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17 Oct, 12 tweets, 27 min read
Since September 2019,
It was first week when I did not watched even a single show of #GeoReportCard @geonews_urdu

You can't block people for giving feedback

Loosing a loyal fan is shame

Today you won't understand it. But everything that goes up has to come down
@geonews_urdu @FarooqAleena Dignitaries

@IrshadBhatti336 @MazharAbbasGEO

I was in disagreement of tarzia on covid 19. I have right to say that. I don't have to be elegant in that.
Let me tell you why
@geonews_urdu @FarooqAleena @IrshadBhatti336 @MazharAbbasGEO @Benazir_Shah @SaleemKhanSafi @Mehmal @muneebfaruqpak @ShahzadIqbalGEO @geonews_english The whole world in middle of #COVID19 pandemic. I suffered here in Denmark. My family in India. Friends, everyone. Things can go bad terribly in matter of 15 days.
Opposition parties are trying to consolidate vote bank after FATF bill failure. This was my view (1/2)
@geonews_urdu @FarooqAleena @IrshadBhatti336 @MazharAbbasGEO @Benazir_Shah @SaleemKhanSafi @Mehmal @muneebfaruqpak @ShahzadIqbalGEO @geonews_english Politics can wait for a year. There is no urgency. Benazir monologue was totally pointless. Mostly she was trying to troll Asad Umar. But in the process she missed point

I wanted to say this. There was no reason to block me

I might be wrong. But choking me is not answer (2/2)
@geonews_urdu @FarooqAleena @IrshadBhatti336 @MazharAbbasGEO @Benazir_Shah @SaleemKhanSafi @Mehmal @muneebfaruqpak @ShahzadIqbalGEO @geonews_english #COVID19 friends lost jobs. I got salary cut. We haven't celebrated festivals.
In my view there was no importance of that monkey business in Gujranwala. Hence I said something..

I can't praise you all the time. Am I your slave? I am troll or not articulate is that a offense
@geonews_urdu @FarooqAleena @IrshadBhatti336 @MazharAbbasGEO @Benazir_Shah @SaleemKhanSafi @Mehmal @muneebfaruqpak @ShahzadIqbalGEO @geonews_english You cannot serve two masters. Political parties & viewers

If our viewership is more important then we should be your priority. I haven't seen any concern on covid.

Is geo news family run business or media house?

There is no way to give any feedback for Report card show.
@geonews_urdu @FarooqAleena @IrshadBhatti336 @MazharAbbasGEO @Benazir_Shah @SaleemKhanSafi @Mehmal @muneebfaruqpak @ShahzadIqbalGEO @geonews_english If this tweet hits your rich notifications. Please make sure that Benazir read this feedback.

Aleena asked for feedback and hence I given it. If iota of shame left in her or producer @Imran_Munawar99 off course

News is serious business. Don't rub salt by blocking us🙏
@geonews_urdu @FarooqAleena @IrshadBhatti336 @MazharAbbasGEO @Benazir_Shah @SaleemKhanSafi @Mehmal @muneebfaruqpak @ShahzadIqbalGEO @geonews_english @Imran_Munawar99 Political appointments in media are worthless. But family politics business of jurnolists should not supercede over peoples emotions.

I am annoying, reckless, inarticulate. But far better than benazir.

My fight for right to give feedback will continue...
@geonews_urdu @FarooqAleena @IrshadBhatti336 @MazharAbbasGEO @Benazir_Shah @SaleemKhanSafi @Mehmal @muneebfaruqpak @ShahzadIqbalGEO @geonews_english @Imran_Munawar99 I missed @reema_omer @Babar_Sattar

I haven't abused or called take news.
Benazir & her contacts will bully me but it was not fault.

I sincerely hope someone will pick. No hope from aleena or Benazir.

Jurnolists ethics attached. Jurnolists critisise & must take critisism 🙏
@geonews_urdu @FarooqAleena @IrshadBhatti336 @MazharAbbasGEO @Benazir_Shah @SaleemKhanSafi @Mehmal @muneebfaruqpak @ShahzadIqbalGEO @geonews_english @Imran_Munawar99 @reema_omer @Babar_Sattar Few pointers to complete thread

1. I follow Report card & write reply to Benazir, Reema, Mehmal, Aleena, babar. Not just benazir
2. I followed benazir as fan & nothing else
3. I have 3 accounts. Blocking is not issue

Clarified as I was blamed unfairly. Waiting in anticipation🙏

• • •

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14 Oct
I never ever blocked anyone. Even worst abusers

Today I blocked 8 pakistani jurnolists because they failed me

These jurnolists kept Twitter hostage saying it is fine to critisise them but not abuse.

It reality these jurnolists are against critisism 👇

#attackswontsilenceus ImageImage
It's not about blocking. This is quite normal for me. I keep on getting blocked from many jurnolists & people.

This is case of @Benazir_Shah has annoyed me.

a. I was her fan / admirer
b. Last few weeks she kept #TwitterDown hostage for online #abuse

I ran to other Jurnolists complaining about her. I was turned down & insulted by them.

None of them even bothered to listen to me. Infact they blamed me that I have unhealthy obsession with Benazir. Totally forgetting about #attackswontsilenceus campaign and there promise
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26 Sep
I love reading #pakistan Twitter but did some adjustments in daily reading because you are #Hindu haters

Out : @BenazirJatoi @zburki @OhTripe @reema_omer @FarooqAleena @Roohan2Ahmed @FariehaAziz

Stays : @NKMalazai @VeengasJ
@Benazir_Shah @NaxarUlIslam @Sana_Jamal Image
@BenazirJatoi @zburki @OhTripe @reema_omer @FarooqAleena @Roohan2Ahmed @FariehaAziz @NKMalazai @VeengasJ @Benazir_Shah @NaxarUlIslam @Sana_Jamal I will step by step explain my experience with Pak Twitter going forward in this thread

Not all those listed here are bad jurnolists and no attempt to critisise unfairly

Adding @Mehmal @diaahadid
@BenazirJatoi @zburki @OhTripe @reema_omer @FarooqAleena @Roohan2Ahmed @FariehaAziz @NKMalazai @VeengasJ @Benazir_Shah @NaxarUlIslam @Sana_Jamal @Mehmal @diaahadid I was a carefree and totally apolitical boy from small town in Goa.

My knowledge to politics especially Pakistan politics was zero. I stopped watching news on TV long back.

I accidentally along with my ex watched attached show.

And fallen into rabbit hole.. Image
Read 40 tweets

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