team. Had Bernie won the primary, we’d be hearing about some nonsense smear against him.
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17 Oct
He bought this home for $185,000 in the 70s and then sold it for $1.2 million in 1996 wsj.com/articles/in-hi…
The “Biden is corrupt” argument (that centered on him somehow getting massive payments for... something?) doesn’t make sense. He made his taxes available, his primary source of income between age 29 and 73 was the federal government, etc.
After he left office in 2017, he started raking in cash because turns out former VPs are highly sought after speakers/authors/etc. The money he made during that time has been really well documented, too. This is why presidential nominees who aren’t corrupt release their taxes.
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17 Oct
In honor of Schlapp’s bad take, I made something
Here. I’ll balance it out: Marilyn Monroe with Trump’s face
Audrey Hepburn with Anthony Fauci’s face, you say? Sure
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